MasterChef Aus S12EPS 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 & 39 – Recap

Episode 39 – Thursday 4th June – Immunity

Poh, Callum and Khanh won their heats this week, so they’re fighting for immunity today.

There will be three rounds, and all three will compete in each round. They’ll get a score after each dish which will go toward a big final score. Whoever has the highest score will win.

Round one is toastie – however they want to do it – and they only have 15 minutes.

TIme starts, and I skip.

Round one tastings begin.

Fist is Callum with his Mushroom and Cheese Jaffle with Balsamic Mushroom, Gruyère and Wash Rind.
He’s happy with the ooze.
he judges say wonderful things, before doing a secret score and moving on.

Next is Khanh with a Three Cheese Toasie with Machego, Gruyère, Parmesan.
Again, they love his sammy, and love what he’s done.

FInally, Poh with her Fruit Bread Toastie with Prosciutto, Honey, Gruyère, Rocket and Spiced Butter.
It reminds them on Christmas day and hot cross buns. Jock LOVES it.

Callum (8 – A, 7 – M, 8 – J) total: 23.
Khanh (7 – A, 8 – M, 9 – J) total: 24.
Poh (7 – A, 9 – M, 9 – J) total: 25.


It’s time for dinner. They’ll have 20 minutes. to blow the judges minds.

Time starts and they get going. Again, I skip.

Tasting time~!

First is Kahn with Banh Xeo with Nuoc Mam.
This is one. of Mel’s favourite dishes of all time.
They all really enjoy it.

It’s Callum next with Crab and Tomato Tagliatelle.
Jock is shook because he made pasta in 20 minutes. The judges liked it, but needed a little bit of lemon juice.

Finally, Poh with her Pork. andCabbage Pot Stickers.
The filling is perfect, and Andy loves. the fresh ginger. Mel calls. it textbook perfect.

Callum (9 – A, 8 – M, 9 – J) total: 26, absolute total: 49
Khanh (. 10 – A, 9 – M, 10 -J) total: 29, absolute total: 53
Poh ( 9 – A, 9 -M, 10 – J) total: 28, absolute total: 53

It’s time. for a dessert in 30 minutes.
Time starts, and everyone runs. to the pantry, trying to do a dessert to kick their totals up for the win.

It’s time for tasting, and the judges are in the fancy room at the big table. So dramatic, I love it.

First is Poh with a Cherry Clafoutis.
They call it faultless, but it doesn’t blow them out of the water.

Second is Khanh with Caramel Chocolate Honeycomb with Mandarin Sherbert and Crème Fraiche.
Straight up, the judges say it looks unfinished and he’s missing a cake, and they’re disappointed. The elements feel like they’re just garnishes. They did like the chocolate honeycomb thought.

Finally, it’s Callum with a Gin and Lime Mousse with Desert Lime and Orange Marmelade, Gin and Tonic Granita.
They call it sophisticated, and Mel says t reminds her of a splice ice-cream.


It’s score time.

Callum (10 – A, 10 – M, 10 – J) total: 30, absolute total: 79
Khanh (.6 – A, 6 – M, 6 -J) total: 18, absolute total: 71
Poh ( 7 – A, 7 -M, 8 – J) total: 22, absolute total: 75

After a huge comeback, Callum wins immunity by four points. He will be alone upstairs on Sunday.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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  1. Anchovy icecream? I like anchovies but im not sure, I guess I’d give it a crack if someone gave it to me, but no way I’d order and pay for it at the gelato stall🤣🤣


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