MasterChef Aus S11E21 – Recap

Tonight is the elimination challenge for Secrets Week. Anushka, Leah and Kyle are facing the pressure cook.

Leah tells us she’s going to give it her all today. Kyle gives his sad backstory – he’s left his pregnant partner and their toddler at home to be here. I don’t know, that doesn’t really resonate very well with me…
Finally, Anushka, who says she’s here to learn.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Today, Anushka the optical distributor, is wearing her elimination glasses. They’re cream/white frames, which complements her black elimination outfits.

Gaz and George are wearing usual suits. Both in blue, George is wearing a more brighter blue. Matt is keeping it toned down, in light colours, except for his cravat and matching pocket squares, which are very bright and vibrant. I’m McLovin’ it.

After introducing the day, Gaz starts to interrogate the contestants.

“I went home yesterday really embarrassed,” Leah said. “I started to question if I’m good enough to be here. But I’m a fighter.”

“At the end of the day, one of you will be leaving the kitchen and the competition,” Gaz tells them.

Matt introduces what they’re doing today. They’ll have a dish to recreate, but they won’t get a recipe, that’s the secret.

In comes the chef of the day, Leno Lattarulo, with two wait staff following behind him, carrying a large paella.

“Today, it’s all about honing your instincts,” George says. “We’re leaving this up the front so you can keep coming up.”

The stock and the paella is left for them to try, and remains where it is. Before the contestants can start to cry, the trio of judges and Leno wheel in two big benches. One is full of seafood and the other is full of other foods. Everything on there is needed for the paella. They’ll have 90 minutes, and time starts.

I’m not really feelin’ this episode, for some reason, so I zone out of most of the monatage.

Leah is the only one to make her stock with fish. Gaz and Leno advise she go back and retaste the stock.

Steph calls Anushka, ‘Nushy’. I’m totally here for it, it’s amazing. Highlight of the episode, in my opinion.

Blah blah blah, I think Anushka spilled something and maybe lost her stock? I don’t know, I’m honestly not here for this episode. I just don’t really care.

Suddenly, tense music as they all stand around, staring at their paella, waiting for it to make a noise.

At some point, they suddenly smell something burning, and no-one knows who it belongs to.

Finally, it’s all over, and I attempt to zone back in.

For the tasting, they don’t show each paella with a little logo, and I’m a bit annoyed about that, but I understand that they’re literally all the same dish.

Anushka is first to bring in her paella. It looks amazing. She’s really worried that she’s burnt it, but the trio and Leno really enjoy it.

Kyle is up. He thinks he’s done alright. The judges straight away say there’s too much rice. it’s overcooked and the ratio of rice to everything else is off.

Finally, Leah. I’m worried about her because the other dishes were fine, and we knew one of them burnt their dish.
Matt says that before she added the paprika, it was pale. “English backpacker on Bondi Beach pale.”
The bottom is very burnt. Gaz says he can’t get past the burnt. it’s seeped through everything, from the rice to the fish. “It’s suffocated by the burnt flavour.”
I understand the problems of burning something. It’s been about a week since I burnt those instant noodles, and the apartment still smells burnt.

It’s time for the results.

Anushka is safe.

Leah is told that her rice was burnt, and that’s why she’s out.

Where are they now?

Leah has done work experience and has opened a grazing table. She’s working towards her dream of a theatre restaurant.

As usual, this recap was written right after the episode and published straight away. There will be spelling and grammar issues.

To watch episode of season 11 online, head over to southhemitv (opens in new tab).


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