MasterChef Aus S11E26 – Recap

Tonight’s episode is Queensland Week’s elimination. After cooking badly yesterday, Ben and Tim are up, and for burning down their food truck, Steph and Larissa are cooking as well.

The four of them walk around Queensland wearing elimination blacks.

Everyone’s waiting outside for them, just like at the MasterChef kitchen, which is… certainly a way of doing it, I guess? It looks a bit odd?

Waiting for them is Gaz, George, Matt, and Shannon Kellam.

Pretty standard sort of outfits from the trio of judges. They stand outside Shannon’s restaurant.

Matt talks about how incredible Shannon is as a cook, and then tells them they’ll be recreating one of his dishes without a recipe.
“Hey,” he says, “you’re MasterChef!”

“You’re going to head into Montrachet, and you’re going to be shown how to make the dish. You will have to memorise everything. Every measurement, every process, every technique, and every timing.”

Everyone’s freaking out. Tim talks about how his memory is shocking.

George starts to tell them about the actual logistics. After they’re shown how to cook it, they’ll be taken across town to another place, The Joinery, where they’ll cook. He says they’ll have two and a half hours to prep the dish. They’ll be judging them on how closely the dish resembles Shannons, in both taste and presentation. The one least resembling Shannons will be sent home.

They head inside and everyone leaves them to it.

When they walk in, Shannon puts the dish on the bench and tells them that they’ll be cooking it. It has a sorbet, almond sponge, passionfruit, chocolate and hazelnut mousse, garnished with chocolate, strawberries.

Shannon starts with the sorbet and says each measurement as he goes.

Each contestant gets a chance to monologue about how difficult this will be.

They get a chance to dig in, taste all the elements before it’s time to head off.

As soon as they head in and stand at their bench, George tells them that time has started, and the two and a half hours starts.

Montage begins.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, a winner of yesterday, 49 year old optical distributor, is wearing different glasses today. It looks like she’s wearing black frames, a bit cat eye. Her hair is also different today. Normally it’s all up, but today she’s left a little bit out.

Two of my faves

Tim starts to have a drama, he doesn’t remember how much stabiliser to use for the sorbet. He decides to go with ten grams, whereas Larissa has gone with three. He couldn’t remember if it was ten or three, so he’s a bit worried, and frankly so am I.

The girls seem to be all over it. I mean, Steph is a champion and I love her, so I’d be surprised if she had dramas with it. I cannot stress enough how amazingly she’s doing.

Larissa is confident in what she’s doing and her ratios, which is awesome.

Ben is having problems with his chocolate and cream.

Unrelated to the cooking, but the other contestants are just kinda chillin’ and walking around the kitchen, but on the sides. At one point, Anushka was next to Derek, next she’s over by Nicole. At the Melbourne MasterChef kitchen, they’re like caged chickens at the top, but now, they’re free range, the best kind.
Well, really, the best kind is the ones at home. The eggs are just more bold and yummier. But when your chickens aren’t laying, or they’ve decided to hide them, free range is the best you can get.

Larissa has cake drama, Ben has chocolate twirl drama, Tim has drama with his cake and stuff, Steph is perfect.

Blah blah blah, the montage is over and time is up.

It’s time for the tasting. The trio of judges and Shannon are excited to taste.

First up is Steph.

She places her barebones down first before it’s time to serve her sorbet.

Steph on left, Shannon on right.

Shannon says it’s a fantastic effort.

“The fruit side of it is great,” Matt says.

George goes through and lists pretty much everything as great, and Gaz comments on the passionfruit.

“I think it’s a really good version [of a dessert with no recipe],” Gaz says.

Next is Larissa.

Like Steph, the barebones are served first before the sorbet and twirl are added.

Larissa left, Shannon right

“Sorbet, great texture,” Gaz says. “I like it, good flavour.”

“From a taste point of view, I’d go as far as to say if that was served at my restaurant, I’d be happy,” Shannon says.

Next up is Ben.

He serves the last bit

Ben left, Shannon right

They agree that by looks, it’s not as good as the girls’.

Taste wise, the chocolate isn’t the best, which Ben suspected.

Finally, Tim.

He’s worried about the cake stuff, because he didn’t let it set properly.

As soon as George cuts it, the passionfruit stuff oozes out, much unlike the other contestants. It looks a bit Kinder Egg-esque.

The start to taste. Everyone’s pulling faces, and Matt leans against the table.

“I think Tim’s got a problem,” Matt says. He lists off all the dramas.

“It’s a problem with ratio,” George says, showing off the gummy sorbet. “His chocolate work is very good.”

It’s time for the verdict. Shannon tells Larissa that he’d serve her dish.

Both Larissa and Steph are safe. They join the others.

It’s down to Ben and Tim. George starts to roast Tim, and then tells him he’s outta here.

Tim looks sad, nods a few times, and then hugs Ben.

Honestly, I’m just glad we’ll stop talking about Tim looking like Prince Harry. Funny the first time, let the joke go.

Before leaving, Tim tells them he’s gonna work on getting a food truck happening.

Where are they now?

Tim still dreams of starting a food truck. Look, I really don’t want to roast contestants as they go out, but everyone else so far has done some work experience, or something, and working on their cooking dream, but Tim’s just happy to be home and dreams of a toastie food truck.


That double whisk skill 💪 #MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) June 3, 2019

Ben’s a whisk champion

As always, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar issues.

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2 thoughts on “MasterChef Aus S11E26 – Recap

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  1. I don’t know if its just because I’m sick today, but I couldn’t stop laughing at your free range chicken analogy!
    I’m also surprised at Tim’s food truck dream, and not to throw shade, but he got into elimination BECAUSE of a food truck disaster.


    1. Haha! Thank you, seeing them just wander around just sparked inspiration.
      I can only assume that his delay in actually starting a food truck might come down to that challenge. It makes sense that MasterChef gives contestants the courage to start on their food goals, but perhaps it has hindered Tim’s.


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