MasterChef Aus S12EPS 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 & 39 – Recap

Episode 37 – Tuesday 2nd June – Heat Two

It’s wave 2, which means Khanh, Reece, Emelia and Tessa.

Today is all about dessert. In walks Coskun Uysal, who cooked off against Simon last season.

Hey, Coskun!

They’re tasting his chicken rice pudding dessert, that has a real and quite Turkish name, but they don’t tell me.

They have to guess ingredients, before being told the main ingredient is chicken. Um, wait isn’t Reece vegan??? Did they make him eat this?? I have so many questions. Ok, if you know, PLEASE let me know, because surely they’d have to tell him, or make a vega option or something??

Anyway, they have 75 minutes to make a dessert with a protein. The pantry and garden are open.

While I figure out the semantics of using a block of hazelnut chocolate to make a hot chocolate, time ends.

It’s tasting time!

First up is Emelia with her Pig and Fig (images one and two).
Jock loves it. They only have good things to say about it.

Next is Tessa with her Crispy Chicken Dinner.
The crunch was good and the flavours all complimented each other. Coskun really liked it as well and found the flavours to be familiar.

Reece is up with his Duck Egg Yolk Crème Brûlée with Duck Floss, Plum and Rosé Sorbet.
The duck floss wasn’t good, but as it was his first time making it, they pretty much told him not to sweat it, as it’s good feedback.

Finally, Khanh, serving anchovy ice-cream (I’d give it a crack I guess), in his Anchovies, Nuts and Beer.
Andy was worried it would be disgusting, but they all really enjoyed it.


It came down to two – Khanh and Emelia, but there can only be one winner, and it’s Khanh.

That means Khanh and Callum will join tomorrow’s winner for immunity on Thursday.


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2 thoughts on “MasterChef Aus S12EPS 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 & 39 – Recap

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  1. Anchovy icecream? I like anchovies but im not sure, I guess I’d give it a crack if someone gave it to me, but no way I’d order and pay for it at the gelato stall🤣🤣


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