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MasterChef Aus S12E32 – Recap

Tonight is the “pressure test”, but the winner of today will get immunity, so no-one will be going home. Phew!

Mel is back, and the social distancing is continuing.

Jock asks the four competing, Khanh, Simon, Emelia and Brendon, what getting immunity this week would mean to them.

“I just want a week off from the crippling anxiety,” Emelia says.
Me too, boo, me too.

It’s time for the dish. In walks Kirstin Tibballs with a special looking plate. She lifts the lid to show the dish.

“Today, you’ll be cooking my…” she lifts the lid, “Mojito.”

They each get a dessert on their benches. It’s cut open showing all the layers. They get to eat their watermelon mojito, not having to worry about sharing, which is really the dream. I’m terrible at sharing, which always comes back to bite me, when I’ve eaten a whole bag of popcorn and my girl hasn’t had any.

Kirsten gives them the low down, giving them hints on the chocolate.

They’ll have three hours to cook and three minutes before serving to get it ready. All the things they need are at their benches.
Andy reminds them that the best dish gets immunity, so really if they can’t do it and it turns into a vodka mess, that’s fine because they won’t be out.


Time starts, and everyone washes their hands first before getting into reading the recipe.

This is the worst bit about watching the episode as it airs – I can’t just skip the cooking. But it means my pide can get here before the judges taste, which is always handy.

Brendon is having a drama of a time, and it looks like Khanh is having a bit of a drama as well, but it’s ok because they won’t get evicted tonight. Eliminated. I think I’ve got Big Brother on my mind… Or I’m thinking about what would happen to me if I attempted to cook this dessert…

Part of the cooking is filling a balloon with goods, but Emelia is having dramas tying the balloon. Honestly though, for the most part, she’s doing amazing, she’ll knock this out of the park.

Everyone’s going really well, and then when Khanh goes to do what Emelia did with the balloon in the chocolate stuff, it just crumbles, along with his hopes of getting immunity.

Simon goes to pull his balloon from the chocolate dome and it just cracks the whole thing in half and I audible gasp.

Finally, time runs out and everyone steps away from their benches.


First to present to the judges is Brendon, who fills the watermelon shell and gets everything ready, before presenting to the judges.

They’re all sitting at the long table, Jock and Andy at two seperate ends, and Mel and Kirsten sitting in the middle of the table, everyone apart.

They all love everything, I don’t recall any actual critiques, other than the stripes on the watermelon being different to how Kirsten does hers.

“He’s done exceptionally well,” Jock says.

Next is Khanh. (We get an ad break, so I wait for my boi’s watermelon, like I wait for my pide to be confirmed – riddled with fear and hunger)

They crack it open and find that the watermelon is quite thick at the bottom, but otherwise, it’s pretty good, which I’m glad to hear.
Jock calls the tempering perfect, but says the visuals just isn’t quite there.

It’s Simon’s turn, and he’s upset that he used a less than great sphere.
As Kirsten tries to cut it open, they comment that it’s quite a thick sphere.

And then we cut to ad break again?! And the restaurant I ordered from closed?! This is outragous.

“Well, he got all the elements at least, right?” Mel asks, and Kirsten confirms.
Thick as it may have been, the elements were all really good, which is nice to hear, I guess. I don’t care for Simon because of something he said to Anushka and Tati last season. What can I say? I hold a grudge lmao.

Finally, it’s Emelia, and Kirsten says it looks wonderful.

“I can’t fault any of it, she should be congratulated, “Kirsten says.

Well, I don’t think we need to hear any more.

No-one else agrees, and they all compliment her dish.


It’s time for the results. No surprises here.

Jock says he’s not going to go through the critique, instead just celebrate the best dish, which also gives the maker immunity.

“Congratulations, Emelia,” Jock says, and everyone applauds her.

Mel tells everyone to bugger off, and that’s the episode!

Tomorrow night is the Mystery Box, and it looks like it’ll be about their family.

See you then!


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E31 – Recap

This episode was filmed at the beginning of the COVID situation when we first had to do the social distancing, and as unprecedented as this whole situation is, even more so for this cooking competition, especially for the service/team challenge. It’ll be interesting to see what changes have been made, and I’ll be sure to note them for you.

Today’s hot tip comes from Mel herself.

She was unwell at the time of filming, and instead of coming in, she went to the doctors, found out what was wrong, and came back when she was safe to. The link to instagram in her tweet above details exactly what happened, but that’s the gist of it.

The contestants come in to find Andy and Jock standing at the front, with three benches behind them.

“Keep a safe distance apart from each other,” Jock says, as they enter.

Here are the new rules:
Everyone stands apart.
Must keep a safe distance at all times.

This week, only one person is going home. “And that’s not all,” Andy says, before announcing that two people will get immunity this week.

The winners of today’s challenge will battle tomorrow for the extra immunity. So I suppose Tuesday is immunity, Wednesday is Mystery Box, and Thursday is Immunity again, before an elimination on Sunday.

Today is a team relay. They’ll cook in three teams of four. Each team cooks two plates of food – main and dessert. Cooking time is 80 minutes, and each person will cook for 20 minutes, with 45 seconds between each cook for a handover.

Simon, Sarah and Reynold will be the first to cook, therefore on different teams.
Next, Poh, Tessa and Emelia, then Jess, Kahn and Laura, and finally Callum, Reece and Brendon.

Everyone bar the first row won’t know what team they’re on.

