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MasterChef Aus S11E24 – Recap

The green team from yesterdays team challenge are up for elimination after disappointing their nonnas. Tonight is the last day of Secrets Week.

It’s the morning, and Kyle, Steph, Simon, Larissa, Waleed, Joe, Ben, and Christina are looking scared and worried about today.

The trio of judges are lookin cute in matching colours.

The first round of elimination is everyone is sat down, a plate is put down with something in it. They have to taste, feel, smell, etc, but not look, and identify what it is. After they try, they take their blindfolds off and write down what they thought it was. Afterwards, they hold it up. The first four wrong are into the pressure cook.

How would you fare in the @masterchefau taste test???— Matt Preston (@MattsCravat) May 30, 2019

Matt Preston posted a video of the blind tasting.

First round is almonds.

“An easy one to start with,” Gaz says. “You’re all right.

Second round is pesto. They’re all correct.

For the third round, they have dates. One is wrong – Joe. He guessed prune, and he’ll be into the pressure cook.

Next is, “Not an ingredient, it’s a dish,” George tells them. It’s Pad Thai. Steph guessed fried rice because she had no idea. She’s into round two.

The next round is a black sesame macaroon, but hey also have to guess what flavour of macaroon it is. Simon guesses wrong thinking it was hazelnut macaroon, Kyle guesses wrong with coconut macaroon, Ben also guesses wrong with hazelnut macaroon.

Me tonight#MasterChefAU— Ben Trobbiani (@BTrobbiani) May 30, 2019

Ben posted an altered picture from the blind taste, and it’s worth a look

Those who got it right, Larissa, Christina and Waleed, they’re upstairs with everyone else, leaving Simon, Kyle, Ben, Steph and Joe in the pressure cook.

For this round, they trio will be doing a blind tasting.

Poh is such an icon. I wonder if she’s thinking about when she was a contestant.

They can cook anything they want, with the pantry open, and the garden in play, and they have 60 minutes to cook.

Poh recommends they cook something they’ve cooked before and they’re confident cooking.

Time starts, and so does the montage.

Joe keeps talking about his girlfriends nonna. Honestly, his girlfriend needs to be careful. He’s talked more about her nonna than her…

Time for Anushka Watch!

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, 49, optical distributor, is the cutest, and continues to wear cute glasses every episode. Today, she’s got yellow/cream lenses. Her outfit is a look and I’m living for it.
Steph calls her ‘Nushy’ today.

With 15 minutes left, Joe is disappointing his girlfriends nonna by not getting the pasta working. His pasta is really thick, and he says it could be enough to send him home.

Kyle has decided to cook the dish that got him into the competition. He’s having a few problems with it.

Time is over, and it’s over to the tasting room.

First to taste is Simon.

“I like that,” Gaz says. “It’s really good. The sauce is really well made. Quite light. Not much to criticise, to be honest.”

“This is a dish you would be very pleased if you ordered it at a restaurant,” Matt said.

Next up is Joe.

The photo with the logo was a bit of a weird one, so here’s a better overall look of it.

Before they even eat, they’re already tearing it apart, talking about the oils and the ravioli.

Matt says he likes it. Gaz likes the sauce, but thinks the pasta is a bit thick.

“THICK, and not much filling at all,” George says.

Matt ends with, “This one’s thick and tough.”

Steph is up.

George puts the ice-cream on top before cutting it up.

Overall, they love it, say it’s deicious.

“It shows skill and generosity, which is an excellent combinaton,” Matt says.

Up is Ben.

“I don’t know if it looks that attractive,” Gaz says. “You put that down in front of a lot of people, they say, ‘Nope, don’t like it.'”

Tastewise, Matt liked it. Gaz called it simple, but said he doesn’t quite like the texture. George’s problem is that the head hasn’t been prepared properly. It needed to be clean and the crispy legs should have been kept.

Next up is Kyle.

They don’t like the presentation of this one either. It’s bad news from the first word.

“Pork hasn’t been cooked very nice,” Gaz says, before really decimating the pork.

“The pork’s horrible,” Matt says.

It looks like the dish that got Kyle in will be the same one that gets him out.

Now, it’s time for the verdict.

“Today’s tasting was shrouded in secrecy,” Matt says. “Two of you kept the momentum of yesterday going.”

The best of today was Simon and Steph.

Joe is safe, so it’s down to Ben and Kyle.

They found it hard to find something good for either of them today, but only one had a redeeming feature. It was Ben’s, which means Kyle is going home.

Where are they now?

Kyle is working on a menu for a brewery, did some work experience.

He returned home to his partner pregnant with twins and their toddler. It was certainly a choice to leave. I don’t want to sound overly critical of him, but for what MasterChef has ended up giving him, I’m sure he could’ve waited a year or two.
I wouldn’t have been able to handle it as either the pregnant partner or as the contestant.

Regardless, Kyle made it home in time for the birth of his twin daughters.

As always, my recaps are unedited, as I write them as I’m watching the show. There will be spelling and grammar issues.

If you have a hot tip for next week’s challenges, head over to Twitter and let me know, or comment below.

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Read check out all the recaps.

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MasterChef Aus S11E23 – Recap

When the contestants (literally, for no reason) run into the MasterChef kitchen, they find that today is the Secrets Week team challenge.

Standing at the front is Matt, George, and Gaz. Behind them, the benches have been set up for a service. Their outfits for today are quite simple. Gaz is wearing blue, George is all black, and Matt is wearing a blue suit with red checks. As well as a white shirt, Matt’s wearing a red cravat and matching pocket square.

“Today’s challenge is a service challenge,” Gaz tells them.

“How cool are Italians?” George asks. “There’s a reason why Italian food is delicious. They can turn three ingredients into something incredible.”

Matt starts to talk about delicious Italian foods, and then says, “the best food in the world, pizza.”

“Don’t you mean pasta?” Gaz asks, and there are a few Ooh’s.

🍕or 🍝? #MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) May 29, 2019

“Today’s challenge is to create a four course Italian menu for 80 diners,” George says. “Majority of them are Italians.”

“But what’s today’s secret?” Matt asks, the exact thing on the contestants minds. “It’s a secret weapon. What’s the very best thing you can have in a kitchen when you’re cooking Italian? An Italian nonna. So, today we’ve arranged for two of the best Italian nonnas in the world.”

What’s the ultimate secret weapon for an Italian team challenge? Not one, but two Nonnas 👵 👵#MasterChefAU Nonna Challenge, 7.30 tonight on 10!— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) May 29, 2019

TWITTER TIP: Today’s twitter tip comes from Johnson Leung. The nonna’s today are Rosa Mitchell and Olimpia Bortolotto, one of the founders of Cecconi’s restaurant in Melbourne. He also found an article about Olimpia. Thanks, Johnson!

