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MasterChef Aus S12E11 – Recap

It’s Monday, and that means it’s a team challenge, right of the back of Sunday’s elimination, which sent Ben M home.

The contestants rock up to The Timber Yards in Port Melbourne, and I got a really good bit of info about this from Johnson Leung on Twitter. Thanks for the tip!

The contestants walk in, unaware of the frenzy that is awaiting them.

Inside the warehouse, three benches are set up. The judges are waiting for the contestants at the front, and there are three big sections of people watching and cheering.

Andy riles the crowd up.

“Are you ready to meet our contestants? Because here they come!” Andy yells to the crowd, who cheer and clap, as the contestants start to make their way in.

Reece, Simon and Khanh cover their faces in surprise, hiding their grins, as they’re met with cheers

As all the contestants get to the front, Poh starts getting emotional and begins to cry a bit, thinking about how much of an impact MasterChef has had on Australia. Everyone’s quick to cuddle her.


Once it’s all calm, the contestants are told this is a team challenge, and Mel goes around with a black bag for the contestants to pick out their aprons.

Team Grey: Tessa, Bun (Ben U), Callum, Brendan, Dani, Jess, and Tracy.

Team Pink: Emelia, Reynold, Reece, Simon, Chris, Carah (Sarah C), and Rose.

Team Teal: Sarah T, Khanh, Hayden, Amina, Laura, Poh, and Harry.

Jock yells at the teams.

Jock tells them what the go is. Each round will have a theme, and theme one is ‘From the Sea’. But they’re not all cooking in round one, only one. They need to decide in a team who the best seafood cook is. The champion will face off with the other two champions, and the winner saves their team from the pressure cook tomorrow.

It’s time to chose round one champions.

Grey: Tessa.
Teal: Harry.
Pink: Reynold.

For round one, they have 60 minutes to make the best fish or seafood dish. Andy riles up the live audience again, and time starts.


The champions head over to the little pantry and getting their ingredients.

Everyone else is standing at the end of their benches, watching their champion and riling up their section of the audience.
Mel, Andy, and Jock have little microphones on so they can effectively yell at the audience.

I actually woke up early this morning to write this recap, so I’m even less caring about the cooking than regular haha but they’re all doing good, and I’ll let you know if anything changes.

The judges taste the foods as the champions are cooking, and when they get to Reynold, they voice concern for the bold flavours and them overpowering the scampi.

Time ends and it’s eating time, and I’m just about ready to get my breakfast.


Tasting time!

First is Tessa for the Grey Team.

Calamari and Scallops with Pickled Cauliflower

Mel loves the dish, and Andy likes the clean dish.
Jock tells the audience he’s going to try and describe that he’s eating and all I really take away is, “It’s like a sea shanty in my mouth,” and I’m getting real Iron Chef vibes.

It’s Harry’s turn for the Teal team.

Kingfish with Herb and Cheese Cream Mousse

So inside the kingfish is the herb and cheese cream, and he made chips for the side.

The judges say great execution, but the fish just doesn’t quite go, it needs to be a fattier fish. They say it’s a great idea, but it’s just not there yet.

It’s Reynold’s turn.

BBQ Scampi with Cauliflower, Smoked Tare Gel and Pickled Apple

The judges love the way it looks, and call it beautiful.

Mel starts with, “Wow.”
She loves it and calls it a beautiful dish.
Andy and Jock say it’s technically an excellent dish, however other elements take away from the scampi.

It’s time for the winner of round one.

Tessa, a stand out dish, which means the entire Grey team is safe from tomorrow’s pressure test.

Pink and Teal team are into round two, and also have to choose a champion.

The theme is ‘Quick Cooking’ and the champion only has 30 minutes to cook. However, the champion can’t have already cooked.

Mel lays out the stakes. The winner is safe from tomorrow. The losing team goes to round three.

The champions for this round is Poh for Teal team and Simon for Pink team – first season vs last season.

Poh said she volunteered and loves a time challenge.

The thirty minutes start and Simon and Poh run to the pantry.


Jock, ever the gentleman, grabs a blender from Poh as she carries a basket full of ingredients and bowls and stuff and carries it over for her.

Jock grabs the blender as Poh juggles all her items

Honestly, not much happens. Simon powers through, but Poh has a bit of a harder time. Her potatoes just weren’t cooking, and while this is normally a dish she can knock up in about 20 minutes, it just wasn’t feeling her much today.

Nonetheless, although she endeavoured to get up five of her Sardinian potato dumplings, she served up two.


It’s tasting time, and Simon’s first.

Burnt Cucumber with Preserved Lemon Caramel and Smoked Cream

Mel says this dish sings, and everything is perfectly balanced.
Andy is shook that this took him 30 minutes to do.
Jock calls it a, “sexy, vegetarian dish.”

It’s Poh time.

“Ladies first,” Jock says.
“What if she has a whole one?” Andy asks with a laugh.
After the boys try it, “Well in that case, I will have a whole one,” Mel says, and goes for the last of it.

She loved it, calling it silky perfection.
Jock says it’s perfectly seasoned and the butter has just the right amount of lemon juice.
“I feel like there’s going to be a ‘but’,” Andy says.
“There is no ‘but’!” Jock yells, and high fives Poh.

It’s time for the judges to decide.
Mel says that if she had to inch, she’s feeling Poh just a bit more.
But Andy is going Simon. It’s all up to Jock.


“Who would have thought those two dishes would be such a close decision. Seriously! In fact, a split decision,” Jock says to the contestants, before saying that Simon had won, but that Poh did amazing and it was a tough decision, and thanking her.

That means that Pink team are safe tomorrow, and Teal team are in round three.

“No more champions,” Andy says, saying they’re cooking against each other. “We’re only looking for the best dish. Cook this, and you’re safe. Everyone else, you’re going into tomorrow’s pressure test.”

Sarah T, Poh, Amina, Harry, Hayden, Khanh, and Laura have 60 minutes to use berries in whatever dish they desire, sweet or savoury.

The contestants run to the pantry and get ready.


Nothing particularly interesting happens again, except Jock and Andy question if Khanh’s dish is too sour or not, so he does his best to fix it with ten minutes to go.
He bangs his spoon against the pot, holds it up, and says, “There it is.”
I love Khanh, what a blessing.

I skip most of the cooking because I have other things to do this morning before work, like getting ready, and having breakfast, etc.

It’s tasting time, and Mel reminds us the stakes.

First is Amina.

BBQ Quail with Blackberry Balsamic Glaze and Bulgur Salad

I hope they turn off the mics for the judges as they eat, otherwise it would just be a chewing catastrophe.

Mel eats some, walks over to Amina, hugs her, and says, “You. I want you in my family.”
When she returns to the others, she says, “I could eat this for the rest of my life and be happy.”
The boys also enjoy the flavours.

Next is Sarah T.

Seared Venison with Berry Sauce and Macadamia Cream

She’s a bit worried about how the venison is cooked, aiming for medium rare.
It ended up being more medium well.

“If only you had nailed the venison,” Jock says, telling her that everything else is perfect, but the meat just needed a bit of redness. “It’s a shame, because it’s such a great dish.”

God, what I would give to be a judge on MasterChef for a week…

Next is Poh.

Marshmallow Pavlova with Balsamic Caramel

“Can we call it Poh’s Pav?” Andy asks.

“What a plate of berries,” Jock says, calling it her kind of dessert.

It’s Harry time.

Moreton Bay Bug with Gooseberry Curry

Andy loves it, but the only negative is the bug, it’s got a weird burnt sort of taste.