Team red: Reynold,
Team Navy: Sarah,
Team Green: Simon,

Under each bench is an electrical appliance, and they must use it in some way shape or form through the cook.

Time starts, and the three figure out what their dishes will be and set up the whole cook.


It’s handover, and Poh (Navy), Emelia (Green) and Tessa (Red) come out and the hand over time begins.

Reynold, Simon and Sarah are forced into the garden to watch the cooking contestants on a tv.

Poh is getting lost and in her flustered state, she nicks herself, blood pouring. Yuck. Sarah’s watching outside, getting a bit anxious. Same, Sarah, same.

I don’t really understand anything that’s going on, except that Poh hasn’t done a lot, and burnt her parsnips. Sarah is freaking the fuck out in the garden as she watches the drama unfold.

It’s another handover, and Laura (Red), Khanh (Green) and Jess (Navy) go to meet Emelia, Poh and Tessa.

The teams at the moment are:
Red: Reynold, Tessa, Laura.
Green: Simon, Emelia, Khanh.
Navy: Sarah, Poh, Jess.

As each person cooks, every member of the team freaks out from outside, watching as they naïvely make mistakes, or freak out with what’s going on.

It’s time for the final hand over. Callum (Navy), Reece (Red) and Brendon (Green) come in and get the last of the information before joining the rest of their team members in the garden.

The green team are all freaking out for how long the octopus has been on the little grill thing. Brendon takes it off, realises how shit it is, and the green team are all scared that it’s super overcooked and not viable for plating.

What a mess.

Reece decides to use the grill thing to cook some fish, but there’s a fire. He turns, looks at it, and says, “Ooh, girl!” and I just love him so much haha

So, gloves were never actually established as a rule, but some of them seem to be wearing gloves, some of them are using their bare hands, I think?

Brendon runs to the pantry and grabs some prawns to replace the octopus that Khanh ruined cooked.
Andy cackles a little as he sees Brendon prep and cook the prawns.

It’s almost the end of time, and the final three are rushing to get everything done perfectly.

Time ends, and all the contestants run into the kitchen to stand vaguely near each other and scream.


It’s tasting time, and first up is Team Navy (Sarah, Poh, Jess, Callum).

Jock plates them up separately, part of the new rules. So they brought over the two plates, and then two additional plates were brought over for them to seperate.

Andy starts with the lamb. He says all the elements were pretty simple, and could have been better. He says the coconut foam brings it from a pub dish to something a lot better, and Andy says that’s on Jess, she should take the credit.
Jock calls the lamb a pub dish, and agrees with Andy on the dessert, however he has complains on the cauliflower aspects of the lamb.

Next is Team Red (Reynold, Tessa, Laura, Reece).

Jock plates them up, as the contestants nervously look on. They’re worried the fish will be overcooked. Unfortunately, the panna cotta hasn’t set on the inside, so they’re pretty sure they’re out of the running now. It’s all soup-y as Andy eats up.

Andy has not a lot of good things to say, bar the fish was nicely cooked. Jock said he liked the flavours of the trout dish overall. He called it disjointed.

A shame, but it looks like Red Team is out of the running of immunity.

Finally, it’s Team Green (Simon, Emelia, Khanh, Brendon).

Simon says the dessert was exactly what he was imagining when he started cooking, but the main was not.

Jock says the salad with the prawns was delicious. Unfortuntely, the prawns were overcooked, but the flavours were, “Banging”. He loved the dessert.
Andy also enjoys the salad and the acidity. The pastry in the dessert was excellent.

There are no high-fives as the contestants return to benches.


It’s time for the results.

Andy straight up tells the Red Team that they’re out of the running, because their dishes just weren’t there.
Jock runs through any issues with Navy and Green.

But there can only be one winner. I think it’s the Galette that solidifies Green as the winner of the challenge.

So, that’s the episode! Tomorrow, Simon, Emelia, Khanh and Brendon will be fighting for elimination.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E30 – Recap

Well well well! It’s been a while since we’ve been here together like this. I’ve missed it.

I’ve got a hot tip, this came from my partner, who’s birthday it was last week (happy birthday, babe!). So, the current (confirmed) gays are Khanh, Reece and Brendon, Khanh’s wearing shirts saying, ‘You are loved’, all the time, and I thought it was just cute, but I actually have some info on it (I might be behind, maybe you already know, but hey). Here is all the information on it, as well as how you can buy it. Basically, he’s wearing a shirt for an LGBTQIA+ youth charity called Minus18. Ten dollars from each shirt (cost is $35AUD) goes to the charity. Very sweet, I want one or two.


The contestants come into the kitchen to find Jock, Mel and Andy waiting for them in front of a table with a big cloth over it, hiding a surprise.

The judges are ready for action.

After harassing the contestants for a bit, and reminding them that tonight we will have the top 12, they finally reveal what’s underneath: 28 different types of fish.

“Today,” Andy says, “it’s all about fish!”

And here to help the judges with this fishy elimination is none other than Josh Niland, who happened to go to school with Andy.
He’s a fish butcher, he uses every part of the fish.

Welcome to the MasterChef kitchen, Josh!

“Today’s challenge takes place over two rounds,” Jock says, before introducing round one.

Name! That! Fish!

Which sounds awfully familiar – a title just like my game show (which I use as the generic tv show in all my fiction writing pieces), Pat That Cat.

The contestants get in a line, and one by one, they come up and guess a fish. The judges aren’t yelling out ‘name that fish’ like it’s a tv show, which is kinda irking me? I don’t know, I just feel like this could have been a bit more funner, but who am I to critique MasterChef? (I’ve done it twice and I’ll do it again!)

