MasterChef Aus S12E32 – Recap

Tonight is the “pressure test”, but the winner of today will get immunity, so no-one will be going home. Phew!

Mel is back, and the social distancing is continuing.

Jock asks the four competing, Khanh, Simon, Emelia and Brendon, what getting immunity this week would mean to them.

“I just want a week off from the crippling anxiety,” Emelia says.
Me too, boo, me too.

It’s time for the dish. In walks Kirstin Tibballs with a special looking plate. She lifts the lid to show the dish.

“Today, you’ll be cooking my…” she lifts the lid, “Mojito.”

They each get a dessert on their benches. It’s cut open showing all the layers. They get to eat their watermelon mojito, not having to worry about sharing, which is really the dream. I’m terrible at sharing, which always comes back to bite me, when I’ve eaten a whole bag of popcorn and my girl hasn’t had any.

Kirsten gives them the low down, giving them hints on the chocolate.

They’ll have three hours to cook and three minutes before serving to get it ready. All the things they need are at their benches.
Andy reminds them that the best dish gets immunity, so really if they can’t do it and it turns into a vodka mess, that’s fine because they won’t be out.


Time starts, and everyone washes their hands first before getting into reading the recipe.

This is the worst bit about watching the episode as it airs – I can’t just skip the cooking. But it means my pide can get here before the judges taste, which is always handy.

Brendon is having a drama of a time, and it looks like Khanh is having a bit of a drama as well, but it’s ok because they won’t get evicted tonight. Eliminated. I think I’ve got Big Brother on my mind… Or I’m thinking about what would happen to me if I attempted to cook this dessert…

Part of the cooking is filling a balloon with goods, but Emelia is having dramas tying the balloon. Honestly though, for the most part, she’s doing amazing, she’ll knock this out of the park.

Everyone’s going really well, and then when Khanh goes to do what Emelia did with the balloon in the chocolate stuff, it just crumbles, along with his hopes of getting immunity.

Simon goes to pull his balloon from the chocolate dome and it just cracks the whole thing in half and I audible gasp.

Finally, time runs out and everyone steps away from their benches.


First to present to the judges is Brendon, who fills the watermelon shell and gets everything ready, before presenting to the judges.

They’re all sitting at the long table, Jock and Andy at two seperate ends, and Mel and Kirsten sitting in the middle of the table, everyone apart.

They all love everything, I don’t recall any actual critiques, other than the stripes on the watermelon being different to how Kirsten does hers.

“He’s done exceptionally well,” Jock says.

Next is Khanh. (We get an ad break, so I wait for my boi’s watermelon, like I wait for my pide to be confirmed – riddled with fear and hunger)

They crack it open and find that the watermelon is quite thick at the bottom, but otherwise, it’s pretty good, which I’m glad to hear.
Jock calls the tempering perfect, but says the visuals just isn’t quite there.

It’s Simon’s turn, and he’s upset that he used a less than great sphere.
As Kirsten tries to cut it open, they comment that it’s quite a thick sphere.

And then we cut to ad break again?! And the restaurant I ordered from closed?! This is outragous.

“Well, he got all the elements at least, right?” Mel asks, and Kirsten confirms.
Thick as it may have been, the elements were all really good, which is nice to hear, I guess. I don’t care for Simon because of something he said to Anushka and Tati last season. What can I say? I hold a grudge lmao.

Finally, it’s Emelia, and Kirsten says it looks wonderful.

“I can’t fault any of it, she should be congratulated, “Kirsten says.

Well, I don’t think we need to hear any more.

No-one else agrees, and they all compliment her dish.


It’s time for the results. No surprises here.

Jock says he’s not going to go through the critique, instead just celebrate the best dish, which also gives the maker immunity.

“Congratulations, Emelia,” Jock says, and everyone applauds her.

Mel tells everyone to bugger off, and that’s the episode!

Tomorrow night is the Mystery Box, and it looks like it’ll be about their family.

See you then!


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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