MasterChef Aus S12E56 – Recap

Before we get started, here’s a Hot Tip from Twitter. Thanks Johnson ❤

Alright, let’s get into this episode!

It’s the final immunity challenge of the season and I’m shookth. I can’t believe it’s almost over!

Maybe today I’ll watch the cook as well… who’s to say? It makes me hungry.
But tonight I have zoodles, so I’m excited to get to dinner anyway.

The three immuntiy competitors, Laura, Reynold and Callum, walk in and stand in front of the judges, with Emelia and Reece watching them from the balcony.

The last immunity challenge of the season with five remaining contestants

Andy tells them that this is the time to crack out the best dish they’ve got. They have no rules, no limits. They can do sweet or savoury, can do anything they want, and they can pick how long they have to cook.

The three of them decide to cook for two hours, which Reynold is a bit worried about, as he was hoping for three. Callum tried to advocate for ten minutes, but ultimately, they decided on a big cook.

Jock reminds them of the stakes – a place in the top four – and tells them that the pantry is chocas for them.

Time starts, and the contestants are off.


Reynold has a plan. He’s got some big guns to whip out, inspired by Harry Potter – he’s making the snitch.

I’m going to be honest, I actually get super bored, and I mean, they talk about their dishes and it’s just going over my head.

The judges talk about the complexity of the dishes.

Laura is heavily focused on squid ink, and has a lot of grey black elements at her bench. She’s having dramas getting a squid ink meringue working, and she’s freaking right out.
Mel comes around and tells her to move on. Reluctantly, she does.

I’m honestly so close to just leaving, when Reynold has a huge drama.

He starts getting the wings/feathers ready for plating, having already broken a couple, and it’s just not working for him at all. He keeps breaking it.

“No wings, no snitch,” he says in his monologue, the cooking Reynold wiping away sweat and trying to think and crack on.

Finally, he gets one, and everything is looking up again! And then a couple more come up, and he dusts them with gold dust before continuing with the next part.

Callum is hoping the freezer has set his parfaits. He cuts into the first one and it’s perfect. Everything is wonderful and he’s relieved, cutting everything up and getting it looking refined.

Jock stands ominously to the side, watching as Laura starts to prepare a plate of “beach”. She suddenly legs it outside for parsley to make a powder to make a moss aesthetic.

Ooh she’s cracking out the liquid nitrogen.

Finally, while I make a Tik Tok, time ends.

It’s tasting time!

“Well, the only rules today were that there were no rules,” Mel recaps, STEALING my job! Goddamn it Mel!

Callum gets his plate and walks into the dining room. He’s bringing a savoury dish with brulee on the top.

Chicken Liver Parfait with Davidson Plum Gel, Onion Puree, Leek and Crackers

I can confirm the crackers are Wattleseed crackers.

They dig in, and I’m so close to going and preparing my own dinner.

Andy says this brings parfait to a new level, the flavours are amazing. They LOVE the brulee top, it’s perfect and symetrical, a bit of theatrics.

“Andy’s in love!” Jock enthuses, before explaining all the amazing things about the dish.

Mel calls it joy on a plate.

Next is Laura with two snacks on one plate. So behold three images below. Image one is the dish as a whole, image two is Squid Ink Meringue Pebble with Oyster Emulsion (and an apple disc component inside as well), and image three is the Saltbush Wafer with Blue Swimmer Crab and Caviar.

Mel cals it not just a plate of food, but a scene.

She then proceeds to call them ‘wow snacks’. They’re fun and the wafer was like a sandwich. The meringue was light and crunchy and salty. It’s very nice, and the apple disc adds sweetness.

Andy loves the deep flavours, expecting light flavours, but it was robust. Jock felt transported to the sea side.

Finally, it’s Reynold, presenting his show stopper. He’s never had this dish before, but he’s tasted all the elements and believes it’s a strong one.

He explains every component of the snitch dessert, and I’m so sorry, but it all went over my head.

The Snitch by Reynold

Jock cuts it open.

Look at that ooze in the cross section.

The first thing Mel comments on is how Reynold twisted the feather wings from the mould so it looks in flight. Jock enthuses on the crunch.

Andy goes on about how he’s nailed the technique and how it’s the hardest technical dish that’s been in this kitchen.

Mel loves all the flavours and how they work together, and Jock calls it inspired cooking. The flavour is all there.

Reynold called it the best dish he’s ever made, and Jock agrees with him.


Andy says all the judges are happy, the dishes were all amazing, however only one can win.

Laura did a beautiful dish, the flavours met the presentation. A++.
Callum did a simple looking dish, an elevated classic, beautiful. They loved loved loved it.
Reynold was inspired.

It’s decision time. Who’s cuisine reigns supreme?

Reynold, absolutely.

“This dessert will go down in history as one of the best dishes ever, EVER, to be cooked in this kitchen,” Mel raves.

Reynold is so happy to have won, putting him first into the final four.

So, Sunday night is the elimination, settling our final four.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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