MasterChef Aus S12E06 – Recap

The contestants roam St Kilda, ready to find out what they’re up to today.

Just casually walking about, looking excited, unaware of the probable impending doom.
Look at them run. So unnecessary.

They turn up to see the judges looking super cute.

How cute is that hat though?
Everyone worries as they see two tents set up, and two more in the background filled with food.

It’s beginning to look a lot like a team challenge.

This is their first challenge outside of the MasterChef kitchen this season.

“Just when you’re getting used to being there, we drag your sorry arses out here,” Jock says to laughter.

Simon and Khanh both are from Melbourne, with Khanh living like 5 minutes away.

“You went from zero to 100 and you didn’t take your foot of the gas all week. But today, 100 ain’t gonna cut it,” Andy tells them.

Today, they’re cooking the ultimate BBQ for 1,200 people.

There will be three teams, and Mel counts them out into their teams and tells them to choose a captain. Two teams have eight, one has seven.

Team Yellow: Captain Laura, Reece, Khanh, Tessa, Chris, Courtney, Ben U (Bun), and Brandon.

Team Purple: Captain Tracy, Rose, Carah (Sarah C), Poh, Emelia, Ben M (Bem), Callum and Jess.

Team Orange: Captain Simon, Hayden, Dani, Sarah T, Amina, Reynold, and Harry.

The last time Simon was a captain, his team lost, so he’s worried that he’ll ruin this for everyone.

Jock tells them the rules: 2 1/2 hours to prepare and 2 1/2 to serve. Each team must make two savoury dishes and one dessert. All three dishes must have a BBQ’d element. As orange has one less person, they’ll get first pick of the proteins.

The motivation to do well other than not embarrassing themselves to the public? The losing team will be going to the pressure test tomorrow and from there one will be going home.

“Don’t wanna do that,” Reynold mutters.

Some Twitter users are confused by this motivation, and I suspect that perhaps the elimination on Sunday always takes place even if someone goes home in the pressure test. I guess we’ll see.

The first plate of food must be as amazing as the last.

Time starts, and they run to their tents.


As everyone runs to their tents, someone keeps yelling, “Let’s go!” and all I can think about is, “Let’s go, lesbians!”. I should sent that to my PT and get him to yell that while I’m training and to get me to run on the treadmill.

Each team plans their foods, checking out what foods are available and to decide their dishes.

Khanh takes food to a BBQ and Laura yells from her test, “That’s not our BBQ!” LMAO.

Carah calls Jess the “queen of the donut.” That’s what I call myself when I pick up a six pack of hot cinnamon donuts.

Harry starts talking about himself, and honestly I feel like this is the first time I’ve ever seen him.

I know they’re talking about the flavours they’ll use and what their dishes, but I don’t really care, and I’ll wait for someone to cry, or the super dramatic music. I mean, I’ll show you what the foods look like at tasting anyway, we don’t need to get anal over what’s being prepared right now.

Chris is working on cutting up chickens and Laura says, “We need to be careful about portions,” and I’m having flashbacks to last week when Chris did a poor job portioning.
Funnily enough, he’s having the same flashbacks and is preparing to not let the team down.

Dani starts trying to figure out how to do like a sticky caramelised banana and working on where to cook it, and the judges come over to help. It’s a bit of a mess for her.

“Like, how hard can it be? It’s just a banana!” Dani cries, waving her arms around, in her private confessional.

Meanwhile, the yellow team are deciding to get 10 portions from each chicken.

“She juicy!” someone yells, and several people yell back in unison, “She juicy!” God bless.

They’re here, with 30 minutes until service.

The teams write up their menus on their chalkboards while getting the food ready spaghetti.

Dani on the orange team is having drama with grilling the banana and is still a major mess. She’s trying to get it going without much success at the moment. RIP.

Andy comes around and tells Simon to start getting everything ready to go and clear the benches etc.

Then, Andy screams about how they’ve got ten minutes before service and the diners cheer in the background.

Jock screams that they’ve got five minutes left, and Andy yells for Simon to write his chalkboard up.

“Can someone help me with spelling?” he asks the diners. “Ok, ‘lamb’? Haha, no, I know that one.”
I’m not a fan of Simon, but that was pretty alright.

It’s time for the diners to start, and they all rush over to a tent.

“You go, Queen Bee,” Reece says to Laura.
“I’ve never been called Queen Bee before,” she replies.
“You’ve never been around so many gay people before,” he says.
Laura, Reece and Khanh all laugh, and I’m living (links are to articles referencing and about their sexualities, open in new tab).
So, I know that Reece, Khanh, and Courtney are all LGBTQIA+, but if there are any more, let me know, because I love me the gays lmao.

Meanwhile in the orange tent, Jock yells at Simon that they’re too slow. Simon says that it’s hard with one less person at the moment.

The diners are all popping a squat, eating al fresco on the grass.

First to taste is the Purple Team with corn (image one), smoked porterhouse (image two) and donuts (image three).

The judges say the corn needed more seasoning, the porterhouse was cooked perfectly, and the donuts were delicious.

Next to taste is Orange Team with their three dishes (image one). Their entree is prawns with Salsa Verde (image two), main of Lamb with a Baba Ginnoush (image three) and for dessert, Caramelised Banana with Dolce Cream (image four).

Despite concerns, both from the service and the bananas, all were delicious, and hard to beat.

Finally, the Yellow Team. Their three dishes (image one) are Charcoal Chicken and Grain Salad (image two), Firepit Beef with Chimichurri (image three), and Doughnuts with Rum Cream and Charred Pineapple, a play on Pina Colada (image four).

The chicken is good, but the judges comment that the portion of chicken seems small on some people, like a bit of thigh and that’s all, which is a shame because it’s so lovely.
They don’t really like the beef, not enough flavour.
However, the doughnuts are cooked perfectly and very tasty, the flavour better than the purple team.

Overall, they liked the dishes from each team, and it’s a great effort – not one dish they would consider a bad dish.


It’s time for the results, but first, Andy makes everyone high five each other, which isn’t very social distancing haha

He tells them they all did a great job, and one team did the best menu, which the public loved. Whose cuisine reigns supreme?
Congrats to the orange team for being spectacular.

But now it’s time for the worst – the ones who will be facing elimination in tomorrow’s episode.
Jock roasts them more than the purple team roasted their corn, but ultimately yellow was the worst today.

Andy tells them to go home and take a breath.

Everyone’s applauded and they’re removed from St Kilda.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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