MasterChef Aus S12E33 – Recap

Hello, hello! It’s MasterChef time!

So, Tuesday, there was no elim – we got an additional immunity for Sunday, and for wowing everyone, Emelia will be safe! Huzzuh!

It’s Mystery Box day, with the top fighting for immunity again tomorrow. Let’s get into it.

Oh, before we start, I’ve got a Hot Tip, once again from my beautiful girl. I swear, she knows more about MasterChef than I do sometimes, and she doesn’t even watch the episodes (does she read the recaps? Who’s to say?).
Anyway, Reynold recently apologised for homophobic rants online, where he said homosexuality is a mental illness and said all the gays should be put on an island. Here’s a link to the full article. Opens in new tab.

Do these revelations change the way you think about Reynold? Let me know your thoughts.

I’m also kinda watching Glee on the side, because I”m gay, but I won’t let it distract me, except for the cooking time, I don’t care for the cooking.

All the contestants walk in to find the benches set with a mystery box and the judges waiting for them at the front. Emelia walks up to stare at them from the roof, because she can’t get immunity again. The judges say she won’t have to cook for the rest of the week.

Jock tells them not to mess around, and to open the lid.

Inside is a picture of them as a kid – a photo sent in from a loved one. It’s super cute, people are getting a bit teary. Mel asks them to explain. It’s sweet. Khanh starts crying as he talks about his photo and his past. He was a little kid, and it was their first day coming to Aus from a refugee camp, where he was born. Aww I love him even more now.

And then on Glee, stuff happened and it was more interesting than hearing about the meaning behind pictures, but I looked back to see a lot of tears, and Mel crying from the photos.

Andy tells them to take inspiration from their photo and make a great dish. The garden and pantry are open today. The best four will go into immunity tomorrow. Their time, sixty minutes, start.


Honest;y, I completely missed the entire cook, so let’s jump straight to the tasting, which is truely the most important thing..

First to taste is Callum.

Callum talks about how his father passed while he was a kid and he started cooking for the fam, which is where his love of food came from.

The judges love it, they think it’s delicious and sellable.

Next is Brendon.

Dan Dan Noodles.

Brendon says his grandma taught him to make noodles from scratch, and he plates up for the judges.

“It’s a plate of food that’s really not you,” Andy says, describing Brendon as a gentle person, but the dish as an angry, fiery one.

They adore it.

It’s Poh time.

Vegetarian Dan Dan Noodles

Poh talks about her dad and how this dish was inspired by him.

The judges get their dishes and are all taking a bit to deal with their hot mouths.

Mel says the dish looks so gentle and subtle but it’s waves of spice etc which is great, and “triumphant”. “I feel great privilege in eating it.”

Next is Jess, who has cooked a Hazelnut Chocolate Crack with Dark Chocolate Tia Maria Mousse – a play on Ferrero Rocher.

Andy gets super excited when cracking his. “It’s like an egg!”

The judges have one each and crack them open, to reveal many layers inside. Andy gets Jess to go through each layer, before tasting.

Jock says it doesn’t taste anything like a Ferrero Rocher, but it’s one of the best desserts he’s eaten all year. He goes on to talk about all the positive things with the dish – everything – and how it’s amazing she did it in 60 minutes.

They absolutely enthuse on her skills.

Next is Khanh

Chao Ga with Dau Chao Quay

Andy says this dish is packed in with so many emotional flavour, and he feels like it’s a hug from Khanh.

They absolutely love it, and it’s lovely.

A few people come up and share their dishes and inspiration (Laura, Simon, Sarah, Tessa, ) and then we’re back to getting photos.

It’s Reece.

Nan’s Sponge Cake with Passionfruit Butter, Vanilla Orange Cream

Jock gets particularly emotional, as he connects to this dish a lot.

Andy again swears he doesn’t actually like cake, but he likes this.

Final dish, it’s Reynold with a dish called Bali Sunrise, the name of his parents restaurant.

The judges love that it looks like a coconut, and are surprised to see the green when they crack it open.
Jock asks Reynold to run through the elements. I cannot tell you what the green is, I’m sorry.

They’re shocked, like Jess’, that he got that made in 60 minutes. Jock says the dessert techniques are commendable.

It’s time for the results.


Jock says they couldn’t pick just four, which is unprecedented, just like these unprecedented times. They decided to pick a top five.

Those going into immunity are: Jess, Poh, Brendon, Kahn, and Reynold.

And that’s the episode! How good.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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  1. I was disappointed to hear Reynolds rants, but he said he has changed. Hate is taught, I hope that he really has changed.


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