Joe starts talking about how he’s got this in the bag, because his girlfriends dad is Italian and he cooks with her nonna. Look, my girlfriend is Italian, and she was taught by her nonna. I can’t cook pasta to save my life, so I don’t think dating an Italian should be your claim to fame, but go off I guess.

George separates them into two teams.

“I’ve never had a nonna before,” Christina says, “and I hope I can live up to her expectations.”

Red team is: Abbey (captain), Derek, Sandeep, Anushka, Tim, Nicole, Tati and Tessa. The nonna is Rosa.

Green team is: Christina (captain), Joe, Waleed, Steph, Larissa, Kyle, Ben and Simon. The nonna is Olimpia.

Time starts, and the nonna’s and their teams start to plan the food. The montage begins

Red team starts off with wanting to cook beef cheek. Nonna Rosa says she can’t help with that, and suggests a different dish. The decide to go with what they know and play to their strengths, and choose the beef cheek.

Green team starts with Joe on dough. Straight away, it’s looking pretty dry. My Italian goes, “Yuuuuck.”
Joe talks again about how his girlfriend’s nonna loves him. Looking at his dough, and knowing I can’t cook, he and I aren’t so different.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, is wearing a grey shirt with her red apron, and her frames are looking a bit clear/golden. I love them, I love her.

All of a sudden, George starts to yell, of course. “STOP!” Everyone freezes. “LOOK BEHIND ME!”

Diners are starting to come in.

The starter for the green team is fried calamari with basil mayonnaise. The judges find the calamari is a bit floury, not cooked enough, and the mayo is too oily. Yuck.

The red starter is ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers with nonna Rosa’s secret sauce. George says it’s yum, Matt says it’s delicious, and it’s declared round 1 to the red team.

Entree for the red team is a spagetti with scampi. George declares the pasta perfect and says the seafood is cooked perfectly.

The green team’s entree is delayed because the burnt butter isn’t ready. Steph quickly fixes it. They serve pumpkin and ricotta agnolotti. The judges are very impressed.

It’s time for the mains, and red is up first. They’ve cooked beef cheeks with polenta. The judges like how the dish looks and how well cooked it is.

The green team’s main is osso bucco with polenta. The judges think it’s fabulous.

Finally, the desserts. Both of them have made a panna cotta.

Green team did a vanilla panna cotta with honeycomb and grilled fig. Gaz declares it, “Deadset delicious.”

The red team did a limoncello panna cotta, with peaches and berries. Again, the judges are loving it, and say it’ll be a hard decision.

Service is done and dusted, and it’s time for the verdict.

There was always something to love on the red team’s plates. Anushka was congratulated on the panna cotta. The green team did a better panna cotta, and everything else was delish, but they also had the one dish that didn’t come together – the calamari.

Because of the calamari, the green team (Christina, Joe, Waleed, Steph, Larissa, Kyle, Ben and Simon) are into the elimination.

As always, this recap is unedited and will contain spelling and grammar issues. I write this during the episode so I can post it as fast as possible.

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MasterChef Aus S11E22 – Recap

It’s the immunity challenge of Secrets Week, and Larissa, Derek, Tati, and Sandeep are vying for the golden pin.

The trio of judges are waiting out the front with today’s mentor – Poh. Round one is the four contestants fighting against each other.

George, Matt, and Gaz are all wearing dark suits, but George and Matt have different pants on. George is wearing tan pants, and Matt is wearing red and white stripy ones. Iconic.

“The three of us, and Poh as well, obviously, have our own secret sauce,” Matt says.

The trio reveal their’s one at a time.

Which sauce are you picking? #MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) May 28, 2019

Gaz’s sauce is sriracha, George’s is taramosalata, and Matt’s is tamarind and chipotle ketchup.

The challenge is to choose a sauce and make a dish that goes with it perfectly. The four of them come up to try the sauces.

All four of them have 60 minutes to bring a delish dish, and the best one will be up for immunity against the guest chef. They’ll have use to the full pantry, and be allowed to go outside to the garden.

Time starts, and so does the montage.

Derek has to whip out a saw to remove the ribeye from the ribs. There were no spare ribs, so he had to improvise. As he’s sawing, and wearing plaid, someone heckles him about how he looks like a lumberjack.

.@dereklaufood getting into the challenge! 💪#MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) May 28, 2019

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, the 49 year old optometrist distributor, is wearing black frames today. She’s also got her hair up, as usual. Anushka is wearing a green blouse, and I can’t think of the world, but it’s like a mix between a shawl and a cardi, like it’s a lace cardi kinda thing, I don’t know.

Time is up, and tasting commences.

Tati is first.

I stole this from MasterChefAu’s twitter

They love her dish, and she thinks she’s done enough to get through to round two.

Second is Larissa.

I also stole this, just like Steph stole her mother in law’s recipe

The judges do not like it, and Gaz picks it apart. “It’s not a winning dish,” he tells her.

Next is Derek.

They decided not to post a picture of Derek’s dish, which, frankly, is pretty rude.

It’s a warm beef salad. Even though he had been working on the ribs, they hadn’t worked properly in the pressure cooker so he had to rework it.

“It’s not a disaster,” Matt starts, “it’s a good dish, but I feel like it will be won by a great dish.”

Finally, Sandeep.

Guess where I got this from?

The judges absolutely love it, and freak out. They love it so much, they send everyone else upstairs, declaring Sandeep the winner.

Sandeep starts to cry a bit, and that’s the last straw for me. I’m starting a MasterChef drinking game. Every time Sandeep cries, we take a shot.

The secret for the next cook is that the guest chef will be a surprise to Sandeep until after the cook, and a surprise to the judges until after the tasting.

The ingredient Sandeep gets to chose from is on a big bench. Matt, George, and Gaz take the black cloth off and reveal a table of citrus.

Sandeep chooses lemon. The judges leave Poh with Sandeep and head away. Like other immunity challenges, Sandeep gets 75 minutes, and the guest judge will have 60.

Time starts, and so does the montage.

Already knowing what he’s doing, Sandeep is off and rushing to get his dish ready.

When it’s time for the secret chef to cook, Poh comes in, and we find out who it is.

Andy Allen, winner of season four, is here to fight Sandeep. Maybe he’ll use the lemon to squirt it into Sandeeps eye…

Sandeep underestimates the lemon and now it’s too tart. He pours some sugar in and it fixes it up.

When the montage ends, the tasting starts.

Andy is first.
He cooked confit calamari, adobo sauce, corn salsa.
The twitter also didn’t include Andy’s dish.

They all love it, and George calls it, “A cracking dish.”
Overall, they have nothing bad to say.

