MasterChef Aus S12EPS 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 & 39 – Recap

EPisode 35 – Sunday 31st May – Elimination

It’s elimination day, with the only contestants safe being Emelia and Reynold.

Fighting today are Simon, Poh, Sarah, Callum, Laura, Khanh, Brendon, Tessa, Reece and Jess

The judges stand by tables.

Two rounds today, round one is ice-cream. They need to make to different ice-cream flavours for the one dish. They want two scoops each in their own bowls.

Andy is in front of a table of fresh ingredients. Mel has stuff from dry store, and Jock is next to the dairy, eggs, ice-cream base items.

They have 75 minutes and all dishes will be tasted, but Jock said that any boring flavours will not be tasted by him and will automatically go to round two.

As usual, I skip the cooking and go straight to tasting.


Like the last one, I’ll chuck all of them in together in a slideshow for you to see.

Tessa’s first for tasting with Myrtle and Beetroot Ice Cream and Tamarind Ice Cream.
Jock says alone they’re not great, but together it’s amazing. All of them enjoy the dish.

Next is Poh with wasabi vanilla and strawberry creme fraiche, her ‘Not Normal Neapolitan’. Jock described the wasabi as jarring.

It’s Reece next with a Mandarin and Tarragon Ice Cream and White Chocolate and Miso Parfait.
Andy said it was spot on and the best he’s put up so far. Mel said tens across the board, snapping her fingers as she did so.

Next up – Khanh. He made Smoked Rhubarb Ice Cream and Cardamom and Vanilla Ice Cream.
Jock loved it, shocking Khanh, as he was doubting himself. Everyone loved it.

It’s Sarah’s turn with Sweet Corn Ice Cream and Miso Ice Cream.
Andy calls it banging, packed full of flavour.

Laura with Roast Fig Ice Cream and Wattleseed Ice Cream.
Mel calls this dish, ‘clearly and utterly you’.

Next is Simon, who’s disappointed with how it’s gone. It’s molasses and peach ice cream with pancakes.
Jock loved the white peach, but it was better than the molasses, and the molasses overpowered the peach. They didn’t really liked it, the nostalgia didn’t bring it.

Brendon next with wasabi and parsnip ice creams. Mel says it’s something to go back to the drawing board with.

Up with beetroot parfait and salted pistachio ice cream is Callum.
Andy says it needs some acidity.

It’s Jess last. She made chocolate licorice ice cream and basil ice cream, and called her dish The Grass is Greener on the Other Side.
The basil was too weak.


Who’s onto round two? Brendon, Jess, Callum, Simon, and Poh.

Everyone else heads upstairs.

The judges stand in front of five hidden dishes. The judges have chosen five unusual flavour pairings.

  1. Lamb and coffee.
  2. Basil and peanut butter.
  3. Dark chocolate and soy.
  4. Mustard and mint.
  5. Carrot and raspberry.

They need to make one of these pairs within a dish. Sweet or savoury, the flavour has to be front and centre. The garden and pantry are open. They have 60 minutes to make a delicious dish with the wild pairs.
The least impressive dish is out.

Time starts, and I skip the cooking.

Like last round, all the images will be here in chronological order.

First is Callum, who went with mustard and mint – Mustard Roasted Cauliflower with Dhal Mustard, Mint and Ginger Chutney.
Everyone loved it, Jock called it brilliant cooking.

Next up is Simon who did lamb and coffee. His dish is Hibachi Lamb with Coffee Sauce, Coffee Almond Crumble.
Andy loved it and said the squash helped with it, however, the crumb was too hectic.

Brendon next. He did Pang Pang Chicken with basil and peanut butter.
They really enjoyed it and said the flavour packs a punch. It couldn’t be any better.

With a Tortelli Di Zucca using mustard and mint, is Poh.
The judges say it looks great, Jock says it’s like a warm hug from Nonna.

Finally, Jess, with Shiraz Berry Sorbet with Milk Chocolate Mousse and Carrot Gels, for the carrot and raspberry combo.
Jock says the shiraz is too strong, and many of the elements haven’t really come together very well. The orange wasn’t meant to be a key feature, but the raspberry and carrot don’t really stand out as they should.


It’s time for the verdict.

Brendon, Callum and Poh did amazing dishes and they’re safe.
Unfortunately, Jess and Simon didn’t do very well. However, only one can go, and it’s Jess.

It’s an awkward time where usually they’re hugged by everyone, but instead, they all stand there looking shocked and sad, as Jess cries on her own. No-one can approach anyone, so Simon stands there looking awkward, not sure if he should try and console her or just keep his social distance.

Mel starts to tear up as she tells Jess that they can’t hug her, but they all love her. They do little elbow bumps and then everyone applauds her as she walks out, and she gives them a wave as she leaves.

Ok, next episode!


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  1. Anchovy icecream? I like anchovies but im not sure, I guess I’d give it a crack if someone gave it to me, but no way I’d order and pay for it at the gelato stall🤣🤣


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