MasterChef Aus S11E25 – Recap

Tonight is the first night of Queensland Week. The episode kicks off in Brisbane, with the contestants running to the set up kitchen.

Typical outfits from Gaz, George and Matt. Little Beetlejuice, but go off I guess

Gaz welcomes them to Brisbane, and tells them about some of the places they’ll be visiting.

Crap for the hair!— Stephanie deSousa (@Stephdesousaau) June 2, 2019

Steph replies to a tweet about the humidity.

“Let’s kick it off with a bang,” he says, before fireworks start to go.

Everyone cheers as they watch the fireworks

Everyone’s really excited. Tati says she’s from a small town and rarely sees any fireworks, so this is super exciting for her. It’s cute, and I love her.

Tonights mystery box. I’d crack them peanuts and drink the beer – zero cooking required

It’s a mystery box challenge today. George runs through each ingredient, and calls it the cracking box, because everything cracks. The ingredients are: coconut, quail eggs, blue swimmer crab, peanuts, oysters, lychee, pork and felons beer

Matt gives us the rules. It’s 60 minutes, top 5 will be tasted. They’ll have their staples under their benches. As usual, the best will be heading to the immunity challenge.

Time starts, and everyone starts running to their benches to get cooking. The montage kicks off.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushaka, the 49 year old optical distributor, has several different pairs of glasses (how many? Who knows) and today she’s wearing a white shirt, matching Tati, and her glasses are

Finally, it’s over, and it’s time to choose the top five dishes.

Tasted first is Tati.

The trio of judges love it, but George says he wants more crab.

Second up is Abbey.

The trio like hers as well. Even though she had some weird flavours, they enjoyed how they worked together.

Next is Tessa.

They thought it was cute, and they liked the flavours as well.

Nicole is next.

Holy crepe that looks delicious 👏 #MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) June 2, 2019

MasterChef posted a gif of Nicole pouring the caramel
They decided not to include the ice-cream on the photo??? The intern probably forgot to tell her to spoon it on for the photo.

Again, they liked it, but Gaz tells her to go back to the drawing board in terms of plating. Matt ate all the coconut ice-cream in like one spoonful, and George and Gaz were left with none. They ended up with 3/4 of the crepes left, but no ice-cream.

Last but not least is Simon.

The look of it is deceiving, as there are several different things in it.
“Great start to Queensland Week, well done,” Matt says.
Overall, they love it. Gaz loves the flavours and how exciting it is.

It’s time for the decision. No surprise, it’s Simon.

“Cracking dish, Simon,” Matt says.

He’s straight to immunity, and misses out on the next challenge.

Matt starts a vague about what they’re about to do, and tells them to look, “Over there.”

“You’re taking over 7 food trucks to look after 400 people,” matt says.

Gaz starts going over the rules. Tonight, their dishes will be charged. One will be $5, and the other $7.50. The judges will be looking for who makes the best food, and who raises the most money. The proceeds will be donated.

They’re divided into teams based on what knife they pull from the block. The knives have one of seven cuisines on them.

The teams are:
Tati and Sandeep – American (green team)
Steph and Larissa – Vietnamese (maroon team)
Derek and Abbey – Chinese (red team)
Anusha and Nicole – Korean (blue team)
Waleed and Joe – Latin American (dark green team)
Christina and Tessa – Portuguese (yellow team)
Ben and Tim – British (purple team)

Time starts, and so does the montage.

Ben says, “Tim looks a bit like Prince Harry, so we’ll use that.”

The 400 guests arrive, and it’s almost time to start serving. The green team are in trouble. They haven’t cooked their chicken yet, and the guests are pooling around.

The guests start to queue as the contestants have one minute to go.

Serving time has started, and everyone with cooked food starts to serve it up.

First ti be tried is the blue team.

I only got one and missed the Korean fried chicken D:

They enjoy it overall. They didn’t like the Bulgogi as much. Gaz says it’s not a brilliant dish.

Sandeep watches as they haven’t served anyone yet, and people are leaving their line to go elsewhere. Finally, they get some chicken out.

Gaz hates the first dish, but they love the second one, saying it was better than the Korean.

Just when you think everything’s going okay, Steph tells Larissa to get out of the truck – they’ve got a fire going on.

The maroon team escape the truck, and George comes over to see why they’re outside with the customers. What a mess.

They’ve had to use a fire extinguisher, and George pretty much tells them they’re out of the running because they don’t want to risk anyone. Once the extinguisher goes off, it taints the food.

“It’s ok, it’s not the end of the world,” George tells them.

Steph is really disappointed because they put so much effort in. They can’t serve any of the guests, and the judges can’t eat it.

During the montage, someone tells Tim she thought he was Prince Harry.

“I told you Tim,” Ben says, “we should’ve written ‘served by Prince Harry’. I’m definitely Meghan Markle.”

It’s time to taste the red team – team Chinese.

They have nothing but good things to say. They love the spring rolls.

Next is Waleed and Joe.

The corn is buttery and juicy, and the pork dish is nice.

Then it’s the purple team.

They don’t really like it. Nothing to write home about. The judges say they’re in trouble.

Yellow team is next.

The trio says the flavours needed to be stronger, they don’t like either dish.

Then that’s it, time’s up!

George tells them that two teams will be joining Simon – the team that raised the most money, and the team that cooked the best food.

Steph and Larissa are automatically in this weeks elimination because they didn’t serve any food.

“Only one team put up two consistent and delicious dishes,” George says, before saying the red team, Abbey and Derek, are up for immunity.

Matt pulls out an envelope. “Together, you raised over $5,000 for Second Bite.”

The winner, raising over $1,000 was the blue team – Nicole and Anushka. They’re also into the immunity challenge.

“But not everybody did so well,” Gaz says.

The team joining Steph and Larissa in the pressure cook is Tim and Ben.

George starts to say something to them, but my girlfriend decided to use the blender for that second, like some kind of movie, so I completely missed what he said to them.

Tomorrow is the pressure cook, and one of them will be going home.

Oops @masterchefau— Stephanie deSousa (@Stephdesousaau) June 2, 2019

As always, the recap is written as I watch the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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To watch this episode and others you’ve missed, head over to southhemitv.


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