Next is Sandeep.

“Just the smell of that is so good,” Matt says.
Straight away, they love it. George is moaning as he eats and saying, “Yum.” Once it’s done, Gaz asks if there’s any left.
Gaz says the rice was, “Jam packed full of spices.”
They LOVE it.

It’s the moment of truth, and the judges bring out the scores.

“Ten out of ten,” Gaz says, before George says the same, and then Matt.

“The question is,” one of them starts, “whose scores are these?”

They ask who cooked the lemon pepper chicken, and Sandeep owns up to it. Lo and behold, they’re his scores, and Sandeep is the winner!

Poh pins the immunity pin onto him, and Sandeep starts to cry (take another shot).

“Because it’s Secrets Week, and you’re the secret judge, your scores will be kept a secret,” Matt says.

Then, there was a little note at the bottom with a link to Facebook to see the scores (Andy got 8’s all round).

Secret week continues tomorrow.

Edit: Twitter had the video, too.

But, how did @andyallen444 score?! Check out what the judges had to say 👇#MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) May 28, 2019

As always, my recaps are unedited as it was written as I watched the episode, and published straight away, so there will be spelling and grammar errors.

To watch the episode, head over to southhemitv.

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MasterChef Aus S11E21 – Recap

Tonight is the elimination challenge for Secrets Week. Anushka, Leah and Kyle are facing the pressure cook.

Leah tells us she’s going to give it her all today. Kyle gives his sad backstory – he’s left his pregnant partner and their toddler at home to be here. I don’t know, that doesn’t really resonate very well with me…
Finally, Anushka, who says she’s here to learn.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Today, Anushka the optical distributor, is wearing her elimination glasses. They’re cream/white frames, which complements her black elimination outfits.

Gaz and George are wearing usual suits. Both in blue, George is wearing a more brighter blue. Matt is keeping it toned down, in light colours, except for his cravat and matching pocket squares, which are very bright and vibrant. I’m McLovin’ it.

After introducing the day, Gaz starts to interrogate the contestants.

“I went home yesterday really embarrassed,” Leah said. “I started to question if I’m good enough to be here. But I’m a fighter.”

“At the end of the day, one of you will be leaving the kitchen and the competition,” Gaz tells them.

Matt introduces what they’re doing today. They’ll have a dish to recreate, but they won’t get a recipe, that’s the secret.

In comes the chef of the day, Leno Lattarulo, with two wait staff following behind him, carrying a large paella.

“Today, it’s all about honing your instincts,” George says. “We’re leaving this up the front so you can keep coming up.”

The stock and the paella is left for them to try, and remains where it is. Before the contestants can start to cry, the trio of judges and Leno wheel in two big benches. One is full of seafood and the other is full of other foods. Everything on there is needed for the paella. They’ll have 90 minutes, and time starts.

I’m not really feelin’ this episode, for some reason, so I zone out of most of the monatage.

Leah is the only one to make her stock with fish. Gaz and Leno advise she go back and retaste the stock.

Steph calls Anushka, ‘Nushy’. I’m totally here for it, it’s amazing. Highlight of the episode, in my opinion.

Blah blah blah, I think Anushka spilled something and maybe lost her stock? I don’t know, I’m honestly not here for this episode. I just don’t really care.

Suddenly, tense music as they all stand around, staring at their paella, waiting for it to make a noise.

At some point, they suddenly smell something burning, and no-one knows who it belongs to.

Finally, it’s all over, and I attempt to zone back in.

For the tasting, they don’t show each paella with a little logo, and I’m a bit annoyed about that, but I understand that they’re literally all the same dish.

Anushka is first to bring in her paella. It looks amazing. She’s really worried that she’s burnt it, but the trio and Leno really enjoy it.

Kyle is up. He thinks he’s done alright. The judges straight away say there’s too much rice. it’s overcooked and the ratio of rice to everything else is off.

Finally, Leah. I’m worried about her because the other dishes were fine, and we knew one of them burnt their dish.
Matt says that before she added the paprika, it was pale. “English backpacker on Bondi Beach pale.”
The bottom is very burnt. Gaz says he can’t get past the burnt. it’s seeped through everything, from the rice to the fish. “It’s suffocated by the burnt flavour.”
I understand the problems of burning something. It’s been about a week since I burnt those instant noodles, and the apartment still smells burnt.

It’s time for the results.

Anushka is safe.

Leah is told that her rice was burnt, and that’s why she’s out.

Where are they now?

Leah has done work experience and has opened a grazing table. She’s working towards her dream of a theatre restaurant.

As usual, this recap was written right after the episode and published straight away. There will be spelling and grammar issues.

To watch episode of season 11 online, head over to southhemitv (opens in new tab).

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MasterChef Aus S11E20 – Recap

Tonight is the first week of ‘Secrets Week’. I have no idea what this week will entail, and I’m excited.

When the contestants walk in, they see mystery boxes on their benches. Standing at the front is Gaz, George, and Matt.

Matt and George have bits of floral going on. Always a fan of their floral.

Gaz introduces this week by addressing the boxes.

“Ready to find out [what’s in the mystery boxes]?” he asks. “Well, can’t tell ya. Serious. We don’t even know some of what’s happening this week, because this week is Secrets Week.”

“Secrets Week,” Matt says. “Every day this week, a secret will be revealed. It might be a secret ingredient, it might be a secret recipe, a secret technique, it might be a secret chef.”

All in all, they have no idea what’s going on each day until they walk in.

They lift the lids off their mystery box and find a stick. Immediately, Steph and Derek identify it as a dumpling rolling pin.

“That’s exactly what it is,” Matt says. “Today, you’re making dumplings.”

“Because dumplings is an absolute art, we’ve arranged a master dumpling maker to give you a mini MasterClass.”

In walks their chef, Edward Yulianto. He starts cooking dumplings for them. I’m not interested in cooking dumplings, just eating them. Anyway, here’s something from twitter.

🤯 We’ve been doing it wrong this whole time 🤯
FOOD TIP: How to eat a soup dumpling #MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) May 26, 2019

I’m definitely interested in trying it like this, I already use soy sauce, but I didn’t know the broth inside was an actual thing. I wouldn’t put ginger on top, though.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, the funky lil optical distributor, is wearing red, and a pretty opaque frame.

Ben, Anushka, and Steph are some of my favourites

The challenge today is to make the best dumplings. Only the 5 most appealing will be tried. They’ll have 60 minutes, with the pantry and garden in play. The best dish will head to the immunity challenge, skipping the invention test, and at no risk of being in the pressure cook.

Time and montage starts.

Derek is being quite clumsy and quick going so far, which is a bit worrying as a Derek fan.

