Felicity Feiner is a 20-something year old Australian writer who writes whatever captures her interest, and often features LGBTQIA+ characters.

She has two degrees in creative writing – Bachelor of Creative Writing, and Bachelor of Faculty of Arts and Design (Honours).

Her honours thesis looked at queer tropes in YA literature, focusing on the relationship between the “Gay Best Friend” and straight protagonist.

She will often write whatever sparks her creativity. Felicity enjoys writing non-fiction, screenplays, book reviews, and speculative/sci-fi fiction, often with a target audience of young adults 16+.

When Felicity isn’t writing or working, she can be found out and about with her wife, catching up on her favourite shows, playing board games with her friends (except Scrabble, which she’s terrible at), or taking dumb photos with her cats.

Felicity can also be found on Twitter, Instagram, Ko-fi, Wattpad, Litsy, Pintrest, Medium, Tumblr, and Facebook.

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