First incorrect is Khanh who guessed yellow fin tuna on a big boi fish.
Second incorrect is Emelia who guesses king fish.
Third is Reece, and fourth Laura who both guessed san whiting on a small boi fish.
Fifth and final is Tracy who guessed cod, but was hapuka(?).

Everyone else goes up to join Jess, leaving out five alone with the judges.

Josh brings out a king fish and butchers it – literally! He opens it up, separates into sections.

From the shank to the head

Jock comes around with a bag with numbers in it.

Khanh gets first pick, followed by Emelia, Tracy, Reece, and finally Laura.

Now everyone has their pieces, it’s time to start cooking.

They’ll have 60 minutes, must use their fish. They’ll have an open pantry and garden, and the least impressive will go home today.

Time starts, and that’s my cue to get out of here.


There were a few dramas through the cook, but time ends and there’s nothing they can do about it now.

It’s tasting time, and first up is Laura.

Kingfish Tail Chop with Smoked Pipi Sauce, Wakame and Succulents

There were a few concerns with the fact she had cut up Josh’s section of fish.

The judges love it and Josh calls it, “Outstanding”.

Next is Reece.

Crispy Skin Kingfish Belly with Vegetables and Chicken Stock

“Can’t cook cake everyday,” Mel says, which rubs me the wrong way, because Laura has literally cooked pasta every cook, and when she doesn’t, it’s a shock, but no-one says anything to her about that…
I’m probably misinterpreting her meaning, but with this editing, it’s hard to discern what she does truely mean.

Anyway, the judges are excited to eat.
They say the fish is a bit too over, but it’s a meal you want to dive into.

Next is Emelia.

Kingfish Cioppino

Emelia isn’t really sure how it’s cooked, so I’m interested to see how this goes…

She leaves and it’s cut open. it looks very over.
It is very overcooked and the sauce is salty.
It’s not a great dish, and Jock says she’s close to the bottom.

It’s Tracy next.

Kingfish Cutlet with Chorizo and Sweet Corn

Josh comments that the fish is coming away from the bone. In terms of how over it is, an 11/10. Jock cringes.
They eat on up and give each other looks as they do.
The corn was nice and nicely seasoned, but that fish was so well done, “it could pat it’s own back,” Jock says.
There’s no relief from the sauce.

Time for my boy, Khanh.

Mum’s Canh Chua Cá

This is the dish that sent him home in his season.

The judges love it, it’s certainly a redemption dish. They have no faults to critique.


It’s time for the results.

Josh says they did a great job and it was the first time he handed over his product for someone to cook.
Andy says two of them did a great job. The two safe are Laura and Khanh, both having done well.

Unfortunately, there were some shockers. But one couldn’t be overlooked – Tracy.

Tracy’s fish was too over, and that means she’s out of here. After a few hugs, she gives a final wave and walks out of the kitchen for the last time.

This leaves us with our top 12!


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12 E25-29 – Recaps

I’m so sorry, this was significantly more episodes than I had expected omg. Anyway, here’s this week, and then starting this coming Sunday, I’ll be back to business as usual, hopefully. Thank you for sticking with me during this hiatus, I really appreciate it.

HOT TIP: This weeks Hot Tip comes from Johnson Leung, regarding Ben U (Bun), who was arrested earlier this year, and resulted in him being booted from the show. Here is an article about the current situation, including the alleged charge.

EPISODE 25 – Sunday 17th – Elimination

Poh is safe as a result of her efforts on Thursday, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves.

Today, Ben U was announced that he is no longer in the comp “due to a personal matter”, which was him getting arrested, allegedly for assaulting a 16 year old girl, source.

Today is a two round elim. Seven people will be in round two. The twist is that they’ll be competing against the other person at their bench. Most impressive is safe, least impressive into round two. Each pair has a different cuisine.

Callum and Simon have French. Tessa and Jess have Vietnamese. Emelia and Laura have Japanese. Khanh and Sarah T have Italian. Tracy and Harry have Chinese. Reynold and Sarah C have American. Reece and Brendon have Spanish. Open garden and pantry. They have 60 minutes in round one. Best dish from each bench is safe. Time starts, and I skip the cooking.

When time ends, each pair is tasted together.

Round two: Callum, Tessa, Laura, Sarah T, Haydn, Sarah C, Brendon.

For majority of the dishes, it was who would they go back for another go of the foods. Some didn’t exactly fit the brief, and those dishes that weren’t really their cuisine went into round two.

Round two has the contestants heroing a flavour pairing. Pairs: apple and cinnamon, tomato and basil, ginger and lemongrass, walnuts and dates, beetroot and horseradish. They can choose any pairing, have 60 minutes, and both the garden and the pantry are open.

Laura did a pasta dish with the tomato and basil, of course.

The bottom two were Sarah C and Hayden. Hayden didn’t really hero the pair, and Sarah did a beef tartar that just wasn’t very good, however her flavour pairs were really prominent and the hero, so she hit the brief better than Hayden, so Hayden is out.


EPISODE 26 – Monday 18th – Group Challenge

Ok, so yesterday, Hayden and Ben left, albeit for different reasons.

Sarah has been in every single losing team in service challenges, haha!

The contestants come in to find two long tables set up, and the kitchens set up behind the judges.

The contestants get to choose which team they’re on, one team making three savoury dishes, and one doing three sweet dishes.

