Masterchef AUs S12E12-14 – Recaps

In a shocking turn of events, my notes are actually trash and so are the pictures I have. RIP.

So, in lieu of a proper recap for each episode, each week will get a recap (for the episodes I’m missing) so we can resume faster. Alas, no pictures.


EPISODE 12: Tuesday 28th – pressure test

Andy tells the contestants he wants something where when you lift the lid, you go, “Wow!”

The judges will leave half an hour before the end so they’re surprised. The least impressive dish will go home, which means today is not a day to play it safe. They have two hours to knock socks off.

Time starts, and they rush to get everything ready. Poh decides to go big today.

First is Laura with ravioli. They love the dish, no surprise.

Next is Harry who did a “rock pool” which looked pretty cool, from memory had some dry ice? It was very theatrical. However, as cool as it may look, there was no hero flavour wise.

Amina next with dondurma. The judges dig in and say it’s a fancy version of a rustic dish, which they like.

Next is Sarah T with a sweet and sour pork. The judges love it and it looks impressive. I want to eat it.

Hayden brings in a dessert, a violet crumble.  Shocked, the judges are excited to dig in, however the tastes are not overly impressive.

Poh brings in her pie with some veggies on the side. Evn though she was adventurous with time again, it worked well. Jock calls it magic and Andy calls the addition of blue cheese, ‘Genius’.

It’s decision time. Poh, Amina, Laura and Sarah (dish of the day) are wow dishes.

But Harry and Hayden just weren’t there today. While they were both very visually impressive, the flavours were just eh, but Harry’s flavours were the most eh and least impressive, so he’s gone.


EPISODE 13 : Wednesday 29th – Mystery Box.

Each mystery box is different and they must use each ingredient, however they can swap with each other. Poh decides not to swap anything. Some are more desperate to get rid of certain items than others.

The contestants have 75 minutes and every dish will be tasted. The top four will be going into immunity tomorrow. Andy starts the time and everyone goes.

Dani is having a drama and a half and Mel has to reassure her to keep cooking.

Time ends.

Callum did a Japanese carrot and ginger, chicken and soy dish. Andy calls it ‘epic’ and they say there’s no weak link in the dish.

Reynold had purple cabbage, goats cheese, lobster tail and miso. Jock loves everything but the goats cheese.

Sarah C presents an alright dish.

Laura does gnocchi, with apples, mint, potatoes and peas. “You’ve gnocc-ed it out of the park,” Mel jokes, and I WILL be using that, I promise you.

Poh. Cherry, speck, tuna, venison. They like it and call it nice, different, unusual… and good.

Hayden brings out dumplings.

Rose does a mac and cheese with almond and macadamia.

Emelia did a Macedonian dish.

Dani did prawns in, what I can only assume based on my bad handwriting, pok. She had pork belly, orange, prawn and tarragon. Andy says the dish tastes confised because she too was confused, but it’s a good dish.

Sarah T did mango, chilli, lemon, coconut cream and they love it and tell her to put it on her menu.

Reece, Simon, Brendan, Chris and everyone else get tasted.

Jess – parsnip, parsley, chocolate and fennel, which they love.

It’s time for the decision.

Tomorrow, Callum, Jess, Laura and Sarah T will fight to be free on Sunday.


EPISODE 14 – Thursday 30th – Immunity Challenge.

Today is an auction, with a special guest – Curtis Stone, because we need a reminder of who sponsors MasterChef (I was thinking IGA for a bit, but no, it’s Aldi – uh, Coles)

Everyone starts with 120 minutes and the first to bid on an item gets it. So the clock starts at 60 and ticks down in five minute increments. So if you raise your paddle straight away, you lose 60 minutes and get the item. It’s a waiting game, it’s a gamble. There’s four items in each category, and three items to be bid on (each person can only get one item from each category), the last item is given for free to the remaining person.

There are no staples, so they have to be smart. They must use one thing from each of their categories, and all dishes will be tasted.

Cat 1: Protein: eggs (Jess, 10mins), coral trout (Sarah, 35mins), chicken (Callum, 15mins), tofu (Laura, free).

Cat 2: Misc: vinegars (Laura, 40mins), citrus’ (Sarah, 15mins) , rices (Jess, free) and corns (Callum, 10mins).

Cat 3: Fruit and Veg: stone fruit (Jess, 5mins), nightshades (Callum, 5mins), leafy greens (Laura, 35mins), root veggies (Sarah, free).

Cat 4: Herbs and Spices: Asian herbs (Sarah, 10mins), Middle Eastern (Jess, 5mins), European like sage and parsley etc (Callum, 15mins), another type of spice that I can’t remember (Laura, free).

Time remaining: Laura 45mins, Callum 75mins, Sarah 60mins, Jess 100mins.

The cook is a mess of panic.

Tasting time.

First is Jess with a savoury dish. The judges enjoy it.

Next is Sarah with her trout. It’s burnt and bitter and they’re concerned. It’s not the best. Everything else is alright, but that bitter taste lingers.

Callum. Pretty good, tastes yum, but the chicken is overcooked. Curtis and ock like the dish though.

Laura brings in her tofu. It looks elegant, but Curtis worries about the Tofu. However, everyone enjoys it and they call it clever cooking. The tofu concerns were unjustified.


Jess and Laura stood out the most. But Jess gets the immunity.

Next post will be the next week.


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