Next is Hayden.

Confit Coral Trout with Burnt Tomato Riberry Sauce

Laura next.

Crostoli with Lemon Custard and Macerated Strawberries

My girlfriend is Italian, and we caught this tasting last night, she was so excited to see crostoli.

The judges enjoy it, everyone’s happy to eat it.

Finally, it’s Khanh.

Rasam with Coral Trout.

He says it’s like a south Indian soup.

Mel says it looks so sexy, and Andy agrees, albeit not in those words.
Straight up, Jock says the flavours were perfectly balanced, and it screamed berries, which is what they asked for.
Mel said that even though the trout was so perfect, the berries was still the hero, which was excellent.
Andy said each berry did their job and it was perfect, he would pay serious money for that dish.

It’s decision time.


The judges thank the crowd for being wonderful, and then kick them out for the results.

Two dishes were exceptional: Khanh and Amina, however only one can be safe tomorrow.

Jock goes over what was amazing in each of their dishes, but says ultimately, it was a berry round and one dish celebrated it the most.

Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

So Amina, Poh, Laura, Harry, Hayden and Sarah T are all in the pressure test tomorrow, and Khanh is safe. I’m nervous because all of them are amazing, and I love Poh, Sarah and Amina the most.

Andy gives them a run down of what will happen tomorrow – no guest chef bringing a dish, they’ll be bringing their dish. So tonight they have to write a recipe for a dish that blows the judges minds and tomorrow they’re cooking their own pressure test.

I’m wondering what the twist will be if they have to give it to someone else, or what.
Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow (well, tonight, if all goes to plan), with the recap!

Stay safe!

Oh, also before we go, MasterChef Aus Kids is now casting for the first time in almost ten years. (Thanks Johnson Leung for another tip!)


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E10 – Recap

Thursday night was the immunity challenge and Sarah T won, which means that tonight in the elimination, Sarah is safe. Dani still has her pin so she can play it if she chooses. Who will go home? Let’s find out together.


The contestants come into the kitchen to find the judges not there, and a large screen set up in their place. Behind the screen are benches.

“What’s with the TV?” a lot, pretty much everyone, calls out when they enter and see it.

Everyone walk’s towards the screen with the MasterChef logo displayed.

Once they’ve all gathered, Andy appears on the screen.

Andy walks the streets.

Each judge comes on one by one to walk the contestants through their ‘Day on a Plate’.

Andy starts with a coffee and a croissant. (“Are we making croissants?” someone asks.)
Next, he goes out for a taco.
Finally, he BBQ’s himself a steak with like, I don’t know, broccolini with ancovies and oil.

Mel starts her day with a coffee, seeing some puppies on the way, and getting a cake.
She and her girlfriend (I actually hate when straight women do that, but that’s not a conversation for here) have a salad.
Then, Mel goes to see her husband and cat and have pasta.

Jock also starts off with a coffee and a brekkie roll.
He’s got a commercial pasta machine and makes shells with his son. Jock smothers the shells in cheese and I love it.

I think that’s his entire day.

Andy comes out saying, “Ooh, some confused faces down there!” before calling them down to the other end with the benches.

Like the pied piper

Waiting for them, in their usual sort of get up, very fancy, very nice, is Jock and Mel.


They’re standing in front of three pantries.

“Before we get into what just happened,” Andy starts, before asking if Dani will play the pin or not.

Dani decides to cook, leaving just Sarah T to head upstairs on her own.

The ingredients used to make all the food they ate in the video are in the pantries.

First is Jock.

Mostly bread, seasoning, pasta ingredients, milk and HP sauce, it’s a simple Jock pantry.

Then Andy.

Vibrant, vegetables, ready for a taco in Andy’s pantry.

And finally, Mel.

I couldn’t get a good shot, but Mel talks about how she’s got the ingredients for sweet dishes thanks to her cake breakfast, but healthy things too, from lunch and dinner.

The contestants are given the rules: they’ll have 75 minutes to cook whatever they want – sweet or savoury.
They have the combined three pantries to use. They do not have staples under their benches, they do not have any other ingredients to use bar what is up there at the moment from the judges, which means no usual pantry or the garden.

This is the only cook for today, so the least impressive dish is going home.

Sarah goes upstairs and time starts.


It’s mayhem, and everyone is crammed into the ingredients, trying to get anything they can get their hands on.

It looks like Carah (Sarah C) grabbed something just to snack on, which is big mood to be honest haha.

Reynold will be doing a simple dessert.

I zone out for most of the cooking, nothing is overly interesting to me.

Finally, time ticks down and it’s almost time! The food is looking amazing, and I’m excited to see the final products.


It’s tasting time! I suspect that most will not have the caption at the bottom, so I’ll endeavour to do as I did for the Mystery Box challenge – show all the meals, but the ones without a caption just in, like, a slide show of all the dishes.

First is Poh with her vanilla slice.

Orange Vanilla Mille-Feuille

“Unbelievable,” Jock says.
“It’s the way it shatters that matters,” Mel says, before complimenting how great Poh is, and how nail bitting her cooking can be.

Next is Brendan.

BiangBiang Noodles with Cumin Beef

Mel struggles for a minute with how long the noodles are, but calls it a smack in the face with flavour, she loves it.
Jock calls it bang on, and the flavour is pinging in his mouth.
Andy is getting a bit heated up, and his top lip is a bit oof.

Next is Dani.

Beef Taco with Tomatillo Pica de Gallo and Jalapeno Sauce

Aiming to do an elevated street food to a fine dining taco, Dani is worried about going home with her immunity pin.

Andy says her tortilla is too thick and not cooked through, which you can taste. Apart from that, he does love the flavour. He wants to love the taco, but that tortilla is just not there.
“It’s almost there,” Mel says.

It’s Jess with a Smoked Vanilla Ice Cream and a Chocolate Tule and Cherries.

Andy calls it great, and it’s time for the next dish.

Each image coresponds with the order of the names here: Simon, Chris, Sarah C, Khanh, Laura, Tessa, Harry, Callum,

Big Ben U, or Bun, brings his Ice-Cream for Breakfast.

“It does look like something you’d have in the morning,” Jock says, to absolute laughter from every contestant and judge.
“Is that why you’re called Big Ben?”

It was only when I went back to go over it that I understood the joke… I guess I’m too gay haha


Andy tells them all to pull it in, and they taste the dish.

Jock makes another dick joke, but says he enjoys it, and that’s the dish.

It’s time for Reynold, and wow!

Whipped Chocolate Ganache with Ice Cream, Crumble, Jam and Meringue

Everyone is surprised with how much he got done in 75 minutes.

Instead of saying anything, Jock, Mel and Andy go over and hug him, it’s just that good. It sure does look hug worthy.

Jock talks about everything he loves, which is every element.
“I feel privileged to eat it,” Mel says.
“It’s probably right up there with dish of the competition,” Andy tells him.

Now, it’s time for Rose.

Peaches and Cream

Rose was worried her panna cotta wouldn’t set in time, so she’s not sure if it has or not.
Thankfully, it’s set perfectly.

They don’t like the dish at all, and they’re disappointed in the result. Andy says he wants her to just pack flavour, and this isn’t one of her best.

It’s Hayden’s turn, and he provides a beer to each of the judges.

Chilaquiles Verdes with Avocado Crema and Peach Hot Sauce.

The judges say the sauces should have been hotter, and it’s a shame the chips were from a packet and not hand made.

Next is Bem (Ben M).