OMG, Christina just called Anushka, ‘Nush’ (rhymes with bush) and I love it! The truth is, I just love Anushka.

Anushka is on the same bench as Tati, another cutie, and they’re both wearing the same colour shirt, which is absolutely cute, and I’m living for it.

Anushka in red…
… and Tati in red!

“Bring us something what leaves us WONTON more,” Matt yells out.

Gaz groans at the pun, which is really the highest compliment.

Anushka gets to her dough very late, leaving the G’s worried about it a bit. Derek reveals he doesn’t use a dumpling pin to roll it out, but he uses a pasta maker, so he cracks one of those bad boys out, which is a choice.

That’s the most exciting stuff of the montage, in my opinion. Really, Anushka is the best bit of the montage, nay, season.

Time is up, and it’s time to taste 5 dishes.

First is Derek.

The trio of judges get stuck into eating them, and eat them they do.
“Boom! Yes!” Gaz yells. “Love it! I’m very excited because I love it.”
George describes it as a punch in the face of flavour, which is what dumplings is all about.

Next up is Christina, and it’s her first time being tasted in a mystery box.

“The broth is absolutely crackin’,” Gaz says. “It’s like nectar.” Then he says to Matt, “You’re just going to eat all the extra dumplings, aren’t you.”
“You talk, I eat!” Matt shoots back.

Anushka is up next, and thanks the judges.

“I love this one, too,” George says.
“You would smash a broth challenge with this dish,” Matt tells her.

Tati congratulates Anushka with a hug and a cheek kiss when she comes back to their bench

Next is Joe, also his first tasting for a mystery box.

“Perfect for Secret Week,” George says, before they start to eat.
“They are really tasty!” Gaz says, before telling him what’s awesome about it.

Finally, Tati.

She’s immediately complimented on her pleating. But then Gaz picks it up and squeezes it a bit.
“The filling particularly is just a bit pasty,” Gaz says.
“It’s a shame,” George says, “because the sauce is incredible.”
“You’re not in the running, so you can go back, relax, and see which of your colleagues is the winner,” Matt tells her.

Gaz starts to tell them what’s what. Christina and Derek are the top two, and one of them will be in the immunity challenge.
Gaz has the deciding vote. He tells them what George and Matt liked about each.

“Triple D’s,” George says. “Derek’s Delicious Dumplings.”

“I’m buying into it,” Gaz says, and announces him the winner.

Derek heads upstairs to watch as the peasants fight to not be kicked out of the kitchen like I have many a time.

This invention test means they will have to share a secret with the trio, whether it be a secret family recipe, a secret ingredient, whatever.

The rules of the invention test: they’ll have 75 minutes, an open pantry and the garden in play. The best three dishes will be sent to the immunity challenge with Derek, and the three worst will be sent to tomorrows pressure cook, where someone will go home.

Time starts, and they’re off.

I won’t talk about Aushka and Tati again unless they do something that isn’t just existing. It’s MasterChef, not The Anushka and Tati Show, although I would watch a cooking show with the two of them as the hosts. Wouldn’t that be fab? It’d be so positive and fun. We should contact someone about this…

Anyway, montage is going.

Ok, Sandeep is a blessing once again. One of his secrets is the killer chutney. Named because it’s to die for. But, “It’ll also kill the tongue.”
George tries it, and walks away.
“Watch him sweat,” Gaz says.
This interaction has encouraged Sandeep to tone it down.

Steph’s secret is that she stole her mother in law’s recipe. She followed her MIL around with paper and pen to get all the ingredients, and since then, she’s cooked it many times to get it good. Steph is excited to cook it for the trio.

Let’s home my mother in law isn’t watching! #masterchefau— Stephanie deSousa (@Stephdesousaau) May 26, 2019

Time is up, and it’s time to taste. When every dish gets tasted, only a few will have the little logo and what the dish is. Those dishes, as well as the feedback, are below.

Sandeep is first.

“That is cracking cooking,” George says. He loved the ‘Not So Killer’ chutney.

Next is Steph.

Sandeep was watching carefully, so George took over a spoonful for him.
“It’s a ripping curry,” George says.
Sandeep says, “I don’t think I’ve eaten a better Vindaloo in my life.”

Next is Kyle.

Gaz doesn’t like it, and says the texture is not good. Matt also doesn’t like it.

Larissa’s secret is changing an original recipe to use cornflakes. She hopes George likes it.

“Does it work?” she asked.
“Yeah,” Gaz said.
Matt and George go on to say it’s amazing, and George says it’s better than the original.

Next is Leah, and the secret was supposed to be secret strawberry caviar, but she didn’t deliver.

The G’s have only negative things to say about the dish.

Anushka next.

Gaz and Matt say the pistachio is too muted.
“It’s a shame,” George says. “This here is not good at all.”
Anushka is pretty upset, and Tati gives her a hug when she returns.

Last is Tati.

Inside the leaves

“It’s hearty, it’s comforting, it’s soul food,” George says.
Gaz identifies the secret ingredient as one of the nuts she used.

It’s time for the verdict.

Joining Derek in the immunity is:

  1. Tati (“Last week you bought us the best dish you’ve ever cooked, and this week you eclipsed it,” Matt tells her.)
  2. Larissa
  3. Sandeep (“Those chops, straight from the grill were delicious,” Matt says)

In tomorrows pressure cook:

  1. Anushka
  2. Leah
  3. Kyle

Tomorrow, one of them will be going home.

This recap was written as I watched the episode, and published straight away, so there will be spelling and grammar issues.

To watch the full episode, head over to southhemitv (opens in a new tab).

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MasterChef Aus S11E19 – Recap

Tonight is the elimination challenge for the Legend Week team challenge failures – Christina, Aushka, Tati, Simon, Blake, and Ben.

The losers are at home, preparing to head to the kitchen.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, the cute “optical dispenser”, is wearing cream frames today. I’m pretty sure these are her elimination glasses, although I’m also sure we’ve seen these for non-elimination related cooks.

Anushka’s an icon and I love her.

Ben starts his sad backstory, which is really that he expresses himself with his food, and he cooks with his dad. No offence, but I don’t really care.

All six of them walk to the front of the kitchen where George, Gaz, Matt, and Yotam are waiting for them. behind them is a big deli counter.

Gaz, George, Matt, and Yotam are lookin’ fab.

Gaz and George are in their usual clothes. Matt is looking amazing, as per usual, and once again, he inspires me to want to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Yotam looks a bit like he turned up in a t-shirt and jeans, and the costume team were like, “Oh, sorry, you have to wear a jacket. We’re aiming for a professional, high brow show, even though we make the trio of judges bring their clothes from home. Here’s one of George’s jackets for ya. Leave it unbuttoned so it says casual but also professional.”

