MasterChef Aus S12EPS 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 & 39 – Recap

Episode 38 – Wednesday 3rd June – Heat Three

It’s the final heat before immunity tomorrow, and it’s also a mystery box.

This heat is Laura, Sarah, Simon, and Poh.

They lift the lid on their mystery box. tosee nothing, and the judges scurry away for a bit, before bringing out a big table of food and a roll-y bingo creature.

Today the ingredients are piked by luck of the draw. Each number on the balls corresponds to an ingredient on the table. There will be eight.

  1. #9 – Plums
  2. #18 – Durian (a stinky but sweet boi)
  3. #23 – Brown Onions
  4. #10 – Potatoes
  5. #17 – Champagne
  6. #21 – Grapes
  7. #19 – Kale
  8. #13 – Lemons

Everyone’s freaking out that there’s no protein and they’ve got durian.

Usual mystery box rules apply. No pantry or garden, the staples are under their benches and must use at least one of the ingredients. The winner, like. the other heats, will go to tomorrow’s immunity.

Time starts, the contestants cook, I bumble around on Tik Tok for. abit, before returning for the tasting.

ll five wil be tasted, of course.

First to taste is Poh with a Lemon Sponge with Lemon Curd and Italian Meringue.
A safe dish, but, “Bloody delicious,” Jock says. They all agree it’s great, but will a safe cake pay off?

Next is Simon, serving Roast Onions with Champagne Grapes and Potato Foam.
They say it was great, he does well with veggies, but to shrug it off and try again next week.

Third is Sarah. She made Sweet and Sour Onions with Coal Roasted Potatoes and Butter Emulsion.
The acidity is too great.

Finally, Laura with Potatoes, Lemon and Curd.
They really enjoy it and feel the potato was hero-ed. Jock founds his potato was a bit too dry and he didn’t love it.


It’s time for the results, and I have a feeling it’s between Poh and Laura.

They liked that it was simple and perfect – Poh’s the winner.

That means tomorrow in the immunity, it’ll be Poh, Callum and Khanh. Let’s do it.


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  1. Anchovy icecream? I like anchovies but im not sure, I guess I’d give it a crack if someone gave it to me, but no way I’d order and pay for it at the gelato stall🤣🤣


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