BBQ Salmon Fillet with Walnut Cream and Sauce Vierge

It is a bit overcooked, but as they eat, Jock says the tail is actually really over and says it looks like tinned salmon.

The judges said the walnut cream had a good texture but was too acidic.
Jock said it was at the bottom end of the food they’d had today.

Amina time.

Adana Beef Kebab with Avocado Toum, Tomato Salad and Flatbread

Amin isn’t very happy with what she’s done.

“I know you know that kebab isn’t quite right,” Andy starts. “It’s quite soft and mushy inside. But, oh my god there is some flavour on that food!”
“The kebab is a bit floury, but I almost don’t care,” Mel says, ecstatic with the flavours.
Jock agrees with the flavour, and absolutely enjoys it, even though the kebab isn’t quite right.

And that concludes tasting.


The top three are Reynold, Tessa, and Bredan, having smashed it right out of the park.

But the bottom two are… Rose and Bem (Ben M).

Jock says they both had problems but at opposite ends of the spectrum.
Unfortunately, Ben’s acidity was so bad that no-one could finish, which means he’s going home.

“It’s tough to say, but it wasn’t your day today,” friend Andy says, before telling him everyone will miss him but to leave.

Andy and Ben hug and share admiration for each other, and I’ve just realised that Mel isn’t wearing a dress, it’s a jumpsuit? Amazing.

There’s no ‘Where are they now?’ this season, which is a bit sad, but it be what it be.

And we’ll be back tomorrow for a team challenge.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E09 – Recap

After yesterday’s Mystery Box, the winners, Reynold, Bun, Laura, Sarah T, and Khanh, are fighting for the only immunity spot on Sunday.

Also tonight is a MasterClass, and I don’t care for that at all, so once this episode is over, I’m out.


Here they come!
They all look fab! I really like Mel’s skirt, and how good is that green on Jock?

This immunity challenge will go over two rounds.
Round one is a taste test. Each contestant will have to chose a judge and stand in front of them. Each dish contains exactly 24 ingredients. They’ll have to guess as many as they can. They have to chose one of the dishes. However, they won’t know what he dish is until they chose a judge.

Standing in front of Mel is Sarah T and Khanh. Their dish is a pie.

Mel’s pie dish

Both Khanh and Sarah are like, “Wait, what?? A pie?”

In front of Jock is Laura (no surprise). His dish is a pasta.

Jock’s pasta

Laura is super excited and says she has this in the bag.

Finally, in front of Andy is Bun and Reynold, and they have a curry.

Andy’s curry

They’re both a bit nervous, and Bun is especially concerned for himself.

Jock tells them the rest of the rules:
They’ll taste their dish and have five minutes to write down a maximum of 24 ingredients – no more.
They’ll all cook in round 2 – however well they do is how much time they’ll get. First is 75, then 60, 50, 40, then 30.

The best dish of round 2 misses elimination this Sunday.

The contestants are sent to their benches where a notepad and their dish is waiting for them.


Khanh and Sarah find that the pie is a curry pie, so they’re excited to give it a guess.

Laura realises this is probably the hardest of the dishes, and scrambles to get the last 12.

Bun and Reynold both suspect the curry protein is chicken, but suddenly Reynold realises it’s a fish.


They show the contestants the ingredients in their dishes before telling them how much they got right.

Jock’s dish ingredients.
Mel’s ingredients.
Andy’s ingredients.

Khanh got 16 with 75 minutes.
Sarah got 15 with 60 minutes
Laura got 14 with 50 mins.
Reynold got 14 with 50 as well.
Bun got 8 with 40.

They can cook anything they like, but only with the ingredients in the dish they tasted.

Nothing really interesting happens in the cook, and honestly I’m kinda done with this episode, I’ve got a bit of a headache going on, and I have cleaning to do, so let’s get straight to the tasting.


First up is Bun who had 40 minutes and Andy’s pantry.

Steamed Blue-Eye Sambal Uleke and Blistered Tomatoes

The judges love the flavours and say he should cook from his heritage more often.

Next is Laura with 50 minutes and Jock’s pantry.

Green Garganelli with Braised Greens and Pancetta

This is another dish they love, and enjoy how the simpleness is part of the technique.

It’s Reynold’s turn, who also had 50 minutes and had Andy’s pantry.

Confit Blue-Eye with Charred Onions and Red Curry

They also enjoyed his dish and enjoy when he doesn’t just do desserts.

Next is Khanh who had Mel’s pantry and the big 75 minutes.

Beef Coconut Curry

While it was very elegant, they felt it didn’t hit the flavour as they would have liked.

Finally, Sarah T.

Lemongrass Coriander Beef with Coconut Sambal and Tomatoes

They absolutely love the dish and call it a winner, before deciding to tell everyone the verdict.


One dish stood out from the rest, and they’re quick to say that Sarah did amazing, so she’s safe from elimination on Sunday.

But there were two honourable mentions. Laura, any other day and it would have won, and Ben, who should start all his cooks at 40 minutes.

And that concludes the episode, except the MasterClass, but that’s not for me haha, so I’m going to finish cleaning my room and putting my clothes away.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E08 – Recap

Alas, Courtney left last episode, so tonight is the Mystery Box challenge.

The contestants enter the kitchen to see mystery boxes waiting for them, and they’re keen as a bean to get into it.

Rows of benches have a box for each contestant, and they all file in.

However, the judges are nowhere to be seen?

Where the judges usually stand, there’s no-one and nothing.

They’re soon to arrive, and all looking pretty fab.

Andy in a peachy pink, Mel in a black and white jumpsuit I think, and Jock in classic Jock look.

After some banter, the contestants open their box, and we find out that Mel has chosen all the ingredients.

Me’s Mystery Box!

The ingredients she chose are (and please bare with me, I don’t know what most of these are) cherries, Manuka honey, black vinegar, Chinese five spice, chicken feet, spring onion, coriander, taro, King George whiting, and galangal.

Sarah T is keen as a bean to be cooking with this box.

But, there are stakes for this challenge, even though it’s not going home.

Andy tells us that all the dishes will be tasted, and if they’re one of the best five dishes, they’ll go to tomorrows immunity challenge, where one person will be safe from Sunday’s elimination.

Our faves will have 75 minutes to cook with one or more of Mel’s ingredients, and have their usual staples.

Time starts, and they’re off.


  1. The judges discuss how tough these ingredients are, and both Jock and Andy say these are not usual ingredients for them.

Mel says she wants to use these ingredients to get the contestants to have a better appreciation for them, and to show off their creativity.

I’m just chillin’, waiting for a bit of drama, or something.

Interesting things that happen:

  • Reynold decides to do something savoury
  • Bun (Ben U) decides to do a dessert, as soon as he saw the chicken feet… uh, ok, doing chicken feet ice-cream.
  • Um, a cherry pitter is a thing?! I need this for the next Cherry Festival! OMG! This could change my life!
  • I ordered some gelato, so I’m excited to eat it while I watch MasterChef. Any snack recommendations for MasterChef/quarantine?
  • Bredan and Khanh realise they’re both doing broths, and the judges declare a broth off, which I personally don’t believe in, but ok.
  • “Chicken feet is the way to every girl’s heart, right?” Chris asks with a smile. Actually, it’s proper portioning of meats.
  • Simon is having issues with getting his chicken foot jelly to set.

Time ends, and everyone is ecstatic to have their foods tasted.


As per last year, when they eat all the dishes, I’ll aim to get a photo for every one with a caption.

First up is Sarah, probably the favourite.