Today’s elimination theme is, “the humble deli,” as Matt puts it.

“It’s like an Aladdin’s cave,” Yotam says. “You come in, you see beautiful stuff, you want to eat everything.”

Round one is naming ingredients in the deli counter.

“I’m totally screwed,” Tati mutters to Anushka.

“You can smell, you can touch, you can taste,” George says, telling them once they make a decision, they’re locked in.

As Simon walks over, Gaz stops him and says, “Take a ticket, mate, I don’t serve you if you don’t have a ticket,” before laughing and telling him to go ahead and pick something.

Like last time, I’ll say who gets out and what they get out with.

In his second round, Ben gets his meat wrong. He guessed pancetta instead of porsciutto.

In the third round, Tati says smoked paprika and is wrong. It was a smoked capsicum.

Right after Tati, Blake messes his meat and guesses coppa, but it was bresaola. He’s in for the final cook.

Simon, Anushka, and Christina are safe.

Round two is the pressure cook. The correct guessed dishes are out for display. They must use at least one of them. The garden and the pantry are open for business. They have 60 minutes, and the least impressive dish will be the loser.

Time starts, and so does the montage.

Everything seems to be going well, until Blake burns his herbs.

It’s ok, Blake. We all burn things by accident. I hope the smell leaves the MasterChef kitchen faster than it has from my place. It’s been several days and it still reeks of burnt.

He decides it’s fine and has an idea to utilise it in his dish.

Well… crisis averted, I guess… I was hoping for maybe some tears, a quick tantrum, maybe.

Later on, right before time up, Blake blends his potatoes, and it ends up being really gluey. He tries it and it’s terrible, but decides to serve it nonetheless. A big error, Blake.

The montage continues until it’s time up.

Tati is first to have her dish tasted.

Tati’s dish. She’s made her own noodles as well, hidden at the bottom.

“That is delicious,” Gaz said, before going on about flavours. “That is just spot on.”

“Making her own noodles from scratch, that’s what MasterChef is all about,” George says.

“It’s a bit like the hug she gave me,” Yotam said.

Next is Ben.

Gimme them cheese!

I love Ben, he’s a blessing. Also his twitter is pretty funny.

“I look at it with suspicion,” Yotam says. He thinks it could be either great or the worst.

Everyone ends up having a couple of little bits and it’s not looking appealing like that, tbh.

“I think it delivers exactly what it looks like on the plate,” Yotam says. “It’s got no oompf. It’s flat.”

“It’s bits on a plate,” Matt says. “It’s very, for me, underwhelming.”

Finally is Blake.

Ruh roh

As George starts to plate, they all see the mash is just like glue and I think they’ll all skp over it. George lets it slide off his knife a few times, looking down in disgust.

“The shame of it is the mash is just really gluey,” Gaz said.

They speculate that Blake didn’t put on a lot of the mash because he knew it was bad.

Yotam says it’s a shame the bacon ended up as a crumb because it could have been used for so much more.

Matt hates the texture of the sauce.

“It’s between Ben and Blake,” George says.

And now, the verdict.

The trio interrogate Yotam one more time before setting him free. They all thank him, and he smiles at everyone, before Gaz gives the bad news.

“Let’s relieve the pressure for one of you,” Gaz says, before telling Tati that her dish was delicious. “Thank you so much, and congratulations, you’re safe.”

“Let’s cut to the chase,” George says. “Blake, you know as well as we do, that dish was not up to standard. I’m sorry, Blake, but that’s why you’re going home.”

They applaud as Blake leaves, but in a nice way.

Where are they now?

Blake has been moved from the bar to the kitchen in his parents restaurant. I’m a bit disapointed on his behalf that it took being on MasterChef for him to be upgraded, but I’m also glad he’s now making money from doing his passion – cooking.

As always, this recap is not edited, as it was written as I watched the episode, and published as fast as possible. There will be spelling and grammar issues.

I watched this episode online, so I was able to include screenshots with this episode. I’m still playing with the idea of using screenshots,

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MasterChef Aus S11E18 – Recap

It’s the team challenge for Legends Week and the contestants are on excursion again.

Waiting for the contestants in a park is Matt, wearing a stripy green, white, and navy jacket with a white shirt and dark blue cravat and pocket square, Gaz, wearing a beautiful blue suit and very light blue shirt, and George, wearing dark jeans, a grey jacket and a floral print shirt.

The contestants all arrive, looking very excited to be out and about.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, the owner of an optometrist outlet, or something like that, is wearing white today, and a matching cream/pale yellow cat eye look. She’s lookin’ cute.

Gaz starts to list the resume of this next Legend, and everyone’s starting to speculate. There’s a few whispers of “Yotam?”

“No, it can’t be,” Larissa says. “He’s too much of a legend.”

Well, Larissa, foolish to believe the MasterChef Australia has no influence in the culinary community.

“If you look behind you now, he’s about to touch down. Get ready for the legend that is Yotam Ottolenghi.”

Everyone starts screaming and freaking out. A red helicopter sets down, and Yotam appears.

If they were freaking out before, it is nothing compared to now. They’re applauding like mad, literally screaming, as Yotam walks towards the trio of judges.

He’s wearing a dark floral shirt and light brown pants.

As they talk to Yotam, he talks about where he gets his inspiration – often from street food.

What a coincidence, then, that the challenge theme is street food.

They’ll be cooking at Hawker restaurants just north of the Melbourne CBD. The HWKR pop up restaurants have had two previous MasterChef Aus winners cook there. @JohnsonLeung also said it was filmed in late January. (Thanks for the twitter tip!)

With three teams today, there are three different cuisines. Yellow is Mexican, blue is Malaysian, and green is Indian. They’ll have to make three different dishes – one dish must be vegetarian, and the other two need to have a protein. They’ll have 90 minutes before service, and then a further 90 minutes to serve and cook the rest of the food. The need to prepare enough food for 120 diners. The contestants won’t have a choice in which team they get.

“Make it delicious, but don’t overcomplicate it,” Yotam says. He goes on to say street food needs to be, “simple, delicious and bold.”

George comes around and they choose a team via coloured balls.

Yellow team, with Mexican cuisine, is Leah, Abbey, Derek, Waleed, Kyle and Nicole is chosen as the team leader.

Blue team, with Malaysian, is Steph, Sandeep, Tim, Larissa, Joe, and the team leader is Tessa.

Green, with Indian, is Anushka, Tati, Ben, Blake, Christina, and Simon as the team leader.

Time starts as the contestants run to start figuring out their menu. The montage begins.

Green immediately have a few problems. First of all, they chose beef, not lam from the fridge, and now there’s no more lamb. Secondly, when Gaz and George comes around, Gaz starts roasting them for having such a complex menu, when they were literally told to KISS (keep it simple, stupid).
“It’s a nightmare,” Gaz says, before walking away.