Team Sweet (Pink):  Reece (captain) Callum, Reynold, Poh, Jess, Emilia, Tracy

Team Savoury (Yellow): Brendan (captain) Tessa, Simon, Khanh, Sarah T, Sarah C and Laura.

They’ll have the help of a chef each, one specialising in sweet, one in savoury. Matt Stone (savoury) and Jo Barrett (sweet) from the Yarra Valley.

Three course meal for 30 diners. First course leaves after two and a half. The deliciousness and how the meal eats will be judged (who knows what that means?) and the least impressive team will be in tomorrows pressure test.

Meal one: Sweet team: apple and fennel sorbet with rhubarb and bay leaf oil. Beautiful, delicious, a great dish to start any course off, not just a sweet one.

Meal one: Savoury team: seasonal vegetable salad. Andy calls it very very tasty. Mel calls it a berocca for the eyeballs, because it’s bright, vibrant and zingy.

Jock calls it exceptional.

Meal two: Sweet team: passionfruit and yuzu chiboust with pineapple and coriander granita. They adore it, it’s to together and compliments very well. Jock says seldom do chiboust come to that degree, so it’s very good. Andy commends their time management and how wonderfully they’re preparing their kitchen.

Meal two: Savoury team: arrowhead squid with fennel and citrus. It smells and looks fantastic, and they’re excited to try it. In the kitchen, Brendan was worried it was too intense and had too much squid, but sent all the squid anyway. Jock says he likes it but he doesn’t love it, the squid was overpowering. Mel agrees, and Andy said it needed some freshness – so many tentacles on the plate.

Meal three: Sweet team: chocolate sponge cake with earl grey ice cream and native marmalade. The sponge cake is dry because Reynold didn’t put in enough butter to counteract the dark chocolate, so they try and make the cake moister with what elements they have. Mel says the cake is dry, but there’s something about the ice cream and marmalade that don’t mesh. It’s not their cup of tea.

Meal three: Savoury team: kangaroo, beetroot and berries. They used the whole beetroot – even the leaf. Andy calls all the beetroot fantastic. Jock calls it moreish. Mel says it’s a celebration of Australia, and it’s wonderful. This dish put them back in the game.

Tasting has ended and it’s time for the results.

The judges thank Matt and Jo, and tell the guys what was good and what was bad, before revealing their decision. Savoury is in the pressure test – sweet won!


EPISODE 27 – Tuesday 19th – Pressure Cook

After the savoury team lost yesterday, they’re in for the pressure test. It’s Brendan, Tessa, Simon, Khanh, Sarah T, Sarah C and Laura fighting to stay. Peter Gunn brings his black box challenge. It’s a black box, but underneath are layers of elements. The box is made of chocolate and shatters open when cracked. Sarah C says it’s quite Star Wars, but honestly I’m getting Star Trek Borg vibes from it.
Anyway, Peter points out what’s what and who’s who, including gingerbread, custard, etc etc, I don’t know, these words mean nothing to me.

They have two hours and forty five minutes to cook. They’ll have four minutes to plate up for the judges just before tasting.

I watched this episode earlier before writing this, but I missed the start, so I’m rewatching. The Sarah’s both struggle with the black box element, as it involves dry ice and swirling the chocolate around a silicone mould and dipping it in the dry ice to freeze and set in the square shape. The dramas mean they both end up getting behind and missing elements.

Tasting time.

All of them are pretty good, there aren’t any flavour issues. But it comes down to the Sarah’s, which one did better with less elements?

Sarah T’s dish was better, which means Sarah C is going home.


EPISODE 28 – Wednesday 20th – Mystery Box

Sarah C went home from the Black Box pressure test, and it’s back to a lovely mystery box where no-one goes home.

The “international queen” of vegan food rocks up, Shannon Martinez, and she looks pretty rock and I love her style. It’s like a gothic version of the 50’s, I’m here for her dress.

It’s a vegan mystery box, which Simon and Reece should thrive at.

Baby cos, radish, asparagus, beetroot, dutch carrots, pencil leeks, capsicums (petite), thyme, pine mushrooms, cilaria, garlic, sweet potato.

The staples have changed today. There’s soy milk, vegan cream cheese, nutritional yeast flavour, agar agar, aquafaba (liquid from a can of chickpeas, acts like egg whites), vinegar, flour, vegan salted butter, vegetable shorting.

The 75mins starts, and as per usual, I just skim through and over to when the tasting happens, but today, I just really don’t feel like watching all the tasting, I do apologise, but I’m just not feeling it, idk why.

The top today are: Jess, Poh, Simon and Reece.


EPISODE 29 – Thursday 21st – Immunity Challenge

The winners of the Mystery Vegan Box, Jess, Poh, Simon and Reece are here for immunity.

This is the last episode to be boxed into a week.

Round one is instant noodles, making them fancy, with an open pantry and garden. Top two go into round two for head to head.

They have 15 minutes to make their dish, and time starts.

I skip cooking, of course, and vaguely watch the tasting, but instant noodles just makes me think about the time I ruined a microwave cooking instant noodles while I watched MasterChef, an event I’ll never be able to live down.

Anyway, all the flavours are great, but Simon added too many noodle packets. The top two, heading into round two: Jess and Poh.

Mel tells the two women to bring their personal ultimate comfort food. They’ll have 60 minutes to make something delis, and the best dish will be safe on Sunday. They have the usual open pantry and garden to cook the best dish.

Time starts, and they run.

