MasterChef Aus S12EPS 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 & 39 – Recap

Goodness gracious, I’m back!

So, good news (or bad news, depending on how you see it haha), my work hours have been significantly cut (damn COVID), so I’ve got like 4 days off, and 22 episodes to watch (easy peasy, I’m a champion binge watcher).

Here’s the plan: I’ll post recaps in chunks of five, a new page for each recap. Bear with, though, as I’ve never done multiple pages like that before, so it might be a bit weird. I’ll aim to get photos with it, but one episode usually takes me like an hour and a half to get everything together, so it will likely be more like when I did that last big binge than usual episode recaps, but we’ll see what happens.

With finals week right around the corner, I’m aiming to be up to date so we can have all the episodes done and ready when MasterChef officially ends.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


EPisode 34 – Thursday 28th May – Immunity

In for immunity today is Khanh, Jess, Reynold, Poh, and Brendon.

Andy, Mel and Jock wait for the top five at the front

“Today’s challenge is all about telling a story, and the story you need to tell is under here,” Mel tells them, pointing to the hidden items.

The stories are: Goldilocks, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, the Ugly Duckling, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White.

I’ve always been a Snow White fan, so much so that when I cut my hair, I inadvertently got a Snow White hair cut.

So they choose a story and use it as inspiration, with unlimited possibilities, a real creative dish.

They have the pantry and garden access, with 75 minutes. The winner will have immunity for Sunday.

Time starts, and as I have so many episodes to watch and I don’t care about the cooking aspect of this show, I skip further ahead.

Time ends, and tasting begins. What I’ll do is put all the photos together and then run through what the judges say, and all that jazz.

First is Khanh with the Kladdkaka with Rose Ice Cream and Strawberries, inspired by Beauty and the Beast. He brought it out on a glass stand with a bell jar closh to put on top (image two).
Although a new dessert to the judges, they all really enjoyed it, full of flavour, surprised by a cake from Khanh. Mel calls it a bit romantic and dramatic. Andy would have preferred a sliver than a wedge. They all love the flavours.

Next is Reynold with a chocolate bowl. He pours hot caramel into it to make a rabbit hole effect (image four) to his dish, Down the Rabbit Hole, inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
They’re in awe of the dish, shocked at how quickly it was conceived of, and Mel calls it a bombshell, a real back to win dish. They all love it.

Poh did a Tofu Bloom with Dried Scallop Broth and Fried Rice. She wanted to use humble ingredients to make a great dish, inspired by the Ugly Duckling.
Andy describes the dish as a warm hug from grandma. They all love the broth. However, the rice is slightly undercooked.

Brendon’s up, also doing a Beauty and the Beast inspired dish called Hakien.
Andy feels like this is more of a dish Brendon wanted to cook and just shoed it into this brief. The presentation could have been better, the dipping sauce doesn’t really stand out. It’s a good dish, but just not for today and this brief.

Finally, Jess, inspired by Goldilocks, with her dish called The One Who Got Away. Each sphere has something different inside (image eight) – the first sphere has nothing inside, the second one has a yogurt and the third is a mango thing.
Mel feels like there’s a bit too many elements and crammed too much in a dish. Andy feels like she’s bit off more than she can chew.


It’s time for the decision.

Andy gives them all compliments, before the get into who the best was.
Mel calls it a one-horse race, hitting the brief out of the kingdom.
The winner is Reynold, his first immunity ever. He never got immunity in his season, apparently.

Reynold and Emelia have immunity for Sunday.

Alright, next page for the elimination.

I think I jinxed myself by writing that I have no hours. I suddenly got phone call after phone call from my bosses giving me work so, I guess this weekend is the best shot I’ve got to get everything done. Let’s crack on!


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  1. Anchovy icecream? I like anchovies but im not sure, I guess I’d give it a crack if someone gave it to me, but no way I’d order and pay for it at the gelato stall🤣🤣


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