Kyle needs help pressing out the tortillas, and Derek comes over to help press them.

“Derek’s putting his muscles to good use,” Kyle said, as Derek shows off them guns.
I couldn’t resist getting a photo of this – his arms are out for the lookin’.

Then, George announces, with 12 minutes to go, the diners are arriving in the masses.

“Green team, blue team, yellow team – LOOK! Diners are arriving!” George screams, while Gaz and Yotam chill.

Sandeep has a drama – the rice is mushy, not fluffy! This is a disaster! Probably, I don’t know what that really means…

Everyone’s freaking out as they try and get food ready for the diners.

Service starts, and blue team is the first to go out.

Yellow is second, bringing out their dishes, and first to get tasted.
Pulled lamb tacos – Matt says he’s transported back to Mexico. They love it.
Charred corn with chipotle mayo – they all love the look and the taste.
“Ten out of ten,” Yotam says. “I would be so happy to be served that on the streets of Mexico.”
Mexican beef lettuce cups with guacamole – They also love the look of this one.
“It looks sophisticated but simple,” Yotam says, before they all dig in.
It was alright, it was good, but they preferred the other two dishes.

Green team finally start to send stuff out, when they realise there’s no rice. Tati says that without the rice, they could be going home.

OMG! Sandeep. I have no words. “The atmosphere in the kitchen is like the Melbourne rental properties – too many people, too little space.”

Blue starts to bring their dishes to the judges.
Coconut prawns with curry sauce – They love the flavours.
“Cracking job by the blue team, great start,” George.
Satay beef – Yotam says the meat doesn’t look like it’s been caramelised enough and that it’s not cooked enough. George says they didn’t cut it well, either. Matt calls it a crowd pleaser, not necessarily a critic pleaser.
Nasi Goreng with Sambai – “The egg’s inside, yep,” Tessa says as she puts it down.
“It’s a bit claggy,” Gaz says, pressing at the rice. “The rice is overcooked. It’s more like a risotto.”
Sandeep was terrified that the rice would send them to elimination. Hopefully the other two dishes can make up for it.

It’s time for green to send out food to the trio of judges and Yotam.
Tandoori chicken – “Presentation is a bit disappointing,” Yotam.
Gaz is worried about why they have so much coriander on it. Overall, they like chicken, but that’s about it.
Vegetarian samosa – “Done by Anushka,” Simon says as he puts it down.
“That’s alright, actually, Matt said.
They’re a bit iff about it, and say at least it wasn’t as much as a mess as the blue teams rice.
South Indian fish curry – “Simon, were you intending to serve rice with this?” George asks.
Simon confirms they had planned on it, but didn’t have time. Gaz is not impressed by this, as it’s another problem with their dishes.

“In terms of a winning dish, we’re not looking for that, but it would be the yellow team, hands down,” George says, and everyone agrees, seeing how everyone loves it.

Matt says it comes down to blue and green. Green was average across the board, but blue had that terrible rice.
“If you walked in right now, knowing what you know, which section would you sit down in to get fed?” Matt asks.
“That’s a good question,” Yotam says.

Everything is done and dusted, and it’s time to find out who did it worst.

“We were genuinely thrilled that one team rose to occasion and knocked it out of the park,” Gaz says. “It nailed the brief absolutely. That team was the yellow team.”

The yellow team start to cheer and hug, while blue and green give them applause.

Matt tells them the prawns were the best dish of the day, but the rice was a mess. Green teams proteins were cooked perfectly, but it was missing something – no rice, no new sauce for the samosas. “That’s why, green team, you’re in the elimination.”

George gives them a prep talk, Yotam gives them a few words of advice, reminding them to cook what they’re good at. George tells them to get out.”

Tomorrow night, the elimination begins. Yotam is back, and he’s out for blood.

Lmao, I kid, but Anushka, Tati, Ben, Blake, Christina, or Simon will be sent home.

This episodes recap was written while I was watching the episode, and posted as soon as it’s complete. There will be spelling and grammar issues.

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MasterChef Aus S11E17 – Recap

It’s the immunity challenge for Legend Week, and Tati, Abbey, Steph, and Larissa are fighting for the golden pin.

The four women walk into the kitchen to applause from the other contestants. Standing at the front waiting for them is the trio of judges, Gaz, George, and Matt.

George is wearing a grey suit jacket, black jeans, and a black shirt.
With more colour is Gaz, wearing a black suit and a pale green shirt.
Kooky as ever, in a blue suit, is Matt, wearing a white shirt, a black cravat with little circles on them and a matching pocket square.

George introduces the mentor of the day – Matt Sinclair. He’s wearing a white t-shirt, a blue overshirt, and white/blue jeans.
He has cooked as both a chef and a contestant in immunity challenges.

Today’s challenge to decide who will face the Legend is all about appliances. Trying to emulate their old lives, they will have 45 minutes, a microwave, a kettle, and a sandwich press, to create something as if they were cooking in their lunch break in the office. There is no other applications available except for these ones – no stove, no oven.

The montages starts, and everyone tries to figure out something they can do.

Larissa forgets about her popcorn in the microwave, so it burns.
“How can you burn microwave popcorn?” she asks, throwing the bag away.
It’s pretty easy to burn popcorn. Instant noodles, however?

Steph says, “I’ve seen people do this at the office, and I always thought they were kind of loopy. Guess that’s me now.”
I love it, and I love her.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, the cute woman who owns an optical business, is wearing new glasses today, I think. They’re thin gold wire frames. Her hair is up, and her top is a grey/green/brown kind of colour.

Time is up, and it’s tasting time.

Larissa is first.
She made popcorn grits with panfried calamari, picked radish, and speck.
The judges try it, and all agree it tastes pretty great.

Next is Steph.
She’s done an eggplant curry, coconut chutney and chapati. It’s unanimously delicious.

Abbey is up.
She made a snapper with cauliflower and pickled vegetables.
“That is insanely delicious, it’s really well balanced, and you would not think it had come off a sandwich press,” George says.
“I love the cooking of the fish,” Matt Cravat says.

Last but not least is Tati.
She made a Vietnamese pancake.
“Haven’t you entered the completion!” George exclaims. Everyone starts to applaud. “Oh. My. God.”
“Tati, can you go and make three?” Gaz asks. “I could eat a few of those.”
“I wouldn’t change a thing,” Matt says.

The boys go to deliberate. George, Matt Cravat, and Gaz all have different flavours, so it’s all up to Matt Sinclair to be the tie-breaker.

It’s announced that Tati is the winner.