Whiting-Stuffed Taro Deep-Fried

Jock and Mel say this should be a dish at a restaurant, and Andy says you just want to eat more. He calls the dish epic, and she’s sent away.

Next is Reynold.

Whiting with Smoked Butter Emulsion

Mel calls it a dish to dress up for. All round, they love it.

For a little treat, here are the contestants who weren’t main features and their dishes. I’ll aim to get them in correct order. Here are the dishes by Amina, Emelia, Harry, Laura, Hayden, Rose and Callum.

It’s time for the broth off!

Khanh and Brendan stand in front of the judges with their broth
Khanh’s Egg Noodles with Chicken Feet Broth
Brendan’s Whiting and Coriander Wontons

They love both the dishes. Jock says that he couldn’t pick between the two, “They’re both absolute bangers.”

Next is Simon.

He has his Steamed Taro and in the second image you can see the added Chicken Feet Mousse.

The judges do no like it, and say the cooking was much better than the result, however today is the day to mess around with the ingredients.

Poh and Bem (Ben M) are brought to the front as they both did the chicken feet.

Crispy Chicken Feet with Five-Spice Dressing
Fried Chicken Feet with Vinegar Sauce

They enjoy both the dishes and love the tastes.

Next is Bun.

Honey Galangal Ice Cream with Chicken Fat Caramel

They absolutely love it! It’s clever, tasty, and the chicken fat brings a richness. Jock drinks the caramel.


It’s time for the decision, and the judges provides some feedback for each one.

  1. Reynold.
  2. Bun.
  3. Laura (she did the fish swimming in the green oil stuff).
  4. Sarah T.
  5. Khanh.

Tomorrow is the immunity challenge, and I’m pumped!


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E07 – Recap

Yesterday, the yellow team failed to portion their meat well again (thanks, Chris), so they’re in elimination today.

Laura, Reece, Khanh, Tessa, Chris, Courtney, Ben U (Bun), and Brandon are facing off.

The judges wait for the group to enter, with Jock ready to go in his chef whites. It’s a Jock challenge, which is all well and good, except that Laura used to work at his restaurant, and while he said there won’t be any favouritism…

The losers enter the kitchen.

Jocks like, let’s not poodlefake, it’s a pressure test, someone’s going home, and it’s my pressure test.

But for the first time ever, this is a two round pressure test.
Everyone does the pressure test of 90 minutes, then three go to round two, and one goes home from there.

First’s things first – Jock pulls out his dish for round one, three Orana Snacks.

Jock brings the eight over to talk about it all and get them to eat it. I’m going to be honest, I have no idea what this dish actually is? I don’t know what anything is, except the last thing is a crumpet with honey and butter, and the first is like scarlet prawns or something?

Time starts, and they’re off to their benches to read their recipes and get going.


Reece tells us that this is the first pressure test he’s ever done! He never did one in his season, which is wild, but good on him.

As per usual, I’ll wait for something to actually happen.

Reece put the eggs in something warm and it cooked, so he had to start it again. What he had to start again, I cannot say.

Bun burns the bottom of his crumpets and they’re yuck. He’s ruined two batches of crumpet but decides to go with the first batch as the burnt flavour will go all the way through.

There’s one minute left, so let’s get to the tasting I suppose.


First to taste is Chris.

Chris’ three snacks.

The yogurt thing, Jock calls textbook.
They crack the prawns and Jock lets out a demonic, “Yeeeeaaaah!” They’re perfectly cooked.
“Yes, your holes did depart you,” Jock says of the hole-less crumpet.
All three judges liked it, which kind of annoys me because he’s the reason they messed up the portions for two challenges, but go off I guess. I’m sure he’s a super lovely guy.

Next is Courtney.

The poop chutes are still in her prawn, which is not good. Personally, as a prawn aficionado, specifically on Christmas, I don’t care for the poo inside the prawn. Yuck, disgusting, I’m not eating it, that’s for the cats.

Jock goes to roast again, the yogurt thing is not seasoned well, but the crumpets was good.
Mel says she got everything, it’s just minor little things that aren’t good from the best.
I love Courtney, so this is a shame, and she knows this could send her to round two.

Up next is Tessa.

“Holes,” Jock says, holding up a crumpet and staring straight at Tessa. He turns to look at Mel and Andy. “We have holes.”

This episode is both the worst and the weirdest. What is going on?

Anyway, the judges really like the foods.

Next is Khanh, who only has two crumpets because of burning one in the last miute.

They taste Brendon’s next, but don’t show the overview, which I’m a bit bitter about. They said the prawns were gorgeous, and Andy said to keep this mind-frame going as he’s cooked really good food.

Laura next, and I’m really worried favouritism will play a factor in some way, shape or form.

He calls everything just about perfect, and Andy says it’s pretty well the same as Jock’s dish, which doesn’t surprise me at all because she literally worked at his restaurant. She just gives a nod and a smile like she’s not surprised, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s made this before to be honest. She really shouldn’t be in a Jock challenge, they should have done something else instead. But I digress…

It’s Bun’s (Ben U) turn now

The prawn is undercooked and the crumpets have no holes.

And Reece.

Pretty much every element is a banger, except they pretty much all pull out a poop chute. Ugh.

“Not great,” Jock says. “When you miss a step, it doesn’t matter how good your cooking is, you missed a step.”

He’s sent back to his bench.

And that’s the last of them. Weird they didn’t do Brendon’s but did everyone else’s, but I don’t work for, or have any affiliation to ten, so who am I to tell them what to do.

It’s decision time. Jock sends three people to step forward for round two.

Reece, Courtney, and Bun are fighting to stay in the challenge.

It’s crunch time.

The dish for round two is a pickled salad or something, and damper with lamb butter, which is pretty much hollandaise sauce made out of lambs fat and as hollandaise is my favourite sauce and lamb is in my top two meats, tied with pork, that sounds amazing.

It’s time again for them to try the foods. The damper is being cooked as they talk about the foods. If you’re interested in the salad and the cones, etc, then check out the episode, but otherwise, don’t bother.


Okie dokie, it’s cooking time, and once again, I zone out, as Bun, who will be arrested and drop out of MasterChef this season, talks about how it would suck to be the second person to leave after getting second place in his season.

Courtney starts getting super stressed and the judges come over to try and calm her down. I hope this isn’t foreshadowing of her impending doom…

There’s only ten minutes to go and everyone starts running.

Time starts to tick, everyone’s in a mess, and the cooking ends. Thank goodness, I’m bored and ready for bed.


First to taste is Reece.

Image one is Reece preparing the food, image two is his damper cooking, and image three is the food he presents

Overall, the judges love it, and it’s perfect, however the balance for the salad is not good. It was a great effort nonetheless.

Next up is Bun. As he’s trying to plate, the foam doesn’t work at all and nothing is coming out of the whipped cream thing, I don’t know, I’m not a chef.

Picture one is him working, picture two is the mess of a sitch he’s in, and picture three is his dish.

The judges commend him on getting everything up. The damper is good and airy and the ones are consistent. The butter was not perfect, but he took a red hot go.

Finally, Courtney. She rolls the cones and gets everything ready while her damper is cooking.

Her final dish.

There was criticism of how Jock counted for her, it seemed quite fast. It looks as though it is an accurate count down, however it does seem quite fast. Perhaps it’s just editing, who’s to say (MasterChef is but…)?

Here’s a video in real time as it aired of Jock counting while Courtney finished plating.

Jock counts down from ten in a 9 second clip. Also, I’m sorry for the quality of the audio.