The cook is crazy, and then finally, they’re done. It’s tasting time.

Again, I’m just not feeling it, so let’s just jump to the winner.

It’s Jess! So she’ll be safe from this Sunday.

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MasterChef Aus S12 Ep20-24 – Recaps

Week three time! I honestly didn’t think I missed three weeks, but here we are I suppose.

EPISODE 20: Sunday 10th – Elimination

It’s elimination day, and there’s the judges keep talking about takeaway.

All the contestants, except Amina for her stunning job on Thursday, are given a whiteboard. They’ll have to guess the country of origin for some dishes. The first four to guess incorrectly will go into round two.

First wrong is Ben who on dish three guessed rice paper roll from Vietnam when it was a Peking Duck pancake from China.

Dish four gets out three people, Tracy (who guessed Thailand), Tessa (who guessed Vietnam) and Chris (also Vietnam) for Laksa when it’s from Malaysia or Singapore.

That means that everyone else was sent up to the gantry.

Round two: the four cook and Deliveroo will take their dish to Mel’s house, where she will eat it 20 minutes after it has been cooked. Jock and Andy will stay at the kitchen and eat straight away with them, while Mel judges alone at home.

Time starts.

Tracy does a fried chicken before realising it won’t travel well and changes dishes.

The contestants also have to pack their meals up for Mel, so they have to think about sustainability, how the food will arrive, and how to keep it warm, etc. All concerns I have when ordering food online tbh.

Time ends and it’s tasting time.

Ben serves Nasi Goeng. For Mel, he used a different type of egg, I think chicken, and like a quail egg for Jock and Andy. He explained that it’ll travel better, he also changed the way it was cooked for Mel so it arrives well for her.

Mel likes it, Jock isn’t sold on the different eggs, but Andy understands that Ben wanted to do a more gourmet dish in the kitchen where he can pull it off, blah blah blah. Jock says it’s one of the best he’s ever had.

Next is Chris. For some reason I didn’t write down what his dis was, but I did note that he gave everyone a beer. Mel wanted more complexity in his dish. Andy said it looks the way it tastes, everything was just ok. Nothing was blowing them away, and it needed extra spices, a bit more flavour.

Tracy was next, everyone liked her dish, again, I failed to specify her dish, but I was probably colouring in at the time. I’ve started a portfolio of my colouring in. Initially as a joke, now I’m more careful with colour choices.

Finally, Tessa. Jock said the dish needed 20 more minutes, but all around everyone said it was pretty good, and the fish was perfect. I guess she made a fish dish.

Results time: Chris is out.


EPISODE 21 – Monday 11th – Group Challenge.

I definitely made notes but I think I left it in my car and I’m in my pjs now so I’m not running across the road to get the notes.

It’s the start of twist week. The contestants are broken into two teams.

Team Brown: Captain: Sarah T. Simon, Ben, Khanh, Tessa, Emelia, Reece and Brendon.

Team Grey: Captain: Poh. Reynold, Tracy, Laura, Callum, Hayden (sits out of challenge as uneven numbers), Sarah C, Jess, Amina.

The contestants will be cooking whatever they want with open pantry and open garden. They have two and a half hours before service starts to get their food ready, then the diners will be coming in.

50 diners per team, entrée, main, dessert.

Cooking begins.

About halfway through, the teams are told the twist – they must swap kitchens right now. Everyone swaps and try the food the other team has prepared and decide if they want to keep, scrap, or alter the prepped foods. Both teams hate what the other team has been doing, but do their best to make do with what they have done.

For some reason all of a sudden they also had to do vegetarian dishes, which I don’t recall hearing at any stage, but here we are I suppose.

Tasting happens, and the first course is a win by the grey, the main is won by the brown, and the desserts were both great, so it was a tough decision, but the main by the grey was inexcusable, so it’s a win by the brown, putting the grey into the pressure test tomorrow.


EPISODE 22 – Tuesday 12th – Pressure Test

Yesterday’s grey team are in the pressure cook.

Again, I don’t have my notes, because I’m a fool, but I’m also behind on episodes, and I thought that I’d be up to date by now but I’m not (see above – I’m a fool), so I just want to power through, and I think I only got up to this episode, so I can just skim this one and get to the next one quickly for you.

So they have to do a Darren Purchese. He brought in a passionfruit pav. But underneath is a second dessert with so many elements and layers.

Midway during the cook, the recipe is taken from them and they just have to go with it. Maybe I’m in a pressure test and my notes being in my car is my twist? lmao

Amina super struggles and while many of the contestants had flaws, hers were too big to overlook.

Jess at one stage was helping Amina by giving her precise amounts of sugar etc, but nothing could help her.

Amina was eliminated and I am heartbroken.


EPISODE 23 – Wednesday 13th – Mystery Box.

Everyone arrives to mystery boxes on their benches.

Jess is handed MVP by Mel for her sportsmanship yesterday during the recipe debacle and helping everyone, specifically Amina.

What’s in the box?

Scampi, wild rice, peanuts, shallots, turnips with tops on, duck (leg, breast, wing), Worcestershire sauce, and a mango – eight ingredients, the under bench staples, and the threat of a twist upcoming.

They must use at least one ingredient in the box. All dishes will be tasted and the top five will be in tomorrow’s immunity challenge.

Their 75 minutes start.

The twist: a second Mystery box is wheeled out, to the shock and horror of the contestants. It’s a cute baby Mystery Box, and I love it. I want one. What would I use it for? Something ominous…

All the contents of the baby box must be included in their dish. The ingredient is fig. Next to the fig is a tinier baby box. Later, they open the baby-er box and find it’s got lemon myrtle, another ingredient they must use.

