MasterChef Aus S12E31 – Recap

This episode was filmed at the beginning of the COVID situation when we first had to do the social distancing, and as unprecedented as this whole situation is, even more so for this cooking competition, especially for the service/team challenge. It’ll be interesting to see what changes have been made, and I’ll be sure to note them for you.

Today’s hot tip comes from Mel herself.

She was unwell at the time of filming, and instead of coming in, she went to the doctors, found out what was wrong, and came back when she was safe to. The link to instagram in her tweet above details exactly what happened, but that’s the gist of it.

The contestants come in to find Andy and Jock standing at the front, with three benches behind them.

“Keep a safe distance apart from each other,” Jock says, as they enter.

Here are the new rules:
Everyone stands apart.
Must keep a safe distance at all times.

This week, only one person is going home. “And that’s not all,” Andy says, before announcing that two people will get immunity this week.

The winners of today’s challenge will battle tomorrow for the extra immunity. So I suppose Tuesday is immunity, Wednesday is Mystery Box, and Thursday is Immunity again, before an elimination on Sunday.

Today is a team relay. They’ll cook in three teams of four. Each team cooks two plates of food – main and dessert. Cooking time is 80 minutes, and each person will cook for 20 minutes, with 45 seconds between each cook for a handover.

Simon, Sarah and Reynold will be the first to cook, therefore on different teams.
Next, Poh, Tessa and Emelia, then Jess, Kahn and Laura, and finally Callum, Reece and Brendon.

Everyone bar the first row won’t know what team they’re on.

Team red: Reynold,
Team Navy: Sarah,
Team Green: Simon,

Under each bench is an electrical appliance, and they must use it in some way shape or form through the cook.

Time starts, and the three figure out what their dishes will be and set up the whole cook.


It’s handover, and Poh (Navy), Emelia (Green) and Tessa (Red) come out and the hand over time begins.

Reynold, Simon and Sarah are forced into the garden to watch the cooking contestants on a tv.

Poh is getting lost and in her flustered state, she nicks herself, blood pouring. Yuck. Sarah’s watching outside, getting a bit anxious. Same, Sarah, same.

I don’t really understand anything that’s going on, except that Poh hasn’t done a lot, and burnt her parsnips. Sarah is freaking the fuck out in the garden as she watches the drama unfold.

It’s another handover, and Laura (Red), Khanh (Green) and Jess (Navy) go to meet Emelia, Poh and Tessa.

The teams at the moment are:
Red: Reynold, Tessa, Laura.
Green: Simon, Emelia, Khanh.
Navy: Sarah, Poh, Jess.

As each person cooks, every member of the team freaks out from outside, watching as they naïvely make mistakes, or freak out with what’s going on.

It’s time for the final hand over. Callum (Navy), Reece (Red) and Brendon (Green) come in and get the last of the information before joining the rest of their team members in the garden.

The green team are all freaking out for how long the octopus has been on the little grill thing. Brendon takes it off, realises how shit it is, and the green team are all scared that it’s super overcooked and not viable for plating.

What a mess.

Reece decides to use the grill thing to cook some fish, but there’s a fire. He turns, looks at it, and says, “Ooh, girl!” and I just love him so much haha

So, gloves were never actually established as a rule, but some of them seem to be wearing gloves, some of them are using their bare hands, I think?

Brendon runs to the pantry and grabs some prawns to replace the octopus that Khanh ruined cooked.
Andy cackles a little as he sees Brendon prep and cook the prawns.

It’s almost the end of time, and the final three are rushing to get everything done perfectly.

Time ends, and all the contestants run into the kitchen to stand vaguely near each other and scream.


It’s tasting time, and first up is Team Navy (Sarah, Poh, Jess, Callum).

Jock plates them up separately, part of the new rules. So they brought over the two plates, and then two additional plates were brought over for them to seperate.

Andy starts with the lamb. He says all the elements were pretty simple, and could have been better. He says the coconut foam brings it from a pub dish to something a lot better, and Andy says that’s on Jess, she should take the credit.
Jock calls the lamb a pub dish, and agrees with Andy on the dessert, however he has complains on the cauliflower aspects of the lamb.

Next is Team Red (Reynold, Tessa, Laura, Reece).

Jock plates them up, as the contestants nervously look on. They’re worried the fish will be overcooked. Unfortunately, the panna cotta hasn’t set on the inside, so they’re pretty sure they’re out of the running now. It’s all soup-y as Andy eats up.

Andy has not a lot of good things to say, bar the fish was nicely cooked. Jock said he liked the flavours of the trout dish overall. He called it disjointed.

A shame, but it looks like Red Team is out of the running of immunity.

Finally, it’s Team Green (Simon, Emelia, Khanh, Brendon).

Simon says the dessert was exactly what he was imagining when he started cooking, but the main was not.

Jock says the salad with the prawns was delicious. Unfortuntely, the prawns were overcooked, but the flavours were, “Banging”. He loved the dessert.
Andy also enjoys the salad and the acidity. The pastry in the dessert was excellent.

There are no high-fives as the contestants return to benches.


It’s time for the results.

Andy straight up tells the Red Team that they’re out of the running, because their dishes just weren’t there.
Jock runs through any issues with Navy and Green.

But there can only be one winner. I think it’s the Galette that solidifies Green as the winner of the challenge.

So, that’s the episode! Tomorrow, Simon, Emelia, Khanh and Brendon will be fighting for elimination.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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