They enjoy the elements she has, and the butter is closest to Jock’s, however they cannot overlook the lack of elements she presented.


It’s time for the results, and I feel like they super got her hopes up high, as Jock talks about everything wonderful she did and that two of her elements were the best of the lot, “however one dish was incomplete,” he said, before telling her to get out of the kitchen.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E06 – Recap

The contestants roam St Kilda, ready to find out what they’re up to today.

Just casually walking about, looking excited, unaware of the probable impending doom.
Look at them run. So unnecessary.

They turn up to see the judges looking super cute.

How cute is that hat though?
Everyone worries as they see two tents set up, and two more in the background filled with food.

It’s beginning to look a lot like a team challenge.

This is their first challenge outside of the MasterChef kitchen this season.

“Just when you’re getting used to being there, we drag your sorry arses out here,” Jock says to laughter.

Simon and Khanh both are from Melbourne, with Khanh living like 5 minutes away.

“You went from zero to 100 and you didn’t take your foot of the gas all week. But today, 100 ain’t gonna cut it,” Andy tells them.

Today, they’re cooking the ultimate BBQ for 1,200 people.

There will be three teams, and Mel counts them out into their teams and tells them to choose a captain. Two teams have eight, one has seven.

Team Yellow: Captain Laura, Reece, Khanh, Tessa, Chris, Courtney, Ben U (Bun), and Brandon.

Team Purple: Captain Tracy, Rose, Carah (Sarah C), Poh, Emelia, Ben M (Bem), Callum and Jess.

Team Orange: Captain Simon, Hayden, Dani, Sarah T, Amina, Reynold, and Harry.

The last time Simon was a captain, his team lost, so he’s worried that he’ll ruin this for everyone.

Jock tells them the rules: 2 1/2 hours to prepare and 2 1/2 to serve. Each team must make two savoury dishes and one dessert. All three dishes must have a BBQ’d element. As orange has one less person, they’ll get first pick of the proteins.

The motivation to do well other than not embarrassing themselves to the public? The losing team will be going to the pressure test tomorrow and from there one will be going home.

“Don’t wanna do that,” Reynold mutters.

Some Twitter users are confused by this motivation, and I suspect that perhaps the elimination on Sunday always takes place even if someone goes home in the pressure test. I guess we’ll see.

The first plate of food must be as amazing as the last.

Time starts, and they run to their tents.


As everyone runs to their tents, someone keeps yelling, “Let’s go!” and all I can think about is, “Let’s go, lesbians!”. I should sent that to my PT and get him to yell that while I’m training and to get me to run on the treadmill.

Each team plans their foods, checking out what foods are available and to decide their dishes.

Khanh takes food to a BBQ and Laura yells from her test, “That’s not our BBQ!” LMAO.

Carah calls Jess the “queen of the donut.” That’s what I call myself when I pick up a six pack of hot cinnamon donuts.

Harry starts talking about himself, and honestly I feel like this is the first time I’ve ever seen him.

I know they’re talking about the flavours they’ll use and what their dishes, but I don’t really care, and I’ll wait for someone to cry, or the super dramatic music. I mean, I’ll show you what the foods look like at tasting anyway, we don’t need to get anal over what’s being prepared right now.

Chris is working on cutting up chickens and Laura says, “We need to be careful about portions,” and I’m having flashbacks to last week when Chris did a poor job portioning.
Funnily enough, he’s having the same flashbacks and is preparing to not let the team down.

Dani starts trying to figure out how to do like a sticky caramelised banana and working on where to cook it, and the judges come over to help. It’s a bit of a mess for her.

“Like, how hard can it be? It’s just a banana!” Dani cries, waving her arms around, in her private confessional.

Meanwhile, the yellow team are deciding to get 10 portions from each chicken.

“She juicy!” someone yells, and several people yell back in unison, “She juicy!” God bless.

They’re here, with 30 minutes until service.

The teams write up their menus on their chalkboards while getting the food ready spaghetti.

Dani on the orange team is having drama with grilling the banana and is still a major mess. She’s trying to get it going without much success at the moment. RIP.

Andy comes around and tells Simon to start getting everything ready to go and clear the benches etc.

Then, Andy screams about how they’ve got ten minutes before service and the diners cheer in the background.

Jock screams that they’ve got five minutes left, and Andy yells for Simon to write his chalkboard up.

“Can someone help me with spelling?” he asks the diners. “Ok, ‘lamb’? Haha, no, I know that one.”
I’m not a fan of Simon, but that was pretty alright.

It’s time for the diners to start, and they all rush over to a tent.

“You go, Queen Bee,” Reece says to Laura.
“I’ve never been called Queen Bee before,” she replies.
“You’ve never been around so many gay people before,” he says.
Laura, Reece and Khanh all laugh, and I’m living (links are to articles referencing and about their sexualities, open in new tab).
So, I know that Reece, Khanh, and Courtney are all LGBTQIA+, but if there are any more, let me know, because I love me the gays lmao.

Meanwhile in the orange tent, Jock yells at Simon that they’re too slow. Simon says that it’s hard with one less person at the moment.

The diners are all popping a squat, eating al fresco on the grass.

First to taste is the Purple Team with corn (image one), smoked porterhouse (image two) and donuts (image three).

The judges say the corn needed more seasoning, the porterhouse was cooked perfectly, and the donuts were delicious.

Next to taste is Orange Team with their three dishes (image one). Their entree is prawns with Salsa Verde (image two), main of Lamb with a Baba Ginnoush (image three) and for dessert, Caramelised Banana with Dolce Cream (image four).

Despite concerns, both from the service and the bananas, all were delicious, and hard to beat.

Finally, the Yellow Team. Their three dishes (image one) are Charcoal Chicken and Grain Salad (image two), Firepit Beef with Chimichurri (image three), and Doughnuts with Rum Cream and Charred Pineapple, a play on Pina Colada (image four).

The chicken is good, but the judges comment that the portion of chicken seems small on some people, like a bit of thigh and that’s all, which is a shame because it’s so lovely.
They don’t really like the beef, not enough flavour.
However, the doughnuts are cooked perfectly and very tasty, the flavour better than the purple team.

Overall, they liked the dishes from each team, and it’s a great effort – not one dish they would consider a bad dish.


It’s time for the results, but first, Andy makes everyone high five each other, which isn’t very social distancing haha

He tells them they all did a great job, and one team did the best menu, which the public loved. Whose cuisine reigns supreme?
Congrats to the orange team for being spectacular.

But now it’s time for the worst – the ones who will be facing elimination in tomorrow’s episode.
Jock roasts them more than the purple team roasted their corn, but ultimately yellow was the worst today.

Andy tells them to go home and take a breath.

Everyone’s applauded and they’re removed from St Kilda.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E05 – Recap

Well, the recap ended up being later than I expected, but it be like that sometimes.

Here’s the plan: this recap tonight, afterwards, I watch tonight’s episode, and post that this evening as well if I can. I also want to go out and get gelato but the gelato place closes at 9, so let’s see how I do.

It’s elimination today, and on Thursday, Callum won the only immunity. The only other person who can avoid cooking tonight is Dani if she uses her immunity pin from the first episode.

The judges are waiting for the contestants to arrive, wearing pretty standard them clothing. Mel is looking fab as always, Jock has a bit of a Matt Preston-esque suit, and making use of the clothes Ten bought for George for this season, Andy is dressed in a basic button down with a jacket on top.

The contestants come in, their first time in black this season, and see Gordon’s present waiting for them on the benches.

