MasterChef Aus S11E24 – Recap

The green team from yesterdays team challenge are up for elimination after disappointing their nonnas. Tonight is the last day of Secrets Week.

It’s the morning, and Kyle, Steph, Simon, Larissa, Waleed, Joe, Ben, and Christina are looking scared and worried about today.

The trio of judges are lookin cute in matching colours.

The first round of elimination is everyone is sat down, a plate is put down with something in it. They have to taste, feel, smell, etc, but not look, and identify what it is. After they try, they take their blindfolds off and write down what they thought it was. Afterwards, they hold it up. The first four wrong are into the pressure cook.

How would you fare in the @masterchefau taste test???— Matt Preston (@MattsCravat) May 30, 2019

Matt Preston posted a video of the blind tasting.

First round is almonds.

“An easy one to start with,” Gaz says. “You’re all right.

Second round is pesto. They’re all correct.

For the third round, they have dates. One is wrong – Joe. He guessed prune, and he’ll be into the pressure cook.

Next is, “Not an ingredient, it’s a dish,” George tells them. It’s Pad Thai. Steph guessed fried rice because she had no idea. She’s into round two.

The next round is a black sesame macaroon, but hey also have to guess what flavour of macaroon it is. Simon guesses wrong thinking it was hazelnut macaroon, Kyle guesses wrong with coconut macaroon, Ben also guesses wrong with hazelnut macaroon.

Me tonight#MasterChefAU— Ben Trobbiani (@BTrobbiani) May 30, 2019

Ben posted an altered picture from the blind taste, and it’s worth a look

Those who got it right, Larissa, Christina and Waleed, they’re upstairs with everyone else, leaving Simon, Kyle, Ben, Steph and Joe in the pressure cook.

For this round, they trio will be doing a blind tasting.

Poh is such an icon. I wonder if she’s thinking about when she was a contestant.

They can cook anything they want, with the pantry open, and the garden in play, and they have 60 minutes to cook.

Poh recommends they cook something they’ve cooked before and they’re confident cooking.

Time starts, and so does the montage.

Joe keeps talking about his girlfriends nonna. Honestly, his girlfriend needs to be careful. He’s talked more about her nonna than her…

Time for Anushka Watch!

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, 49, optical distributor, is the cutest, and continues to wear cute glasses every episode. Today, she’s got yellow/cream lenses. Her outfit is a look and I’m living for it.
Steph calls her ‘Nushy’ today.

With 15 minutes left, Joe is disappointing his girlfriends nonna by not getting the pasta working. His pasta is really thick, and he says it could be enough to send him home.

Kyle has decided to cook the dish that got him into the competition. He’s having a few problems with it.

Time is over, and it’s over to the tasting room.

First to taste is Simon.

“I like that,” Gaz says. “It’s really good. The sauce is really well made. Quite light. Not much to criticise, to be honest.”

“This is a dish you would be very pleased if you ordered it at a restaurant,” Matt said.

Next up is Joe.

The photo with the logo was a bit of a weird one, so here’s a better overall look of it.

Before they even eat, they’re already tearing it apart, talking about the oils and the ravioli.

Matt says he likes it. Gaz likes the sauce, but thinks the pasta is a bit thick.

“THICK, and not much filling at all,” George says.

Matt ends with, “This one’s thick and tough.”

Steph is up.

George puts the ice-cream on top before cutting it up.

Overall, they love it, say it’s deicious.

“It shows skill and generosity, which is an excellent combinaton,” Matt says.

Up is Ben.

“I don’t know if it looks that attractive,” Gaz says. “You put that down in front of a lot of people, they say, ‘Nope, don’t like it.'”

Tastewise, Matt liked it. Gaz called it simple, but said he doesn’t quite like the texture. George’s problem is that the head hasn’t been prepared properly. It needed to be clean and the crispy legs should have been kept.

Next up is Kyle.

They don’t like the presentation of this one either. It’s bad news from the first word.

“Pork hasn’t been cooked very nice,” Gaz says, before really decimating the pork.

“The pork’s horrible,” Matt says.

It looks like the dish that got Kyle in will be the same one that gets him out.

Now, it’s time for the verdict.

“Today’s tasting was shrouded in secrecy,” Matt says. “Two of you kept the momentum of yesterday going.”

The best of today was Simon and Steph.

Joe is safe, so it’s down to Ben and Kyle.

They found it hard to find something good for either of them today, but only one had a redeeming feature. It was Ben’s, which means Kyle is going home.

Where are they now?

Kyle is working on a menu for a brewery, did some work experience.

He returned home to his partner pregnant with twins and their toddler. It was certainly a choice to leave. I don’t want to sound overly critical of him, but for what MasterChef has ended up giving him, I’m sure he could’ve waited a year or two.
I wouldn’t have been able to handle it as either the pregnant partner or as the contestant.

Regardless, Kyle made it home in time for the birth of his twin daughters.

As always, my recaps are unedited, as I write them as I’m watching the show. There will be spelling and grammar issues.

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