MasterChef AUS S12E57 – Recap

Alrighty, so last time, it was no rules immunity, and Reynold won with a boss ass snitch dish. He’s officially in the top four.

Now, we need the last three of our four, so without further ado, let’s get into our elimination.

The contestants come in to find the judges standing in front of a big dining table, and the benches set up for service.

Fancy table
Nervous in their black aprons

Joining our three judges are six, “… of the hottest chefs in the country,” Mel says.

Each will cook one of four meals – a vegetable entree, a fish course, a meat course, and a dessert.

Jock walks round with a bag to decide who is cooking what. Each take a token, but doesn’t look at it.

Vegetable Entree: Reece
Fish Dish: Emelia
Meat Dish: Laura
Dessert: Callum

They will have two hours to cook and it will be a staggered start. At the two hour mark, they must start service. They’ll prepare nine plates in total, one for each person. Each plate must be perfect and consistent. Jock reminds them that the least impressive will be sent home.

Time starts, and Reece is off.


Reece says he has a plant based diet and knows how to make veggies tasty.

Not to throw shade on veggies, but if you have to know how to make them tasty, are they really tasty?

Emelia is worried because the last time she cooked fish was for an elimination and she was so close to going home, so she’s freaking out that perhaps she’ll be out today.

“Any stratergy today?” Mel asks.
“Cook the fish perfectly,” Emelia says.

Now I want barramundi. Ugh, this is the problem with recaping food shows – I get to see the food, but I can’t eat it!

Jock and Andy come around and grill Reece on his dish choice. They don’t think it shows enough of him and while they don’t want him to scrap it, they want him to think if that’s what the best choice is, if it’s too safe.

Emelia’s broth is too cloudy to serve and she doesn’t have a plan B, so Andy is worried for her, and she’s worried that this won’t work out. She needs to do something stat!

The guest judges all walk in, most of them we’ve seen in pressure cooks and the like before. Callum hasn’t even started, so he’s freaking right out.

The guests and the three judges sitting at their fancy table

Reece starts service off with his vegetable entree.

Beetroots with Goats Cheese and Chocolate and Hazelnut Crumb

The judges and the guests all like the tastes, however there are elements they feel could have been better, like a hazelnut cheese. Overall, they were a bit disappointed and feel like it could have been better.

Next up is Emelia with her first dish.

Crispy Skin Barramundi with Fennel and Japanese Broth

Jock asks her how she got here, and Emelia starts to tear up as she tells them that she’s a great cook and this is her passion. After the fish fiasco, where she served bad fish, she has avoided it, but this is a redemption.

The judges and the guests are all impressed, loving every element. Given how nervous she was to plate this dish, the judges are significantly impressed. Andy declares a redemption complete.

Meanwhile, Laura is getting nervous about plating her lamb, making sure she gets the portion size right.

But she doesn’t have long to worry, and starts serving.

Lamb with Peas and Native Mint Oil

Mel kicks off the critique, calling is a great dish, with the lamb wonderful and well cooked.
Jock says everything was perfect, but he would have liked a bone.
Andy says it has buckets of flavour.
The guests all have wonderful things to stay.

Last in the kitchen is Callum. One of his elements of dessert is a thing he picked up from Darren, one of the guests today. Love him. He learnt it ten years ago, allegedly.

There’s a lot of stuff happening, and he’s worried it’s going to be a disaster.

Nonetheless, Callum serves his dessert.

Chocolate and Davidson Plum with Chocolate Crémeux, Macadamia, Anise Myrtle Rocks

Jock comments that this is an unusual dish for Callum, who replies that he’s trying to show his growth by showing less in his flavour profile.

Once Callum goes, Jock comments on the beautiful colours and how wonderful they are.

“There’s a lot to love about this for me,” Jock says, before listing off everything he loved.

Jock felt that teh cremeux shouldn’t have been on the plate, which kicks off a bit of a, “how much should have been there?” with his dish on the, “maximal side of things,” Mel says.

Everyone discusses how there was too much given what he wanted to do.

It’s just about decision time, but Jock leaves us with this – someone did too much, and someone did not enough. But someone has to go home.


Mel commends everyone for their effort, and Jock tells the top two who they are, putting them into finals.

First is Emelia, with a wonderful combination of flavours and well balanced.
Second is Laura, who provided an amazing dish.

That means, it’s up to Callum and Reece, which is a shame, because they’re both wonderful.

But there can only be one more person in the top four.

Unfortunately, Reece’s dish just wasn’t finals worthy, which means he’s going home.

Oh no! My gay! Ugh, this is the worst news, I’m crying!

Andy compliments Reece, and tells him he should be proud of how far he’s come. Reece is touched by the support and says that everything has been incredible and unreal. This experience means the world to him.

Mel gives him some solid advice on strutting out of the kitchen, and says they’ll all miss him.

There are elbow bumps all around, and he’s applauded out of the kitchen, wiping tears from his eyes.

Welp, that leaves us with our top four – Reynold, Callum, Laura and Emelia!


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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