MasterChef Aus S12E10 – Recap

Thursday night was the immunity challenge and Sarah T won, which means that tonight in the elimination, Sarah is safe. Dani still has her pin so she can play it if she chooses. Who will go home? Let’s find out together.


The contestants come into the kitchen to find the judges not there, and a large screen set up in their place. Behind the screen are benches.

“What’s with the TV?” a lot, pretty much everyone, calls out when they enter and see it.

Everyone walk’s towards the screen with the MasterChef logo displayed.

Once they’ve all gathered, Andy appears on the screen.

Andy walks the streets.

Each judge comes on one by one to walk the contestants through their ‘Day on a Plate’.

Andy starts with a coffee and a croissant. (“Are we making croissants?” someone asks.)
Next, he goes out for a taco.
Finally, he BBQ’s himself a steak with like, I don’t know, broccolini with ancovies and oil.

Mel starts her day with a coffee, seeing some puppies on the way, and getting a cake.
She and her girlfriend (I actually hate when straight women do that, but that’s not a conversation for here) have a salad.
Then, Mel goes to see her husband and cat and have pasta.

Jock also starts off with a coffee and a brekkie roll.
He’s got a commercial pasta machine and makes shells with his son. Jock smothers the shells in cheese and I love it.

I think that’s his entire day.

Andy comes out saying, “Ooh, some confused faces down there!” before calling them down to the other end with the benches.

Like the pied piper

Waiting for them, in their usual sort of get up, very fancy, very nice, is Jock and Mel.


They’re standing in front of three pantries.

“Before we get into what just happened,” Andy starts, before asking if Dani will play the pin or not.

Dani decides to cook, leaving just Sarah T to head upstairs on her own.

The ingredients used to make all the food they ate in the video are in the pantries.

First is Jock.

Mostly bread, seasoning, pasta ingredients, milk and HP sauce, it’s a simple Jock pantry.

Then Andy.

Vibrant, vegetables, ready for a taco in Andy’s pantry.

And finally, Mel.

I couldn’t get a good shot, but Mel talks about how she’s got the ingredients for sweet dishes thanks to her cake breakfast, but healthy things too, from lunch and dinner.

The contestants are given the rules: they’ll have 75 minutes to cook whatever they want – sweet or savoury.
They have the combined three pantries to use. They do not have staples under their benches, they do not have any other ingredients to use bar what is up there at the moment from the judges, which means no usual pantry or the garden.

This is the only cook for today, so the least impressive dish is going home.

Sarah goes upstairs and time starts.


It’s mayhem, and everyone is crammed into the ingredients, trying to get anything they can get their hands on.

It looks like Carah (Sarah C) grabbed something just to snack on, which is big mood to be honest haha.

Reynold will be doing a simple dessert.

I zone out for most of the cooking, nothing is overly interesting to me.

Finally, time ticks down and it’s almost time! The food is looking amazing, and I’m excited to see the final products.


It’s tasting time! I suspect that most will not have the caption at the bottom, so I’ll endeavour to do as I did for the Mystery Box challenge – show all the meals, but the ones without a caption just in, like, a slide show of all the dishes.

First is Poh with her vanilla slice.

Orange Vanilla Mille-Feuille

“Unbelievable,” Jock says.
“It’s the way it shatters that matters,” Mel says, before complimenting how great Poh is, and how nail bitting her cooking can be.

Next is Brendan.

BiangBiang Noodles with Cumin Beef

Mel struggles for a minute with how long the noodles are, but calls it a smack in the face with flavour, she loves it.
Jock calls it bang on, and the flavour is pinging in his mouth.
Andy is getting a bit heated up, and his top lip is a bit oof.

Next is Dani.

Beef Taco with Tomatillo Pica de Gallo and Jalapeno Sauce

Aiming to do an elevated street food to a fine dining taco, Dani is worried about going home with her immunity pin.

Andy says her tortilla is too thick and not cooked through, which you can taste. Apart from that, he does love the flavour. He wants to love the taco, but that tortilla is just not there.
“It’s almost there,” Mel says.

It’s Jess with a Smoked Vanilla Ice Cream and a Chocolate Tule and Cherries.

Andy calls it great, and it’s time for the next dish.

Each image coresponds with the order of the names here: Simon, Chris, Sarah C, Khanh, Laura, Tessa, Harry, Callum,

Big Ben U, or Bun, brings his Ice-Cream for Breakfast.

“It does look like something you’d have in the morning,” Jock says, to absolute laughter from every contestant and judge.
“Is that why you’re called Big Ben?”

It was only when I went back to go over it that I understood the joke… I guess I’m too gay haha


Andy tells them all to pull it in, and they taste the dish.

Jock makes another dick joke, but says he enjoys it, and that’s the dish.

It’s time for Reynold, and wow!

Whipped Chocolate Ganache with Ice Cream, Crumble, Jam and Meringue

Everyone is surprised with how much he got done in 75 minutes.

Instead of saying anything, Jock, Mel and Andy go over and hug him, it’s just that good. It sure does look hug worthy.

Jock talks about everything he loves, which is every element.
“I feel privileged to eat it,” Mel says.
“It’s probably right up there with dish of the competition,” Andy tells him.

Now, it’s time for Rose.

Peaches and Cream

Rose was worried her panna cotta wouldn’t set in time, so she’s not sure if it has or not.
Thankfully, it’s set perfectly.

They don’t like the dish at all, and they’re disappointed in the result. Andy says he wants her to just pack flavour, and this isn’t one of her best.

It’s Hayden’s turn, and he provides a beer to each of the judges.

Chilaquiles Verdes with Avocado Crema and Peach Hot Sauce.

The judges say the sauces should have been hotter, and it’s a shame the chips were from a packet and not hand made.

Next is Bem (Ben M).

BBQ Salmon Fillet with Walnut Cream and Sauce Vierge

It is a bit overcooked, but as they eat, Jock says the tail is actually really over and says it looks like tinned salmon.

The judges said the walnut cream had a good texture but was too acidic.
Jock said it was at the bottom end of the food they’d had today.

Amina time.

Adana Beef Kebab with Avocado Toum, Tomato Salad and Flatbread

Amin isn’t very happy with what she’s done.

“I know you know that kebab isn’t quite right,” Andy starts. “It’s quite soft and mushy inside. But, oh my god there is some flavour on that food!”
“The kebab is a bit floury, but I almost don’t care,” Mel says, ecstatic with the flavours.
Jock agrees with the flavour, and absolutely enjoys it, even though the kebab isn’t quite right.

And that concludes tasting.


The top three are Reynold, Tessa, and Bredan, having smashed it right out of the park.

But the bottom two are… Rose and Bem (Ben M).

Jock says they both had problems but at opposite ends of the spectrum.
Unfortunately, Ben’s acidity was so bad that no-one could finish, which means he’s going home.

“It’s tough to say, but it wasn’t your day today,” friend Andy says, before telling him everyone will miss him but to leave.

Andy and Ben hug and share admiration for each other, and I’ve just realised that Mel isn’t wearing a dress, it’s a jumpsuit? Amazing.

There’s no ‘Where are they now?’ this season, which is a bit sad, but it be what it be.

And we’ll be back tomorrow for a team challenge.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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