It’s tasting time, and I honestly just can’t even be bothered today, I’m going to be hontest. It’s been a big day.

Goodness me, I’m full of excuses this episode, aren’t I?

I catch some of the tastings, and they are looking great, and Sarah T, like everyone can’t say Worcestershire. Adorable. Love her.

The decision:

Poh, Reece, Simon, Reynold, Sarah T.


EPISODE 24 – Thursday 14th – Immunity challenge.

Alright, straight up, the twist is that Katy Perry turns up, because while it may be a twist to the contestants, ten needs to keep us here by showing us the twists in the ads, I guess. Someone was like to me, ‘Why would Katy Perry come on the show??’ and I had to remind them that she sings the theme song.

Anyway, the top five from yesterday are here to wow the judges and soon, Katy Perry.

So the contestants have 75 minutes to do a hot dish and cold element (temperature wise).

“Ah, Hot and Cold,” someone says.

“Very Katy Perry,” someone else says.

Time starts, and the contestants get going.

I’m not the biggest Katy Perry fan tbh, so I’m not too like OMG I have to watch it for Katy Perry.

It’s tasting time.

Overall, everyone does a beautiful plate of food, and Katy enjoys them all. Except for Reynold’s dish, it wasn’t the best tbh, but they weren’t offended by it either.

But there can only be one winner, and it’s Poh. Well done, Poh.

There’s a MasterClass, but I’m not here for the cooking, so let’s keep going.

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MasterChef Aus s12E15-19 – Recaps

Oki, it’s week two worth of MasterChef recaps.

HOT TIPS: I don’t really know a lot about threads and how to make them work, so there’s a bit of overlap here. Nonetheless, thank you so much to @JohnsonLeung for the awesome information! All these hot tips relate to each of the episodes for this week.

EPISODE 15: Sunday 3rd – Elimination

On Thursday, Jess won immunity

Dani decides not to use her immunity pin.

It’s another two round elimination. Five least impressive dishes will go into round two, so 14 safe.

It’s a crunch challenge where they can taste whenever they’re ready for maximum crunch. There’s a possibility of being sent upstairs straight away.

Time starts.
Chris brings up fish. They love it, and it’s crunchy. Not overthought.

Poh brings bar snacks.

Tessa, Emelia, Reece, Laura, Amina, Rose, Ben (sent to gantry)

Simon brings a chip butty and sounds like a supercrunch, very crunchy. He’s sent upstairs.

Sarah T brings fried chicken. It’s moist, succulent and zingy.

Dani regrets not using the pin. The batter is super light, no crunch.

Tracy, potato skins, super crunch, flavour is unbelievable.

Callum with crab. Too much garnish, only a hint of crunch, but tasty.

Khanh, coconut prawns. Bit of a crunch but overtaken by prawn texture.

Brendon brings up his dish that’s not crunch, it’s soft and doesn’t meet the breef.

One minute to go, and then time ends.

Sarah C, delicious.

Reynold, choc ganache. It’s really good. It has ice-cream and honeycomb and he’s sent to the gantry.

Hayden did curry and pappadums. The flavour wasn’t there and the pappadums are too dense. Jock tells him he forgot the salt again.

Verdict time.

Bottom for round two: Hayden, Brendan, Khanh, Callum and Dani.

Round two is Gooey, like a cheese toastie.

They have 75 minutes and an open pantry and garden.

Tasting time:

Hayden first, an egg yolk with parmesan foam.

Callum does a caramel. It’s nailed it.

Dani does eggs and has a cry. It’s runny, not gooey.

I don’t have notes on Brendan.

Everyone’s was really good, but Dani’s just didn’t have an ooze.

The verdict: Dani’s eggs didn’t fit the brief, and she’s out with her immunity pin.


EPISODE 16: Monday 4th – Team Challenge.

It’s suburban week, so the contestants roam Melbourne until they find a Thai restaurant, the Thai Ute, 40 mins from the CBD.

The winning team is safe, and the losing team goes to pressure test tomorrow.

Team Teal/Aqua: Emelia, Laura, Tessa, Amina, Ben, Reece, Rose, Poh, Simon.

Team Orange: Sarah C, Sarah T, Reynold, Brendon, Jess, Tracy, Callum, Chris, Hayden and Khahn.

Someone from seam two sits out, and it’s Sarah C as she’s not confident.

Tessa is captain for the teal team and Khahn for the orange.

They’ll be feeding 100 diners, 50 per team. Each team will do two entrees and three mains. They’ll have two and a half hours to prep and at the two and a half hours mark service will start.

Everything’s going on.

Teal decides to throw the pork in the deep fryer to cook it faster.

Teal does their entrees first. Both are great and the first is a great kick into the meal. The second is perfect and delish.

Orange does their entrees. The beetle leaf works amazingly, great flavours, huge winner. Crab has crunch, etc.


It starts to rain, flooding their kitchen a bit, but they crack on.

Orange for mains. Great balance between main and entrée, great flavours, they love everything.

Teal/Aqua brings theirs out. The clams have a poor sauce and barely any chilli which Jock calls a shame. The pork is tough and the sauce isn’t the best. Andy calls it unfortunate. There’s a clear winner.

Teal/Aqua will be in tomorrow’s pressure test.


EPISODE 17- Tuesday 5th – pressure test.

