MasterChef Aus S12E03 – Recap

We ended last night on a Jock created cliff hanger – the green team, despite winning the group challenge, are not safe from elimination.

The contestants arrive and come into the kitchen to see the judges and Gordon looking fab. Behind them, benches are set up in U’s.

This year, only one person will be safe from elimination, bar Dani, of course, until she uses her pin.

Based on what we know of the format (see the end of recap one of season 12 for all the deets), Thursday is the immunity challenge where one person will get immunity for the coming Sunday, then Sunday someone is eliminated. I wouldn’t be surprised if this week is the standard format, but swapping like Monday and Tuesday around.
Ugh, listen to me just speculating, I’ve been critiqued for my wild speculation in the past.

Finally, we find out what’s going to happen to yesterday’s green team. They’ll be working in teams of three to do a team relay challenge. The winning trio will go in tomorrow for immunity.

Each person will make either the entree, main, or dessert, but they have to swap around every 20 minutes or so as dictated by the judges and work on each others meal.

The judges then demonstrate what would happen.

Team one is Poh, Tessa, and Khanh who decide to go for an Asian flavoured trio of meals.

Team two is Sarah T, Hayden and Ben who are incorporating honey into all their dishes.

Team three is Simon, Amina and Rose using Middle Eastern flavours.

Finally, Sarah C, Callum, and Lynton decide to use Indigenous ingredients.

From left to right, team one, team two, team three and team four.

Time starts and they’re given an hour.


Look, I’m going to be absolutely honest with you, I don’t really care about the cooking component of the show, and I’d put in some tweets today, but there was COVID related issues at my place tonight (am not sick, don’t worry) so I didn’t feel like keeping an eye on twitter

If you read my recaps last year, you’ll know I skip over this section unless something particularly saucy happens. That’ll be no different to this year.

Yesterday was particularly saucy – Gordon was yelling, Chris didn’t cut up pork properly, and Poh and Rose broke tart shells left right and centre.

Honestly, watching today’s episode felt rather anti-climatic. Everyone’s working well in teams, but here are the particularly saucy highlights:

Khanh takes the duck out of the oven and looks at the temp. Judge Jock rushes over to see how the fowl’s going.

“It’s at 44 degrees,” Jock reports back to the other judges, and they watch as the duck is returned to the oven.

Later, he pulls it out and cuts it open. Gordon runs over to see what it looks like inside. As he walks back, he gives an ‘ok’ hand sign to the judges, and says, “perfect.”

And that was pretty much it. There was no yelling, no crying, and no drama. Everything ran pretty smooth, which is great for the contestants, great for my anxiety, but not the most fun thing I’ve seen on MasterChef this week.

Anyway, the hour flys by and soon it’s time to taste.

Oh, actually, just quickly, Gordon promised Rose he’d come work at her cafe in Adelaide, and she said her mum will make him lunch, etc. It was pretty funny, bit cute.


First to taste is the Asian flavours with Poh, Tessa and Khanh.

The trio of dishes presented by team one.

Mel says the execution and technique of Poh’s dessert was flawless and elevated.
The duck is cooked perfectly and the fat rendered, as said by Mel, Gordon, Jock, and Andy.
Andy said that each dish is so them individually and they’ve set the bar so high by being so in sync they could start a band.

Next is the honey group with Sarah T, Hayden and Ben.

The dishes presented by the honey group.

Mel tells them that she was nervous having three dishes based in honey, however they were subtle enough that it wasn’t overpowering and it was nice.
Jock said the honey ice-cream has legend status. He has a few critiques on the asparagus, saying the honey needed to be burnt more.
Gordon says the fell into a honey comfort zone, but said Hayden didn’t look comfortable with it, and for them to only cook what everyone feels comfortable with cooking.

Simon, Amina and Rose are next with their Middle Eastern cuisine.

Mel says that the foods all look so generous and vibrant.
They all are eager to dig into each course.
Jock and Mel say it’s perfectly cooked and Gordon agrees – it was delicious, and doesn’t it look it?

Finally, Sarah C, Callum and Lynton come up with their meals with Indigenous ingredients.

Jock says it’s cooked wonderfully and calls every dish delicious.
Both Andy and Gordon spoke highly of the calamari.
Gordon goes on to say that the spatchcock was the best thing he ate tonight.
Overall, they call them delicious.

It’s time for a decision.

The winning team is the Indigenous flavours with Sarah C, Callum and Lynton, so tomorrow they’ll be in the immunity challenge to fight it out for the one safe spot on Sunday.

“Have a cup of tea, be good to each other,” Jock says before they all leave.

Good advice given the current circumstances.
Stay safe, and I’ll see you tomorrow.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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