First things first, they ask Dani if she’ll use her pin, and she decides not to.

Ben M takes a guess as to what it could be, a ticket to England to go to his restaurant. Courtney guesses tea, and Sarah C (Carah?) guesses a meat pie.

Jock tells them what’s happening – Gordon has left them the gift of time.

They have 90 minutes, but it’s a two round challenge. They can use as much as they’d like in round one, but if they’re in round two, they only have the remaining time.

Immediately, Poh decides to take a big risk and use all 90 minutes straight away in round one.

Poh is a queen and I will defend her until my death

“I did it in season one,” Poh laughs, “and I’m doing it again.”

Andy tells them they have full use of the pantry to do whatever kind of dish they like. Once they’ve finished, they pause the timer, bring their dish up and get tasted straight away. There’s the chance that if the dish is excellent, they’ll be sent upstairs with Callum straight away and avoid round two. Eighteen people will be safe from round one.
The bottom five dishes will go to the second round to cook again with whatever time difference is on the clock.

In unison, or as close as they can get, I guess, Andy leads the contestants in starting their time. Once they press the timer, they run to the pantry.

Andy starts the timer with the contestants.

As people run back, Mel and Andy watch as Ben M runs back, holding onto a fish and a basket of ingredients.

“I like the look of that!” Mel exclaims, before realising she and Andy are watching as he walks back to his bench, ass on display. “The food, not the, ya know…”

She laughs as Andy pulls a face at her shenanigans. This is the content I’m here for, stuff we didn’t get with Georgie, Matt and Gaz.

Mel turns away with a laugh, Andy not believing that this is his life now.

The judges go around to find out what they’re cooking and how long it will take for them.

Cooking happens, and I start colouring a picture of a hummingbird, a butterfly, and a flower.

Finally, the judges come over and see Poh who says she’s creating a lychee strawberry chiffon cake.

“I’m going all in,” she says.

“So, how many minutes?” Jock asks.


Andy and Jock pause in disbelief, and tell her she’s the only one doing that. If it doesn’t work, she’s out.

Jock and Andy get the news that Poh will use all her minutes in round one on her cake.

The focus is heavily on Poh, how she needs to use all ninety minutes, how she normally takes around 3-4 hours to make this cake, and how hopefully chucking it in the blast freezer will help it.

So, the food is a bit of a mess, some people get photos with a caption, some don’t, it’s a bit of a speed run, and honestly I’m not overly interested in each persons dish. I cannot even stress how much focus is on Poh throughout the cook – she has the most airtime by far. So much, in fact, that my partner was certain that she’ll be going home tonight.

With six minutes to spare, Poh finishes her cake and brings it up. Below are three pictures of the Chiffon strawberry and lychee cake.

Andy devours his slice and tells Poh that he doesn’t even like cake, but he loves this one. Jock and Mel speak very highly of it and tell her it’s a technically flawless cake and she should be very proud.

Safe to say, Poh’s safe.


It’s time for the results. The worst five dishes will be in the second round, and everyone else is safe.

The worst, and their times remaining to the nearest minute, are:

  1. Chris – 60 mins (starting first)
  2. Lynton – 44mins (starting third)
  3. Hayden – 42 mis (starting fourth)
  4. Rose – 36 mins (starting fifth and last)
  5. Courtney – 56 minutes (starting second)

This is the deciding round, and one will be going home.

Again, they can cook whatever they want.

Time starts, and Chris runs to the pantry.


Chris decides to make a cheesecake that his grandmother and mum both made, that usually takes an hour in the oven, so he’s got to get cracking.

Next is Courtney who decides to do a roasted cauliflower steak with various other elements that we’ll see at the tasting, and the judges are excited to see the results.

Lynton gets ready to start, bouncing, as Mel describes, like a boxer ready for the fight. His dish for round two is a crab based dish, I don’t really understand.

Fourth is Hayden, who runs to get the ingredients, while Rose is stressing out about not starting yet.

When she finally gets to go, she’s quick to get ready for her roasted smoked eggplant.

It’s the usual stress of the last bit of the cook, worried it won’t be ready in time, but fortunately everyone is done and plated by the end of time.


It’s time to taste, and today the judges are around a round table.

Lynton is first to be tasted.

Blue Swimmer Crab with Buckwheat and Grilled Asparagus

First up, Andy says it’s looking quite beige, but it’s all about the flavour at the end of the day.
“Lynton, Lynton, Lynton,” Jock mutters after the first taste.
His dish is super bland.
“I think he’s in trouble for this one,” Jock says.

Next is Hayden.

Squid Carbonara

“It’s all down to how the squid is cooked,” Jock says, and they dig in.
After eating, Andy says, “I love that.”
They agree that it’s a great dish, and the squid is beautifully cooked, seasoning spot on.

Up next is Chris. I’m not a fan of him since Tuesday when he couldn’t cut the pork properly even though he’s the “Meat King”.

Basque Cheesecake with a Fino Cream and an Orange Caramel

They say the cheesecake might be too short, but let’s see.
“You know what,” Jock says, as he cuts it up, “it’s cooked very nicely.”
Tasting time, and everyone seems to enjoy their portion.
“It’s beautiful,” Jock says.
Mel enjoys how beautifully it all comes together.

It’s Courtney’s turn.

Roasted Cauliflower with Tarator and a Harissa Sauce

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I’m keen as a bean to have someone who has a partner named Sophie on the show, and I’m ready to support her haha.

Straight off the bat, the judges love what they’ve been giving.
Mel describes it as comic book food, “Zing, pop, pow!”
All round, they love it.

Finally, Rose with Smoked Eggplant with Pomegranate Molasses and Flat Bread.

Jock says, “I like it, I don’t love it.”
Honestly, that sums up all of their thoughts.


It’s time for the results, and someone is going home.

I’m not doing the whole, “If I say you’re name, you’re safe.”

Lynton is out, auf weidersehen, good luck with everything.

I’m going to get gelato and then do the next recap lmao.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E04 – Recap

First things first, my apologies for the delay. This episode aired on Thursday and I’m posting Sunday morning. Working as an essential worker at the moment is a bit tough, and my hours have been a bit over the shop, so Thursday and Friday were late finishes, and after work on Saturday, I just wanted to chill for a bit. So I watched the episode and wrote the recap on Saturday night, but will post on Sunday so I can go to bed haha!
As a result, this recap is a bit shorter than usual, and probably not my best, so I do apologise, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless, and let’s get pumped for the first elimination challenge tonight!

Also, I just want to take a moment to fangirl and say that Jock liked my tweet! That was pretty exciting, especially as I was working a big day and the second half of my day was a bit tough so it was a fabulous little surprise.

I hope you’re keeping safe and looking after yourself.


The judges and Gordon wait for the contestants to arrive. Andy is in black pants with a white tee and a peach button down shirt, or maybe like a little jacket, who’s to say.
Mel is wearing black pants with a red stripe down the side, a white shirt, and red shoes. I’m a fan, I’m living for it.
Jock’s wearing a blue suit, and I like it, very sharp.
Standing in his chef whites is Gordon. Upon seeing his outfit, Lynton is freaking out.

The winners of yesterday’s challenge, Sarah, Lynton and Callum, are fighting for the only immunity for Sunday’s elimination, so they’re ready to bring their all.

The judges tell them they’ll be cooking with Gordon, and have ten seconds after he finishes the dish to finish theirs.

Everyone freaks out a bit and the cooking commences.

We the audience get a sneak peek of what the dish will look like:

Here’s one he prepared earlier.