Tessa, Ben, Amina, Reece, Emelia, Laura, Simon and Rose test in the toughest ever test.

They’re at ‘Enter Via Laundry’ which seats 10 guests a week and over 1600 people on the wait list.

2 round pressure test.

Test one is taste and identify the 20 ingredients. The three with the lowest correct guesses will go intor round two.

Poh (4), Rose, Reece and Ben (6).

Sudden death taste test for Rose, Reece and Ben. First two to incorrectly identify the ingredients are into round 2. It’s a savoury snack. Rose incorrectly guesses almonds. Ben guesses curry leaf.

So, Poh, Rose and Ben are in rounds two.

They enter via laundry and come to the kitchen where they are told they’ll cook pasta not pasta, where the owner and one other chef can cook it. They have 60 minutes to cook and 3 to plate just before tasting. Time starts and they exit via laundry to a set up kitchen.

Ben doesn’t stir his pasta for the 20 minutes like he’s supposed to and it’s yuck, so he starts again, but decides to use the original batch.

First to taste is Poh. She starts plating at the kitchen bench inside. It’s great and would be served.

Next is Rose, she’s nervous. It has quite a bit of chilli and it’s too much. Also too sweet and the pasta too thin.

Finally, Ben. Pretty well done, Andy thought it would send him home but it was really good.

It’s verdict time, and Rose is out. Jock says he’ll slide Gordon Ramsey her number as per a convo back in week one.


EPISODE 18 – Wednesday 6th – Mystery box.

The kitchen is all set up outside on a nature strip. Mel opens the box to reveal it empty, then some people walk over with their home grown ingredients. They’ve got gravenside apples, garlic, blue cheese, shitake mushrooms, yellow zucchini, brown rice miso and basil.

They have 75 minutes, must use at least one ingredient, and have the usual staples. Best three will go to immunity tomorrow.

But, they get one more ingredient, so they run down to their nearest Coles to get their ingredient and then return to cook. Time starts when they return.

Tasting time:

Hayden does an apple cake which they all love and call it delish, tasty and brilliant.

Tracy does snags, nothing but praise for technique and the dish.

Reynold does parsnip with ice-cream, doesn’t work out.

Sarah C and T, Simon, Brendan,

Amina does a Torelini and they love it.

Laura does some great elements.

Emelia doesn’t have a weak element on the plate.

Poh is slightly undercooked but still great.


  1. Amina – dish of the day.
  2. Emelia
  3. Tracy

Special mention, Hayden.


EPISODE 19: Thursday 7th – Immunity Challenge.

Andy meets the women at the corner and walks them through Windsor in Melbourne to a sushi train, Ganbare Kaz.

The contestants are the diners tonight.

Each of the three women must create five individual Asian inspired snack dishes and much do 20 of each dish. The dish doesn’t have to be Japanese.

Each will do a total of 100 plates and have two and a half hours to prepare. Once service starts, a dish must be sent every 15 minutes.

It’ll be a blind tasting with the judges keeping out of the kitchen the whole time.

Amina goes for a Korean feel as it’s her heritage.

The three sing and chat as they cook to keep spirits up. Amazing.

Emelia sends out her kingfish dish before realising she doesn’t have enough fish for 20 dishes. The portion is inconsistent but the heat and flavours are tasty.

Amina sends out her tuna and there are no complaints.

Tracy serves her kingfish sashimi and it’s elegant and beautiful.

Second dish:

Emelia forgot the pickle. It’s super well seasoned though.

Amina does rice balls. It’s a bit greasy but the kimchi helps, Jock says, but mel disagrees.

Tracy falls behind but serves Ma Hor. Jock calls it a party.

Third dish:

Emelia did a non-traditional dumpling – giant – but the judges find it too hard to eat. But it’s not a banger, tasty, but still eh.

Amina sends out a non-halal dish and asks Emelia to try it to see if it needs salt, which was very lovely moment. They enjoy Emina’s dish.

Tracy sends out her dish which Khahn is excited about, but the judges don’t really care for.

Fourth dish:

Emelia calls it the green machine, which is Canberra Raiders erasure, but as a Roosters supporter, I don’t really care. They enjoy the dish.

Amina does a deep fried tofu dish and they really enjoy it.

Tracy does a plate, which Andy enjoys.

Fifth and final:

Emina does beef titaki which is delicious but chunky when traditionally thin.

Amina does scallops. It’s a smart dish.

Tracy also does scallops. It’s famtastic and punchy and fresh.

Results: Amina.

She’s speechless and delayed reaction after a hard cook, but she’s ecstatic and proud. She asks the judges to give the other two immunity as well, but they straight up say no.

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Masterchef AUs S12E12-14 – Recaps

In a shocking turn of events, my notes are actually trash and so are the pictures I have. RIP.

So, in lieu of a proper recap for each episode, each week will get a recap (for the episodes I’m missing) so we can resume faster. Alas, no pictures.


EPISODE 12: Tuesday 28th – pressure test

Andy tells the contestants he wants something where when you lift the lid, you go, “Wow!”

The judges will leave half an hour before the end so they’re surprised. The least impressive dish will go home, which means today is not a day to play it safe. They have two hours to knock socks off.

Time starts, and they rush to get everything ready. Poh decides to go big today.

First is Laura with ravioli. They love the dish, no surprise.

Next is Harry who did a “rock pool” which looked pretty cool, from memory had some dry ice? It was very theatrical. However, as cool as it may look, there was no hero flavour wise.

