MasterChef Aus S12E09 – Recap

After yesterday’s Mystery Box, the winners, Reynold, Bun, Laura, Sarah T, and Khanh, are fighting for the only immunity spot on Sunday.

Also tonight is a MasterClass, and I don’t care for that at all, so once this episode is over, I’m out.


Here they come!
They all look fab! I really like Mel’s skirt, and how good is that green on Jock?

This immunity challenge will go over two rounds.
Round one is a taste test. Each contestant will have to chose a judge and stand in front of them. Each dish contains exactly 24 ingredients. They’ll have to guess as many as they can. They have to chose one of the dishes. However, they won’t know what he dish is until they chose a judge.

Standing in front of Mel is Sarah T and Khanh. Their dish is a pie.

Mel’s pie dish

Both Khanh and Sarah are like, “Wait, what?? A pie?”

In front of Jock is Laura (no surprise). His dish is a pasta.

Jock’s pasta

Laura is super excited and says she has this in the bag.

Finally, in front of Andy is Bun and Reynold, and they have a curry.

Andy’s curry

They’re both a bit nervous, and Bun is especially concerned for himself.

Jock tells them the rest of the rules:
They’ll taste their dish and have five minutes to write down a maximum of 24 ingredients – no more.
They’ll all cook in round 2 – however well they do is how much time they’ll get. First is 75, then 60, 50, 40, then 30.

The best dish of round 2 misses elimination this Sunday.

The contestants are sent to their benches where a notepad and their dish is waiting for them.


Khanh and Sarah find that the pie is a curry pie, so they’re excited to give it a guess.

Laura realises this is probably the hardest of the dishes, and scrambles to get the last 12.

Bun and Reynold both suspect the curry protein is chicken, but suddenly Reynold realises it’s a fish.


They show the contestants the ingredients in their dishes before telling them how much they got right.

Jock’s dish ingredients.
Mel’s ingredients.
Andy’s ingredients.

Khanh got 16 with 75 minutes.
Sarah got 15 with 60 minutes
Laura got 14 with 50 mins.
Reynold got 14 with 50 as well.
Bun got 8 with 40.

They can cook anything they like, but only with the ingredients in the dish they tasted.

Nothing really interesting happens in the cook, and honestly I’m kinda done with this episode, I’ve got a bit of a headache going on, and I have cleaning to do, so let’s get straight to the tasting.


First up is Bun who had 40 minutes and Andy’s pantry.

Steamed Blue-Eye Sambal Uleke and Blistered Tomatoes

The judges love the flavours and say he should cook from his heritage more often.

Next is Laura with 50 minutes and Jock’s pantry.

Green Garganelli with Braised Greens and Pancetta

This is another dish they love, and enjoy how the simpleness is part of the technique.

It’s Reynold’s turn, who also had 50 minutes and had Andy’s pantry.

Confit Blue-Eye with Charred Onions and Red Curry

They also enjoyed his dish and enjoy when he doesn’t just do desserts.

Next is Khanh who had Mel’s pantry and the big 75 minutes.

Beef Coconut Curry

While it was very elegant, they felt it didn’t hit the flavour as they would have liked.

Finally, Sarah T.

Lemongrass Coriander Beef with Coconut Sambal and Tomatoes

They absolutely love the dish and call it a winner, before deciding to tell everyone the verdict.


One dish stood out from the rest, and they’re quick to say that Sarah did amazing, so she’s safe from elimination on Sunday.

But there were two honourable mentions. Laura, any other day and it would have won, and Ben, who should start all his cooks at 40 minutes.

And that concludes the episode, except the MasterClass, but that’s not for me haha, so I’m going to finish cleaning my room and putting my clothes away.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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  1. Reading your recaps is like watching it myself, especially the bits about what you are eating or going to eat and what other jobs you should be doing, or will do during the cook! Actually I love your recaps so much I don’t actually watch the show now, I just wait for your recap😂


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