MasterChef Aus S11E15 – Recap

After an amazing Nigella week, the contestants are super excited to meet the next celebrity chef.

Tessa practically skips into the kitchen and to the front, where the trio of judges are waiting for them.

Gaz is wearing his normal look – a simple black suit with a white shirt and a blue pocket square.

The shocking outfit today is George. I know, right? Look, Matt definitely has a look going, but it’s never a surprise to see what he’s wearing.

George, on the other hand, looks like he woke up about five minute s before filming, panicked, and just threw on some clothes. He’s wearing what appears to be khaki pants, a white t-shirt, and an old black button up shirt with the sleeves pushed up. It’s not terrible, I think it’s just we’re at the point that we expect a bit more of a higher standard from him. If this was his look, then sure, but this is out of character for him.

In character is Matt, wearing an olive green suit, complete with a vest and what appears to also be a pocket watch. The jacket has these oversized buttons on them. It’s very eclectic, and honestly goals. After I watch MasterChef, I always want to dispose of my entire wardrobe and just buy really weird stuff like this.

Matt introduces the week. He says, “This is the biggest MasterChef week anywhere in the world.”

This is Legends Week, where every time the doors open, “One of the world’s biggest culinary stars will walk through those doors,” Matt tells them.

All the contestants are freaking out, so excited to find out who will be here shortly.

As the judge is introduced, Tessa starts to freak out, speculating if it’s Rick Stein. She doesn’t think she could handle it if it is – she stalks him.

The doors open, everyone turns around, and it is none other than Rick Stein.

Absolutely losing it, the contestants are screaming, they’re cheering, there’s applause, and there’s some tears.

“My dreams have come true,” Tessa says as he walks to the front.

Rick Stein is wearing a blue suit and a pink shirt. Oh, maybe they only had a small section of clothes and they forgot to get one for Rick, so he’s wearing George’s outfit, and George had to just wear what he walked in in.

Tati wipes away some tears.

ANUSHKA WATCH: We get a look at Anushka, the cute lil optometrist. Today she’s wearing yellow glasses with black legs. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen these glasses before, so I’m a bit disappointed.

Rick has chosen the ingredients for todays mystery box. Inside is cuttlefish, pine nuts, basil, garlic, tomatoes, raisins, marrow bones and chilli paste.

The contestants will have 75 minutes to create a dish, using at least one ingredient. They’ll have their usual staples as well.
The five most appealing will be tasted. The best dish will go to the immunity challenge, meaning they’ll miss the invention test and disqualify them for the elimination and pressure cook.

The time starts, and so does the montage.

A few moments stand out to me. The first is when Rick and Matt walk around and talk to Abbey. She starts talking about walking on the beach and bringing home the cuttlefish for her budgies, and then she’s like, “What am I doing? Talking about budgies to Rick Stein?! He probably doesn’t even know what I’m talking about.” Bit of an overshare, and big mood.

Steph starts freaking out like it’s a pressure cook. She’s having such a hard time figuring out a dish, and just getting elements together. She really needs to chill.
At the last episode she talked a bit about how she gets really stressed but she thinks she’s found her mojo
The G’s are worried about her. Steph says she doesn’t want her nerves to get the better of her. She takes a few moments to stop, think over her dish with a pen and paper, and then she’s got a clear idea.

The montage continues.

Look, I’m honestly getting so sick of Tessa just fangirling over Rick. I’m like, alright, but these aren’t the type of tears I want to see.

Time is up, and it’s time to taste.

First up is Steph. She made a slow roasted bone marrow and pine nut pudding. Rick calls it sensational. Matt says it’s, “totally delicious. Like properly tasty.”

Abbey is next. Her dish is cuttlefish with tomato basil pesto salad and raisin sauce. The judges call it a riot of flavour and colour.

With chargrilled cuttlefish, garlic marrow puree and basil oil sauce, is Larissa. She’s worried it’s not cooked properly.
The judges taste it, and declare it a beautiful dish. She’s so relieved.

Sandeep next, with a basil Indian bread and tomato curry. Rick calls it exquisite, and the judges love it. Overcome with emotion, Sandeep cries. I love him. There are only a few contestants I love, and he’s one of them.

Tessa presents a confit and grilled cuttlefish, roasted garlic and basil suace with roasted tomatoes. The trio of judges and Rick enjoy it. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a bit disappointed she got tasted, because she just kept going on and on about how she loves Rick and this is the best thing ever, like ok, now stop.

Left with a tough decision, the judges announce their favourite two are Sandeep and Larissa. Ultimately, they decide to go with Larissa, leaving her safe from the invention test and up for immunity.

The rest of the losers are up for the invention test. The ingredients are fish and potatoes, because Rick got his start by opening a fish and chip shop. Abbey used to work in a seafood shop, and is put on the spot to name all the fish. With 75 minutes, the pantry is open and so is the garden. The top 3 will be up for immunity with Larissa, and the bottom three will be up for elimination.

Time starts, and the contestants run to get the fish they want. I’m hoping for some drama, but alas, there is none. In fact, Steph is excited to tell us that no-one wants her fish or potatoes.

Jess is frantically using tongs to pick up potatoes, and George stares at it.
“Use your hands, not tongs,” he tells her.

Tati is excited and lookin super cute, so I feel a bit bad for laughing when she cried about Rick being here.

It’s a whole lot of montage, before time is up.

Most of the tasting is montage, except a few.

Steph is first. She made patatas bravas(?). She was inspired by a tapas place she and her husband go to. Rick loved it and said he was transported back to Spain.
When walking away, Steph says, “I couldn’t be any happier.”

Derek is up. His fish is undercooked and they don’t try any of it. Gaz said it was plated really nicely, it just needed one more minute of cooking, and George explains how to know when a fish is cooked. Derek is sure he’ll be in the elimination.
It’s sad for him, but he’ll be ok. Sometimes your fish is undercooked, sometimes you leave your instant noodles in the microwave for almost five minutes and only realise when you can smell smoke that you forgot to add water. We all make mistakes.

Finally, the tasting is all done.

Matt asks Rick if he had a good time, and Rick said yes. Everyone’s great.

The results are in. Going onto the immunity challenge is Tati, Abbey, and Steph. The losers today, and heading to the elimination, is Jess, Leah, and Derek.

Gaz says thank you to Rick, and the contestants applaud.

“We’ll see you tomorrow. Off you go,” Gaz says.

As the contestants leave, Derek says he knows tomorrow is going to be a legend of a challenge tomorrow, and he’s a bit scared.


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