They start to read the guest chef’s resume, and it’s pretty impressive.
It’s Donovan Cooke. The trio and Matt Sinclair go and shake his hand, before getting started.

Tati gets to chose an ingredient from the garden to be a feature in the dishes. Donovan will have 60 minutes to cook, and Tati will have 75 minutes.

The trio leave, and let Matt Sinclair take on over, and Donovan’s banished until it’s time for him to cook.

Tati goes into the garden and choses the spiciest chilli she can find. I’m worried for George who will sweat up a storm.

Once she’s picked, time starts, and so does the montage.

Highlight of the cook is the flashback of how Donovan lost to the contestant, because he didn’t get the fish on the pan. He’s here to win, to redeem himself, even if it means George will have to sweat from his skull for that to happen.

Finally, time is up, and everyone is getting ready to taste.

First is Donovan’s dish, the pan fried whiting with muscles and Thai green chilli.
“That’s just harmony on a plate,” George says.
“We love it,” Matt says, before they all start to score.

Dish two is Tati. She did a Thai green grilled spatchcock.
Gaz didn’t really like the presentation.
“I do like the marinade,” Gaz says when he tries it, “and I think the dressing is lovely.”
Matt asks, “But is it a complete, harmonious dish?”

It’s time to get the scores. Tati get’s 7’s all round, leaving her with a total of 21.

Donovan gets 9’s all round, and wins with 27 points.

As always, my recaps are unedited as they are written as soon as possible and posted straight away.

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MasterChef Aus S11E16 – Recap

Today is day two of Legends Week. The losers of Rick Stein’s invention test, Derek, Leah, and Jess, are fighting to stay in the competition.

Derek decides the best way to get focused and prepared for the pressure cook is to exercise, so we get a few picks of him in a tight black shirt exercising.

If you’re into men exercising, the MasterChef Australia twitter has got you.

We’ll just leave this here…#MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) May 20, 2019

Jess slowly takes down her family photos and talks about how she’s got confidence to cook. She’s got to stay focused.

Leah is chillin with a cup of tea before they are whisked away to the kitchen.

The losers walk in to applause from everyone else.

Standing up the front, as usual, is the trio of judges, George, Gaz, and Matt.

Matt is wearing a blue suit, with little vest and pocket watch, as per usual. He’s wearing a black shirt, and a light blue cravat with a matching pocket square.
Gaz is also wearing a blue suit, although his is darker than Matts. He’s wearing a light blue shirt underneath.
George is wearing black jeans, a plaid-ish jacket and the white shirt he wore in the library episode.

George introduces the chef of the day. She has a very impressive resume, and Leah calls her cooking royalty.

Clare Smyth walks in wearing her chef whites, and carrying her secret dish.

Derek tells us that he wants a dessert…

“It’s technically quite difficult, takes a lot of finesse, dexterity, and a long time to prepare,” Clare says, before revealing her dish.

It’s a pear and lemon verbena dessert, which is complex, delicate, and beautiful.

Jess starts to panic because she doesn’t really do desserts.

After breaking it in half, Clare points out where each layer is and what it consists of. They all have a chance to try the elements, and she reminds them one last time to read the recipe and focus.

Gaz tells the contestants that the loser will be the one whose dish is least like Clare’s. They’ll have four hours to cook, and then ten minutes to plate up in the tasting room in front of the judges.

Time starts, and it’s a frantic rush for the contestants to get to their bench and read the recipe. Leah tells us there are so many pages, and Jess says there are 67 steps.

Each of them have a different way to prepare to cook. Leah decides to just read five at a time and work on it. Jess decides to just read the whole thing through and then work. Derek draws a picture of how it looked so he can remember what it’s supposed to be when he’s plating up.

The montage starts.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka runs her own optical business and today is wearing black frames, to go with her white button up shirt with black stripes. She’s looking pretty casual and flow-y. Her hair is down today, which is unusual for her.

“Calm, confident, capable,” Jess says.

She explains it’s her mantra for the day. Funny, that’s what I was thinking when I tried to stop the smoke coming from the microwave the other day…

The major issue of the cook is that Derek left his jelly in the blast chiller for too long and it ended up freeing. He took it out, whisked it, which turned into a bigger mess, and finally decided to melt it.

More montage.

George and Clare are the ones walking around. Matt and Gaz are nowhere to be seen. They probably went out for a coffee, or lunch at the nearest pub.

With an hour left, they return and wander around to look at the contestants.

It’s almost time up, and the losers are working on extracting their meringues from the mould.

Derek is first. He has no problems. Leah is next, and also is drama free.

Last is Jess. She realises hers are so fragile and thin. The first one cracks almost immediately, as does the second, the third, and the fourth.

“I’m so nervous,” she says. “Everything is riding on this last dome. It has to come out in one piece.”
To her relief, it comes out perfectly.

All the elements need to be put into little tupperware containers so they can be assembled later. They either go in the fridge, freezer, or on their bench.

Time is up, everyone is quite emotional, except Derek, as he thinks about plating now.

Sitting in the tasting room is the trio and Clare.

Derek wheels in his little trolley with his tupperware. Matt tells him he has 10 minutes and Derek starts plating.

“How good does that look?” George asks, as he’s about to div it up.
“It’s precise, each layer is perfect,” Clare started. “It’s a really precise piece of work.”
“And bang on,” George said.

Next up is Leah. She also wheels in her elements before starting to plate up.

“Fantastic,” Gaz says when she puts it on the table.
“It looks really good,” Clare said, before George starts the demolition.
Clare says the pear discs are too thin. Gaz says the thinness ruins the texture.
“These are minute details,” George says, before saying that for a first attempt, it was really good.

Finally, Jess. She’s nervous about the whole thing, because she only has the one dome.
While plating, she puts the dome on the scale and starts to assemble from there.

As she turns to get another element, the dome suddenly cracks under the weight of several layers of elements. It’s really terrible. Absolutely not salvageable. Matt is shocked and sad, and puts a hand over his mouth.

She turns back to look at her dish, and realises it’s broken. Nonetheless, Jess puts it on the plate and finishes setting it up.

“It’s heartbreaking to see someone put that much effort in and see it collapse at the last second,” Clare said.

They start the tasting, but unfortunately, several of the elements just aren’t right, as well has the meringue being too thin for the dish.

The losers are reassembled back into the tasting room to receive the verdict.

“We said at the very start of the day that it will be the small things that will be the end of you, and it was,” Gaz said, not hesitating to get to the sharp end of the stick.

He breaks the news that the meringue was just too small, and Jess is out.

There’s a quick montage o her time in the MasterChef kitchen. It’s weird to see flashback Gaz without glasses.

“Today you were great, and you can walk out with your head held high,” Clare tells her.

