Wings of lace – short story

A short warm-up story.

MasterChef Aus S13 – The Recap Plan

Hello! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, especially as MasterChef season 13 approaches, with ads promising an incredible showcase of talent from cooks around Australia. I’d normally be frothing with excitement! Season 13 is due to premier on Monday the 19th of April at 7:30pm. Now, excited may I be, this year,… Read more MasterChef Aus S13 – The Recap Plan

MasterChef Aus S11 – Rant

Rant for MasterChef Aus season 11. Here are some things that have just really grinded my gears this season.

MasterChef Aus S11 Sandeep – Rant

Some things in MasterChef Aus season 11 have really irked me to the point where I’ve decided to write a rant. Here’s one about Sandeep.

Joey – short story

Joey was Jemima’s best friend in year three. Joey always wore her green socks to bed, until one night she didn’t.

Storm – Poem

This is another piece I wrote during university, but I won’t be updating or re-writing it. ‘Storm’ is the first long poem I’ve ever written. Let me know what you think. At night when the sky is screaming, I wrap myself tightly away. A warm burrito safe from the storm, I imagine the stars that… Read more Storm – Poem

Writing and Me

Very short – thoughts about my writing