Sarah gets very flustered early on and starts to fall behind as Gordon preps the fish and fillets it and stuff, I don’t know anything about fish. She says she’s, “butchering this fish.”
At one stage, when they have to flip the fish, Sarah flips it earlier than Gordon as she felt it would get overcooked otherwise as her fillet is smaller than his.

Callum finds the dish a bit tough, but keeps running over to Gordon’s bench to see what he’s doing.
Meanwhile, Lynton is cool and collected, just going with the flow.

And, to be absolutely honest, that’s the entire cook.

Again, no drama, no crying, no-one missed an element, and as someone who doesn’t care for cooking and enjoys the MasterChef tears, there wasn’t a lot of stuff to watch, so I did some colouring in while the cooking happened.
It’s a seahorse with some seaweed around it, so I did most of the seaweed and coloured the background blue. It’s very nice. I think I’ll do the seahorse orange, red, and yellow, and the fish purple and pink. But I digress.


The main components of the dish is a minestrone type soup, in that it’s vegetables and some seafood stuff, a fillet of fish with egg whites holding down discs of potato, some fennel and a macadamia nut puree.
Here’s the one Gordon made:

Sitting at the traditional secret table are the judges, and they split up Gordon’s food to try it before trying the contestants attempts.

They’re ready to eat some fish!

First up is Callum.

Callum’s attempt at Gordon’s dish.

The judges love it and say it’s very close to Gordon’s. They have very little negative to say until…

“I hear what you’re all saying,” Andy says, “but I can’t over look this.”

Andy holds up the offending bone, the reason Callum might not get immunity this week…

He holds up a little bone, and dramatic music plays.

They talk about how this bone could be crucial, it just depends on how the dish stacks up with the others.

Next is Sarah.

They say she needs some more fennel, and unfortunately, the bottom of the fish is more brown than the top.

“She flipped it early,” one of the boys says, completely throwing her under the bus to Gordon.
Like, yes she did, but she didn’t want to burn the top, and sure it could have used some more colour but she’d never even seen the dish before.
Gordon gives some tips as to how she could have avoided a brown bottom.

Other than that, they enjoy it. So between her and Callum, it’s overcooked fish or a bone.

Finally, Lynton.

Again, they enjoy it and say the puree is a bit better than Callums, however the vegetables are undercooked.

They discuss what is worse, what is tolerable, and who will win.

It’s time for the decision.


The judges come out (good for them) to the three and the rest of the contestants to deliver the results.

They say they can put a bone aside and finish the fish, but the others would sour the mood of the dish, or words to that effect, so Callum is the winner of immunity and won’t cook on Sunday.

Before anyone can say good bye to Gordon, he says he has a gift for them.

He gives the box to Mel and tells her not to open it until Sunday at the elimination. She gives him her word.

And that’s the episode.

Look, not my finest, but I’ve also had two coffees and an energy drink today, so I’m happy enough for the time being. Sunday’s recap will be better, and hopefully more dramatic.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E03 – Recap

We ended last night on a Jock created cliff hanger – the green team, despite winning the group challenge, are not safe from elimination.

The contestants arrive and come into the kitchen to see the judges and Gordon looking fab. Behind them, benches are set up in U’s.

This year, only one person will be safe from elimination, bar Dani, of course, until she uses her pin.

Based on what we know of the format (see the end of recap one of season 12 for all the deets), Thursday is the immunity challenge where one person will get immunity for the coming Sunday, then Sunday someone is eliminated. I wouldn’t be surprised if this week is the standard format, but swapping like Monday and Tuesday around.
Ugh, listen to me just speculating, I’ve been critiqued for my wild speculation in the past.

Finally, we find out what’s going to happen to yesterday’s green team. They’ll be working in teams of three to do a team relay challenge. The winning trio will go in tomorrow for immunity.

Each person will make either the entree, main, or dessert, but they have to swap around every 20 minutes or so as dictated by the judges and work on each others meal.

The judges then demonstrate what would happen.

Team one is Poh, Tessa, and Khanh who decide to go for an Asian flavoured trio of meals.

Team two is Sarah T, Hayden and Ben who are incorporating honey into all their dishes.

Team three is Simon, Amina and Rose using Middle Eastern flavours.

Finally, Sarah C, Callum, and Lynton decide to use Indigenous ingredients.

From left to right, team one, team two, team three and team four.

Time starts and they’re given an hour.


Look, I’m going to be absolutely honest with you, I don’t really care about the cooking component of the show, and I’d put in some tweets today, but there was COVID related issues at my place tonight (am not sick, don’t worry) so I didn’t feel like keeping an eye on twitter

If you read my recaps last year, you’ll know I skip over this section unless something particularly saucy happens. That’ll be no different to this year.

Yesterday was particularly saucy – Gordon was yelling, Chris didn’t cut up pork properly, and Poh and Rose broke tart shells left right and centre.

Honestly, watching today’s episode felt rather anti-climatic. Everyone’s working well in teams, but here are the particularly saucy highlights:

Khanh takes the duck out of the oven and looks at the temp. Judge Jock rushes over to see how the fowl’s going.

“It’s at 44 degrees,” Jock reports back to the other judges, and they watch as the duck is returned to the oven.

Later, he pulls it out and cuts it open. Gordon runs over to see what it looks like inside. As he walks back, he gives an ‘ok’ hand sign to the judges, and says, “perfect.”

And that was pretty much it. There was no yelling, no crying, and no drama. Everything ran pretty smooth, which is great for the contestants, great for my anxiety, but not the most fun thing I’ve seen on MasterChef this week.

Anyway, the hour flys by and soon it’s time to taste.

Oh, actually, just quickly, Gordon promised Rose he’d come work at her cafe in Adelaide, and she said her mum will make him lunch, etc. It was pretty funny, bit cute.


First to taste is the Asian flavours with Poh, Tessa and Khanh.

The trio of dishes presented by team one.

Mel says the execution and technique of Poh’s dessert was flawless and elevated.
The duck is cooked perfectly and the fat rendered, as said by Mel, Gordon, Jock, and Andy.
Andy said that each dish is so them individually and they’ve set the bar so high by being so in sync they could start a band.

Next is the honey group with Sarah T, Hayden and Ben.

The dishes presented by the honey group.

Mel tells them that she was nervous having three dishes based in honey, however they were subtle enough that it wasn’t overpowering and it was nice.
Jock said the honey ice-cream has legend status. He has a few critiques on the asparagus, saying the honey needed to be burnt more.
Gordon says the fell into a honey comfort zone, but said Hayden didn’t look comfortable with it, and for them to only cook what everyone feels comfortable with cooking.

Simon, Amina and Rose are next with their Middle Eastern cuisine.

Mel says that the foods all look so generous and vibrant.
They all are eager to dig into each course.
Jock and Mel say it’s perfectly cooked and Gordon agrees – it was delicious, and doesn’t it look it?

Finally, Sarah C, Callum and Lynton come up with their meals with Indigenous ingredients.

Jock says it’s cooked wonderfully and calls every dish delicious.
Both Andy and Gordon spoke highly of the calamari.
Gordon goes on to say that the spatchcock was the best thing he ate tonight.
Overall, they call them delicious.

It’s time for a decision.

The winning team is the Indigenous flavours with Sarah C, Callum and Lynton, so tomorrow they’ll be in the immunity challenge to fight it out for the one safe spot on Sunday.

“Have a cup of tea, be good to each other,” Jock says before they all leave.

