MasterChef Aus S12E04 – Recap

First things first, my apologies for the delay. This episode aired on Thursday and I’m posting Sunday morning. Working as an essential worker at the moment is a bit tough, and my hours have been a bit over the shop, so Thursday and Friday were late finishes, and after work on Saturday, I just wanted to chill for a bit. So I watched the episode and wrote the recap on Saturday night, but will post on Sunday so I can go to bed haha!
As a result, this recap is a bit shorter than usual, and probably not my best, so I do apologise, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless, and let’s get pumped for the first elimination challenge tonight!

Also, I just want to take a moment to fangirl and say that Jock liked my tweet! That was pretty exciting, especially as I was working a big day and the second half of my day was a bit tough so it was a fabulous little surprise.

I hope you’re keeping safe and looking after yourself.


The judges and Gordon wait for the contestants to arrive. Andy is in black pants with a white tee and a peach button down shirt, or maybe like a little jacket, who’s to say.
Mel is wearing black pants with a red stripe down the side, a white shirt, and red shoes. I’m a fan, I’m living for it.
Jock’s wearing a blue suit, and I like it, very sharp.
Standing in his chef whites is Gordon. Upon seeing his outfit, Lynton is freaking out.

The winners of yesterday’s challenge, Sarah, Lynton and Callum, are fighting for the only immunity for Sunday’s elimination, so they’re ready to bring their all.

The judges tell them they’ll be cooking with Gordon, and have ten seconds after he finishes the dish to finish theirs.

Everyone freaks out a bit and the cooking commences.

We the audience get a sneak peek of what the dish will look like:

Here’s one he prepared earlier.

Sarah gets very flustered early on and starts to fall behind as Gordon preps the fish and fillets it and stuff, I don’t know anything about fish. She says she’s, “butchering this fish.”
At one stage, when they have to flip the fish, Sarah flips it earlier than Gordon as she felt it would get overcooked otherwise as her fillet is smaller than his.

Callum finds the dish a bit tough, but keeps running over to Gordon’s bench to see what he’s doing.
Meanwhile, Lynton is cool and collected, just going with the flow.

And, to be absolutely honest, that’s the entire cook.

Again, no drama, no crying, no-one missed an element, and as someone who doesn’t care for cooking and enjoys the MasterChef tears, there wasn’t a lot of stuff to watch, so I did some colouring in while the cooking happened.
It’s a seahorse with some seaweed around it, so I did most of the seaweed and coloured the background blue. It’s very nice. I think I’ll do the seahorse orange, red, and yellow, and the fish purple and pink. But I digress.


The main components of the dish is a minestrone type soup, in that it’s vegetables and some seafood stuff, a fillet of fish with egg whites holding down discs of potato, some fennel and a macadamia nut puree.
Here’s the one Gordon made:

Sitting at the traditional secret table are the judges, and they split up Gordon’s food to try it before trying the contestants attempts.

They’re ready to eat some fish!

First up is Callum.

Callum’s attempt at Gordon’s dish.

The judges love it and say it’s very close to Gordon’s. They have very little negative to say until…

“I hear what you’re all saying,” Andy says, “but I can’t over look this.”

Andy holds up the offending bone, the reason Callum might not get immunity this week…

He holds up a little bone, and dramatic music plays.

They talk about how this bone could be crucial, it just depends on how the dish stacks up with the others.

Next is Sarah.

They say she needs some more fennel, and unfortunately, the bottom of the fish is more brown than the top.

“She flipped it early,” one of the boys says, completely throwing her under the bus to Gordon.
Like, yes she did, but she didn’t want to burn the top, and sure it could have used some more colour but she’d never even seen the dish before.
Gordon gives some tips as to how she could have avoided a brown bottom.

Other than that, they enjoy it. So between her and Callum, it’s overcooked fish or a bone.

Finally, Lynton.

Again, they enjoy it and say the puree is a bit better than Callums, however the vegetables are undercooked.

They discuss what is worse, what is tolerable, and who will win.

It’s time for the decision.


The judges come out (good for them) to the three and the rest of the contestants to deliver the results.

They say they can put a bone aside and finish the fish, but the others would sour the mood of the dish, or words to that effect, so Callum is the winner of immunity and won’t cook on Sunday.

Before anyone can say good bye to Gordon, he says he has a gift for them.

He gives the box to Mel and tells her not to open it until Sunday at the elimination. She gives him her word.

And that’s the episode.

Look, not my finest, but I’ve also had two coffees and an energy drink today, so I’m happy enough for the time being. Sunday’s recap will be better, and hopefully more dramatic.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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