Amina next with dondurma. The judges dig in and say it’s a fancy version of a rustic dish, which they like.

Next is Sarah T with a sweet and sour pork. The judges love it and it looks impressive. I want to eat it.

Hayden brings in a dessert, a violet crumble.  Shocked, the judges are excited to dig in, however the tastes are not overly impressive.

Poh brings in her pie with some veggies on the side. Evn though she was adventurous with time again, it worked well. Jock calls it magic and Andy calls the addition of blue cheese, ‘Genius’.

It’s decision time. Poh, Amina, Laura and Sarah (dish of the day) are wow dishes.

But Harry and Hayden just weren’t there today. While they were both very visually impressive, the flavours were just eh, but Harry’s flavours were the most eh and least impressive, so he’s gone.


EPISODE 13 : Wednesday 29th – Mystery Box.

Each mystery box is different and they must use each ingredient, however they can swap with each other. Poh decides not to swap anything. Some are more desperate to get rid of certain items than others.

The contestants have 75 minutes and every dish will be tasted. The top four will be going into immunity tomorrow. Andy starts the time and everyone goes.

Dani is having a drama and a half and Mel has to reassure her to keep cooking.

Time ends.

Callum did a Japanese carrot and ginger, chicken and soy dish. Andy calls it ‘epic’ and they say there’s no weak link in the dish.

Reynold had purple cabbage, goats cheese, lobster tail and miso. Jock loves everything but the goats cheese.

Sarah C presents an alright dish.

Laura does gnocchi, with apples, mint, potatoes and peas. “You’ve gnocc-ed it out of the park,” Mel jokes, and I WILL be using that, I promise you.

Poh. Cherry, speck, tuna, venison. They like it and call it nice, different, unusual… and good.

Hayden brings out dumplings.

Rose does a mac and cheese with almond and macadamia.

Emelia did a Macedonian dish.

Dani did prawns in, what I can only assume based on my bad handwriting, pok. She had pork belly, orange, prawn and tarragon. Andy says the dish tastes confised because she too was confused, but it’s a good dish.

Sarah T did mango, chilli, lemon, coconut cream and they love it and tell her to put it on her menu.

Reece, Simon, Brendan, Chris and everyone else get tasted.

Jess – parsnip, parsley, chocolate and fennel, which they love.

It’s time for the decision.

Tomorrow, Callum, Jess, Laura and Sarah T will fight to be free on Sunday.


EPISODE 14 – Thursday 30th – Immunity Challenge.

Today is an auction, with a special guest – Curtis Stone, because we need a reminder of who sponsors MasterChef (I was thinking IGA for a bit, but no, it’s Aldi – uh, Coles)

Everyone starts with 120 minutes and the first to bid on an item gets it. So the clock starts at 60 and ticks down in five minute increments. So if you raise your paddle straight away, you lose 60 minutes and get the item. It’s a waiting game, it’s a gamble. There’s four items in each category, and three items to be bid on (each person can only get one item from each category), the last item is given for free to the remaining person.

There are no staples, so they have to be smart. They must use one thing from each of their categories, and all dishes will be tasted.

Cat 1: Protein: eggs (Jess, 10mins), coral trout (Sarah, 35mins), chicken (Callum, 15mins), tofu (Laura, free).

Cat 2: Misc: vinegars (Laura, 40mins), citrus’ (Sarah, 15mins) , rices (Jess, free) and corns (Callum, 10mins).

Cat 3: Fruit and Veg: stone fruit (Jess, 5mins), nightshades (Callum, 5mins), leafy greens (Laura, 35mins), root veggies (Sarah, free).

Cat 4: Herbs and Spices: Asian herbs (Sarah, 10mins), Middle Eastern (Jess, 5mins), European like sage and parsley etc (Callum, 15mins), another type of spice that I can’t remember (Laura, free).

Time remaining: Laura 45mins, Callum 75mins, Sarah 60mins, Jess 100mins.

The cook is a mess of panic.

Tasting time.

First is Jess with a savoury dish. The judges enjoy it.

Next is Sarah with her trout. It’s burnt and bitter and they’re concerned. It’s not the best. Everything else is alright, but that bitter taste lingers.

Callum. Pretty good, tastes yum, but the chicken is overcooked. Curtis and ock like the dish though.

Laura brings in her tofu. It looks elegant, but Curtis worries about the Tofu. However, everyone enjoys it and they call it clever cooking. The tofu concerns were unjustified.


Jess and Laura stood out the most. But Jess gets the immunity.

Next post will be the next week.

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MasterChef Aus Recaps – Update

Good evening,

So, it’s been a little while since I last did a recap, for which I apologies. With the COVID situation, I’m still working, and my hours have gone up significantly, which has made it harder to do my recaps. I’ve finished work a few times after MasterChef has started, so I miss the episode, and I just really want to go to bed.

I’ve written notes on about eight episodes that I missed, and have Monday to Thursday of this week to watch. My aim is to get all the recaps written and posted tomorrow, so if you follow me via emails, I’m so sorry, but you’re going to get a little spam of emails.

However, I think with how many I have to do, I might just do one big post for each week, recapping each individual episode. Same content as usual, but just longer, and a page break between each. I don’t know, but I’ll have a play around so it’s quicker (and spams less), and now that I’m looking over my notes, it’s not as comprehensive as I had thought when I wrote them.

Anyway, my impromptu hiatus is about to come to an end, and then it’ll be regular posting.

Thanks for hanging in there, and see you soon!