Good advice given the current circumstances.
Stay safe, and I’ll see you tomorrow.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E02 – Recap

In traditional MasterChef style, the contestants arrive in their black cars and cruise up to the front doors. They exit, greet each other, and walk in, to find the three judges and Gordon Ramsay waiting for them.

Jock is wearing a stylish black suit with a pink shirt and pocket square, Andy in a simple and casual blue button down, Gordon in his chef whites, and Mel is wearing a cute white dress with a lil pattern on it. Super cute.

The contestants stand in a mass in front of the four hot shots, and look nervously at the surprise awaiting them.

Gordon tells them he’ll be running a service today.

As the contestants ooh and aah about it, Jock, Andy and Mel get stuck into the deets.

They’ll be cooking for 120 people today, and will have only two and a half hours before the food leaves the pass. Each team will have a captain. They’ll be cooking three meals – entree, main, dessert – and each team will need to split into three teams. Once the last plate leaves the kitchen, the cooks responsible for that dish must leave the kitchen as well.

They also have three ingredients to incorporate into each dish – black garlic, potatoes, and ginger – so like black garlic in entree, potato in main, ginger in dessert, for example.

The losing team is in this Sunday’s elimination.

Time starts, and the contestants rush to get the captains chosen.


The green team choses Amina as captain. Entree is Khanh, Sarah C, Tessa and Simon (potato rosti). For mains, Ben, Layton, Hayden and Callum (lamb strap using the garlic). The dessert team is Poh, Sarah T and Rose (brûlée tart using the ginger).

Ben is thrown in as the captain for the blue team. Emelia, Harry, and Laura are entree (beef carpaccio using the garlic. For mains is Brendan, Chris, Courtney and Dani (pork belly using the potato). Dessert is Reynold, Jess, Reece and Tracy (Thyme, ginger and yuzu, I don’t know – a Reynold creation).

Cooking commences and I zone out for a bit, waiting for the drama.

Gordon talks to Ben that they’ll need a minimum of 14 pieces per pork belly and will need like 5 bellies to get over 60. Ben says they’ll work to do 16 portions for each belly and go for 4 bellies.

Gordon tells the green team that rosti for entree is a bit basic and way behind what the blue team are doing.

Blah blah blah, everything keeps doing whatever they’re doing, I don’t care.

Talking in the corner, Gordon and the judges discuss how basic the green team sound and go over the menu.

The blue team shows their entree and there’s something brown at the bottom and it honestly looks revolting. Luckily, Gordon likes it.

Gordon looks at the rosti by the green team. it’s grey and gloopy.

Reynold is in his own little world mixing shit with liquid nitrogen. Savoury ingredients.

The 120 guests all walk in and Gordon says they have 10 minutes before the first entree goes out.

Blue team start with their vomit burnt shallot sauce and beef.

As the entrees are still happening, Chris starts carving up the pork. Gordon sees this and freaks out.

“It’s not a banquet, it’s a restaurant,” he tells Chris, telling him how the pork will just dry out.

The judges enjoy the blue teams entree.

Beef Carpaccio. Burnt Onion, Black Garlic.

Next is the green entree. The hashbrown/rosti comes out and Jock says it looks like a fish finger.

Smoked Snapper. Potato Cake and Tamara.

The middle is mushy, and he says it’s because they washed the starch out of the potato so it’s not meshing together. He says it’s yuck.
Mel says she likes the idea of the rosti but the execution is bad.
Andy agrees

As Poh is preparing for the dessert, the tart shells start to break. This is drama and a half, and she’s freaking out, the others are freaking out, and Amina asks for another full tray of shells.

“We’ve broken more than we can,” Poh says, realising they won’t have enough for service.

Thinking quick, Poh has to keep making more shells as the last of the entrees go out.

The entree groups are evicted from the kitchen, sent to watch everyone from the roof.

It’s time for mains.

Lamb Back Strap. Black Garlic Sauce

Ooh greens mains start going out first, and it looks really nice.
Mel says, “I’m really happy with the degree of done-ness.”
Overall, they enjoy the meal, and the lamb is well cooked.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen:
“How long?” Gordon asks the blue team. They all look up with him with a blank stare.

Finally, it’s time for the blue mains.

Pork Belly. Cauliflower and Potato Puree.

Ooh yum, I love me a pork belly and some crispy crackling.
Andy goes for a gob-full.
They say that while the pork is cooked well, it’s a large portion and the crackling cracks, the potato puree is not good at all.

Mel points out that this has been two bad potato dishes, this puree and the rosti.

Then, Gordon notices that the portions of the pork are getting smaller and it’s not good. He says the cut needs to be thicker, or two slices, because it’s not good enough. Seeing the big sizes earlier, you’d be pissed off when a measly piece comes out.

When you think they can redeem themselves, Gordon asks how much pork belly they have left.


Gordon calls a team meeting and says there is one pork belly for 9 more tables – 36 people, and they’ve got enough pork for eight portions.

Upstairs, the entree people are concerned, watching as Gordon demands the waste be brought out, and tries to scrape together something to serve. They’re too deep into service to cook anything else.

Ben’s sitting there regretting not listening to Gordon at the beginning of service, and wondering how Chris wasn’t cutting good portions.

“I can’t run out to a table and say, ‘Excuse me, you got too much and I need some for later’,” Ben tells us.

Reynold is now carving pork? I guess main is more concerning right now.

God, I’m so glad I’m not there. I’m feeling anxious just watching this at home, I couldn’t handle being there.

Times like this makes me glad I can’t cook – no-one can try and convince me to apply to MasterChef.

Poh tells Amina what’s happening. She’s super frazzled, it’s a mess.
Look, this isn’t a dig at Poh at all because I love her and she’s a queen, but season one is a completely different show to what season 11 was. The first challenge of season one was cutting onions and the finale was the croquembouche, and now if you can’t do a croquembouche, why are you applying to MasterChef? It’s a whole new world, I can understand why she’s frazzled to be honest.

Finally, the mains are done for blue and they’re banished to the balcony, leaving Ben to assist Reynold and the gang on dessert.

“Where are the waiters?” Gordon asks, wanting to get these desserts out. “They’re more sparser than the pork bellies.”
ICONIC!! I laughed aloud, what a blessing this man is.

The blue dessert heads to the judges.

Ginger, Yuzu, Thyme and Honey.

Both Jock and Andy don’t like the thyme in there and call it too floral. Mel and Andy say the ginger is very subtle.
Aww this is a shame, especially after yesterday.

Next is the green dessert.

Spiced Ginger Brulee.

They like Poh’s tart, it’s “almost Christmas-y,” Mel says.

Jock likes it, although calls the custard is soggy.
“It’s a shame, because it tastes fantastic,” he says.

Andy calls this flavour town, but the blue dish more technically precise.

As desserts end, so does the challenge, and it’s time for the deliberations.


The judges critique the entrees. The rosti was yuck.
One nil to the blue.

Mains next. The pork was inconsistent and the puree was bad. The green main was delicious.
One all.

It all comes down to the dessert.

Blue team, while technically flawless, didn’t have a great taste and missed the ginger. The green team were more flawed, but the pastry was perfect and the flavours great.
Therefore the green team win.


So, the blue team will be in for elimination on Sunday.

But before they can go, Jock says one last thing…

“You guys are not quite out of the woods yet,” he says to the green team. “This week, the winning team isn’t automatically safe from elimination. In fact, only one of you will be safe. You’ll find out more tomorrow.”

They’re all dismissed, leaving us to wonder what will happen.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

You can read last years recaps here.

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