MasterChef Aus S12E05 – Recap

Well, the recap ended up being later than I expected, but it be like that sometimes.

Here’s the plan: this recap tonight, afterwards, I watch tonight’s episode, and post that this evening as well if I can. I also want to go out and get gelato but the gelato place closes at 9, so let’s see how I do.

It’s elimination today, and on Thursday, Callum won the only immunity. The only other person who can avoid cooking tonight is Dani if she uses her immunity pin from the first episode.

The judges are waiting for the contestants to arrive, wearing pretty standard them clothing. Mel is looking fab as always, Jock has a bit of a Matt Preston-esque suit, and making use of the clothes Ten bought for George for this season, Andy is dressed in a basic button down with a jacket on top.

The contestants come in, their first time in black this season, and see Gordon’s present waiting for them on the benches.

First things first, they ask Dani if she’ll use her pin, and she decides not to.

Ben M takes a guess as to what it could be, a ticket to England to go to his restaurant. Courtney guesses tea, and Sarah C (Carah?) guesses a meat pie.

Jock tells them what’s happening – Gordon has left them the gift of time.

They have 90 minutes, but it’s a two round challenge. They can use as much as they’d like in round one, but if they’re in round two, they only have the remaining time.

Immediately, Poh decides to take a big risk and use all 90 minutes straight away in round one.

Poh is a queen and I will defend her until my death

“I did it in season one,” Poh laughs, “and I’m doing it again.”

Andy tells them they have full use of the pantry to do whatever kind of dish they like. Once they’ve finished, they pause the timer, bring their dish up and get tasted straight away. There’s the chance that if the dish is excellent, they’ll be sent upstairs with Callum straight away and avoid round two. Eighteen people will be safe from round one.
The bottom five dishes will go to the second round to cook again with whatever time difference is on the clock.

In unison, or as close as they can get, I guess, Andy leads the contestants in starting their time. Once they press the timer, they run to the pantry.

Andy starts the timer with the contestants.

As people run back, Mel and Andy watch as Ben M runs back, holding onto a fish and a basket of ingredients.

“I like the look of that!” Mel exclaims, before realising she and Andy are watching as he walks back to his bench, ass on display. “The food, not the, ya know…”

She laughs as Andy pulls a face at her shenanigans. This is the content I’m here for, stuff we didn’t get with Georgie, Matt and Gaz.

Mel turns away with a laugh, Andy not believing that this is his life now.

The judges go around to find out what they’re cooking and how long it will take for them.

Cooking happens, and I start colouring a picture of a hummingbird, a butterfly, and a flower.

Finally, the judges come over and see Poh who says she’s creating a lychee strawberry chiffon cake.

“I’m going all in,” she says.

“So, how many minutes?” Jock asks.


Andy and Jock pause in disbelief, and tell her she’s the only one doing that. If it doesn’t work, she’s out.

Jock and Andy get the news that Poh will use all her minutes in round one on her cake.

The focus is heavily on Poh, how she needs to use all ninety minutes, how she normally takes around 3-4 hours to make this cake, and how hopefully chucking it in the blast freezer will help it.

So, the food is a bit of a mess, some people get photos with a caption, some don’t, it’s a bit of a speed run, and honestly I’m not overly interested in each persons dish. I cannot even stress how much focus is on Poh throughout the cook – she has the most airtime by far. So much, in fact, that my partner was certain that she’ll be going home tonight.

With six minutes to spare, Poh finishes her cake and brings it up. Below are three pictures of the Chiffon strawberry and lychee cake.

Andy devours his slice and tells Poh that he doesn’t even like cake, but he loves this one. Jock and Mel speak very highly of it and tell her it’s a technically flawless cake and she should be very proud.

Safe to say, Poh’s safe.


It’s time for the results. The worst five dishes will be in the second round, and everyone else is safe.

The worst, and their times remaining to the nearest minute, are:

  1. Chris – 60 mins (starting first)
  2. Lynton – 44mins (starting third)
  3. Hayden – 42 mis (starting fourth)
  4. Rose – 36 mins (starting fifth and last)
  5. Courtney – 56 minutes (starting second)

This is the deciding round, and one will be going home.

Again, they can cook whatever they want.

Time starts, and Chris runs to the pantry.


Chris decides to make a cheesecake that his grandmother and mum both made, that usually takes an hour in the oven, so he’s got to get cracking.

Next is Courtney who decides to do a roasted cauliflower steak with various other elements that we’ll see at the tasting, and the judges are excited to see the results.

Lynton gets ready to start, bouncing, as Mel describes, like a boxer ready for the fight. His dish for round two is a crab based dish, I don’t really understand.

Fourth is Hayden, who runs to get the ingredients, while Rose is stressing out about not starting yet.

When she finally gets to go, she’s quick to get ready for her roasted smoked eggplant.

It’s the usual stress of the last bit of the cook, worried it won’t be ready in time, but fortunately everyone is done and plated by the end of time.


It’s time to taste, and today the judges are around a round table.

Lynton is first to be tasted.

Blue Swimmer Crab with Buckwheat and Grilled Asparagus

First up, Andy says it’s looking quite beige, but it’s all about the flavour at the end of the day.
“Lynton, Lynton, Lynton,” Jock mutters after the first taste.
His dish is super bland.
“I think he’s in trouble for this one,” Jock says.

Next is Hayden.

Squid Carbonara

“It’s all down to how the squid is cooked,” Jock says, and they dig in.
After eating, Andy says, “I love that.”
They agree that it’s a great dish, and the squid is beautifully cooked, seasoning spot on.

Up next is Chris. I’m not a fan of him since Tuesday when he couldn’t cut the pork properly even though he’s the “Meat King”.

Basque Cheesecake with a Fino Cream and an Orange Caramel

They say the cheesecake might be too short, but let’s see.
“You know what,” Jock says, as he cuts it up, “it’s cooked very nicely.”
Tasting time, and everyone seems to enjoy their portion.
“It’s beautiful,” Jock says.
Mel enjoys how beautifully it all comes together.

It’s Courtney’s turn.

Roasted Cauliflower with Tarator and a Harissa Sauce

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I’m keen as a bean to have someone who has a partner named Sophie on the show, and I’m ready to support her haha.

Straight off the bat, the judges love what they’ve been giving.
Mel describes it as comic book food, “Zing, pop, pow!”
All round, they love it.

Finally, Rose with Smoked Eggplant with Pomegranate Molasses and Flat Bread.

Jock says, “I like it, I don’t love it.”
Honestly, that sums up all of their thoughts.


It’s time for the results, and someone is going home.

I’m not doing the whole, “If I say you’re name, you’re safe.”

Lynton is out, auf weidersehen, good luck with everything.

I’m going to get gelato and then do the next recap lmao.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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