MasterChef Aus S11E22 – Recap

It’s the immunity challenge of Secrets Week, and Larissa, Derek, Tati, and Sandeep are vying for the golden pin.

The trio of judges are waiting out the front with today’s mentor – Poh. Round one is the four contestants fighting against each other.

George, Matt, and Gaz are all wearing dark suits, but George and Matt have different pants on. George is wearing tan pants, and Matt is wearing red and white stripy ones. Iconic.

“The three of us, and Poh as well, obviously, have our own secret sauce,” Matt says.

The trio reveal their’s one at a time.

Which sauce are you picking? #MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) May 28, 2019

Gaz’s sauce is sriracha, George’s is taramosalata, and Matt’s is tamarind and chipotle ketchup.

The challenge is to choose a sauce and make a dish that goes with it perfectly. The four of them come up to try the sauces.

All four of them have 60 minutes to bring a delish dish, and the best one will be up for immunity against the guest chef. They’ll have use to the full pantry, and be allowed to go outside to the garden.

Time starts, and so does the montage.

Derek has to whip out a saw to remove the ribeye from the ribs. There were no spare ribs, so he had to improvise. As he’s sawing, and wearing plaid, someone heckles him about how he looks like a lumberjack.

.@dereklaufood getting into the challenge! 💪#MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) May 28, 2019

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, the 49 year old optometrist distributor, is wearing black frames today. She’s also got her hair up, as usual. Anushka is wearing a green blouse, and I can’t think of the world, but it’s like a mix between a shawl and a cardi, like it’s a lace cardi kinda thing, I don’t know.

Time is up, and tasting commences.

Tati is first.

I stole this from MasterChefAu’s twitter

They love her dish, and she thinks she’s done enough to get through to round two.

Second is Larissa.

I also stole this, just like Steph stole her mother in law’s recipe

The judges do not like it, and Gaz picks it apart. “It’s not a winning dish,” he tells her.

Next is Derek.

They decided not to post a picture of Derek’s dish, which, frankly, is pretty rude.

It’s a warm beef salad. Even though he had been working on the ribs, they hadn’t worked properly in the pressure cooker so he had to rework it.

“It’s not a disaster,” Matt starts, “it’s a good dish, but I feel like it will be won by a great dish.”

Finally, Sandeep.

Guess where I got this from?

The judges absolutely love it, and freak out. They love it so much, they send everyone else upstairs, declaring Sandeep the winner.

Sandeep starts to cry a bit, and that’s the last straw for me. I’m starting a MasterChef drinking game. Every time Sandeep cries, we take a shot.

The secret for the next cook is that the guest chef will be a surprise to Sandeep until after the cook, and a surprise to the judges until after the tasting.

The ingredient Sandeep gets to chose from is on a big bench. Matt, George, and Gaz take the black cloth off and reveal a table of citrus.

Sandeep chooses lemon. The judges leave Poh with Sandeep and head away. Like other immunity challenges, Sandeep gets 75 minutes, and the guest judge will have 60.

Time starts, and so does the montage.

Already knowing what he’s doing, Sandeep is off and rushing to get his dish ready.

When it’s time for the secret chef to cook, Poh comes in, and we find out who it is.

Andy Allen, winner of season four, is here to fight Sandeep. Maybe he’ll use the lemon to squirt it into Sandeeps eye…

Sandeep underestimates the lemon and now it’s too tart. He pours some sugar in and it fixes it up.

When the montage ends, the tasting starts.

Andy is first.
He cooked confit calamari, adobo sauce, corn salsa.
The twitter also didn’t include Andy’s dish.

They all love it, and George calls it, “A cracking dish.”
Overall, they have nothing bad to say.

Next is Sandeep.

“Just the smell of that is so good,” Matt says.
Straight away, they love it. George is moaning as he eats and saying, “Yum.” Once it’s done, Gaz asks if there’s any left.
Gaz says the rice was, “Jam packed full of spices.”
They LOVE it.

It’s the moment of truth, and the judges bring out the scores.

“Ten out of ten,” Gaz says, before George says the same, and then Matt.

“The question is,” one of them starts, “whose scores are these?”

They ask who cooked the lemon pepper chicken, and Sandeep owns up to it. Lo and behold, they’re his scores, and Sandeep is the winner!

Poh pins the immunity pin onto him, and Sandeep starts to cry (take another shot).

“Because it’s Secrets Week, and you’re the secret judge, your scores will be kept a secret,” Matt says.

Then, there was a little note at the bottom with a link to Facebook to see the scores (Andy got 8’s all round).

Secret week continues tomorrow.

Edit: Twitter had the video, too.

But, how did @andyallen444 score?! Check out what the judges had to say 👇#MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) May 28, 2019

As always, my recaps are unedited as it was written as I watched the episode, and published straight away, so there will be spelling and grammar errors.

To watch the episode, head over to southhemitv.


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