Since leaving the kitchen, Jess is working in a kitchen, and has launched her own cultured compound butter range.

Tomorrow is the immunity challenge with Steph, Tati, Abbey and Larissa all competing for the golden pin.

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MasterChef Aus S11E15 – Recap

After an amazing Nigella week, the contestants are super excited to meet the next celebrity chef.

Tessa practically skips into the kitchen and to the front, where the trio of judges are waiting for them.

Gaz is wearing his normal look – a simple black suit with a white shirt and a blue pocket square.

The shocking outfit today is George. I know, right? Look, Matt definitely has a look going, but it’s never a surprise to see what he’s wearing.

George, on the other hand, looks like he woke up about five minute s before filming, panicked, and just threw on some clothes. He’s wearing what appears to be khaki pants, a white t-shirt, and an old black button up shirt with the sleeves pushed up. It’s not terrible, I think it’s just we’re at the point that we expect a bit more of a higher standard from him. If this was his look, then sure, but this is out of character for him.

In character is Matt, wearing an olive green suit, complete with a vest and what appears to also be a pocket watch. The jacket has these oversized buttons on them. It’s very eclectic, and honestly goals. After I watch MasterChef, I always want to dispose of my entire wardrobe and just buy really weird stuff like this.

Matt introduces the week. He says, “This is the biggest MasterChef week anywhere in the world.”

This is Legends Week, where every time the doors open, “One of the world’s biggest culinary stars will walk through those doors,” Matt tells them.

All the contestants are freaking out, so excited to find out who will be here shortly.

As the judge is introduced, Tessa starts to freak out, speculating if it’s Rick Stein. She doesn’t think she could handle it if it is – she stalks him.

The doors open, everyone turns around, and it is none other than Rick Stein.

Absolutely losing it, the contestants are screaming, they’re cheering, there’s applause, and there’s some tears.

“My dreams have come true,” Tessa says as he walks to the front.

Rick Stein is wearing a blue suit and a pink shirt. Oh, maybe they only had a small section of clothes and they forgot to get one for Rick, so he’s wearing George’s outfit, and George had to just wear what he walked in in.

Tati wipes away some tears.

ANUSHKA WATCH: We get a look at Anushka, the cute lil optometrist. Today she’s wearing yellow glasses with black legs. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen these glasses before, so I’m a bit disappointed.

Rick has chosen the ingredients for todays mystery box. Inside is cuttlefish, pine nuts, basil, garlic, tomatoes, raisins, marrow bones and chilli paste.

The contestants will have 75 minutes to create a dish, using at least one ingredient. They’ll have their usual staples as well.
The five most appealing will be tasted. The best dish will go to the immunity challenge, meaning they’ll miss the invention test and disqualify them for the elimination and pressure cook.

The time starts, and so does the montage.

A few moments stand out to me. The first is when Rick and Matt walk around and talk to Abbey. She starts talking about walking on the beach and bringing home the cuttlefish for her budgies, and then she’s like, “What am I doing? Talking about budgies to Rick Stein?! He probably doesn’t even know what I’m talking about.” Bit of an overshare, and big mood.

Steph starts freaking out like it’s a pressure cook. She’s having such a hard time figuring out a dish, and just getting elements together. She really needs to chill.
At the last episode she talked a bit about how she gets really stressed but she thinks she’s found her mojo
The G’s are worried about her. Steph says she doesn’t want her nerves to get the better of her. She takes a few moments to stop, think over her dish with a pen and paper, and then she’s got a clear idea.

The montage continues.

Look, I’m honestly getting so sick of Tessa just fangirling over Rick. I’m like, alright, but these aren’t the type of tears I want to see.

Time is up, and it’s time to taste.

First up is Steph. She made a slow roasted bone marrow and pine nut pudding. Rick calls it sensational. Matt says it’s, “totally delicious. Like properly tasty.”

Abbey is next. Her dish is cuttlefish with tomato basil pesto salad and raisin sauce. The judges call it a riot of flavour and colour.

With chargrilled cuttlefish, garlic marrow puree and basil oil sauce, is Larissa. She’s worried it’s not cooked properly.
The judges taste it, and declare it a beautiful dish. She’s so relieved.

Sandeep next, with a basil Indian bread and tomato curry. Rick calls it exquisite, and the judges love it. Overcome with emotion, Sandeep cries. I love him. There are only a few contestants I love, and he’s one of them.

Tessa presents a confit and grilled cuttlefish, roasted garlic and basil suace with roasted tomatoes. The trio of judges and Rick enjoy it. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a bit disappointed she got tasted, because she just kept going on and on about how she loves Rick and this is the best thing ever, like ok, now stop.

Left with a tough decision, the judges announce their favourite two are Sandeep and Larissa. Ultimately, they decide to go with Larissa, leaving her safe from the invention test and up for immunity.

The rest of the losers are up for the invention test. The ingredients are fish and potatoes, because Rick got his start by opening a fish and chip shop. Abbey used to work in a seafood shop, and is put on the spot to name all the fish. With 75 minutes, the pantry is open and so is the garden. The top 3 will be up for immunity with Larissa, and the bottom three will be up for elimination.

Time starts, and the contestants run to get the fish they want. I’m hoping for some drama, but alas, there is none. In fact, Steph is excited to tell us that no-one wants her fish or potatoes.

Jess is frantically using tongs to pick up potatoes, and George stares at it.
“Use your hands, not tongs,” he tells her.

Tati is excited and lookin super cute, so I feel a bit bad for laughing when she cried about Rick being here.

It’s a whole lot of montage, before time is up.

Most of the tasting is montage, except a few.

Steph is first. She made patatas bravas(?). She was inspired by a tapas place she and her husband go to. Rick loved it and said he was transported back to Spain.
When walking away, Steph says, “I couldn’t be any happier.”

Derek is up. His fish is undercooked and they don’t try any of it. Gaz said it was plated really nicely, it just needed one more minute of cooking, and George explains how to know when a fish is cooked. Derek is sure he’ll be in the elimination.
It’s sad for him, but he’ll be ok. Sometimes your fish is undercooked, sometimes you leave your instant noodles in the microwave for almost five minutes and only realise when you can smell smoke that you forgot to add water. We all make mistakes.

Finally, the tasting is all done.

Matt asks Rick if he had a good time, and Rick said yes. Everyone’s great.

The results are in. Going onto the immunity challenge is Tati, Abbey, and Steph. The losers today, and heading to the elimination, is Jess, Leah, and Derek.

Gaz says thank you to Rick, and the contestants applaud.

“We’ll see you tomorrow. Off you go,” Gaz says.

As the contestants leave, Derek says he knows tomorrow is going to be a legend of a challenge tomorrow, and he’s a bit scared.