MasterChef Aus S12E30 – Recap

Well well well! It’s been a while since we’ve been here together like this. I’ve missed it.

I’ve got a hot tip, this came from my partner, who’s birthday it was last week (happy birthday, babe!). So, the current (confirmed) gays are Khanh, Reece and Brendon, Khanh’s wearing shirts saying, ‘You are loved’, all the time, and I thought it was just cute, but I actually have some info on it (I might be behind, maybe you already know, but hey). Here is all the information on it, as well as how you can buy it. Basically, he’s wearing a shirt for an LGBTQIA+ youth charity called Minus18. Ten dollars from each shirt (cost is $35AUD) goes to the charity. Very sweet, I want one or two.


The contestants come into the kitchen to find Jock, Mel and Andy waiting for them in front of a table with a big cloth over it, hiding a surprise.

The judges are ready for action.

After harassing the contestants for a bit, and reminding them that tonight we will have the top 12, they finally reveal what’s underneath: 28 different types of fish.

“Today,” Andy says, “it’s all about fish!”

And here to help the judges with this fishy elimination is none other than Josh Niland, who happened to go to school with Andy.
He’s a fish butcher, he uses every part of the fish.

Welcome to the MasterChef kitchen, Josh!

“Today’s challenge takes place over two rounds,” Jock says, before introducing round one.

Name! That! Fish!

Which sounds awfully familiar – a title just like my game show (which I use as the generic tv show in all my fiction writing pieces), Pat That Cat.

The contestants get in a line, and one by one, they come up and guess a fish. The judges aren’t yelling out ‘name that fish’ like it’s a tv show, which is kinda irking me? I don’t know, I just feel like this could have been a bit more funner, but who am I to critique MasterChef? (I’ve done it twice and I’ll do it again!)

First incorrect is Khanh who guessed yellow fin tuna on a big boi fish.
Second incorrect is Emelia who guesses king fish.
Third is Reece, and fourth Laura who both guessed san whiting on a small boi fish.
Fifth and final is Tracy who guessed cod, but was hapuka(?).

Everyone else goes up to join Jess, leaving out five alone with the judges.

Josh brings out a king fish and butchers it – literally! He opens it up, separates into sections.

From the shank to the head

Jock comes around with a bag with numbers in it.

Khanh gets first pick, followed by Emelia, Tracy, Reece, and finally Laura.

Now everyone has their pieces, it’s time to start cooking.

They’ll have 60 minutes, must use their fish. They’ll have an open pantry and garden, and the least impressive will go home today.

Time starts, and that’s my cue to get out of here.


There were a few dramas through the cook, but time ends and there’s nothing they can do about it now.

It’s tasting time, and first up is Laura.

Kingfish Tail Chop with Smoked Pipi Sauce, Wakame and Succulents

There were a few concerns with the fact she had cut up Josh’s section of fish.

The judges love it and Josh calls it, “Outstanding”.

Next is Reece.

Crispy Skin Kingfish Belly with Vegetables and Chicken Stock

“Can’t cook cake everyday,” Mel says, which rubs me the wrong way, because Laura has literally cooked pasta every cook, and when she doesn’t, it’s a shock, but no-one says anything to her about that…
I’m probably misinterpreting her meaning, but with this editing, it’s hard to discern what she does truely mean.

Anyway, the judges are excited to eat.
They say the fish is a bit too over, but it’s a meal you want to dive into.

Next is Emelia.

Kingfish Cioppino

Emelia isn’t really sure how it’s cooked, so I’m interested to see how this goes…

She leaves and it’s cut open. it looks very over.
It is very overcooked and the sauce is salty.
It’s not a great dish, and Jock says she’s close to the bottom.

It’s Tracy next.

Kingfish Cutlet with Chorizo and Sweet Corn

Josh comments that the fish is coming away from the bone. In terms of how over it is, an 11/10. Jock cringes.
They eat on up and give each other looks as they do.
The corn was nice and nicely seasoned, but that fish was so well done, “it could pat it’s own back,” Jock says.
There’s no relief from the sauce.

Time for my boy, Khanh.

Mum’s Canh Chua Cá

This is the dish that sent him home in his season.

The judges love it, it’s certainly a redemption dish. They have no faults to critique.


It’s time for the results.

Josh says they did a great job and it was the first time he handed over his product for someone to cook.
Andy says two of them did a great job. The two safe are Laura and Khanh, both having done well.

Unfortunately, there were some shockers. But one couldn’t be overlooked – Tracy.

Tracy’s fish was too over, and that means she’s out of here. After a few hugs, she gives a final wave and walks out of the kitchen for the last time.

This leaves us with our top 12!


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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