MasterChef Aus S12E55 – Recap

We’re at our top five, having said farewell to Poh last night. But there’s no time to mourn, it’s Mystery Box time.

The contestants walk in to find their Mystery Boxes waiting for them and the judges at the front next to the trophy.

Andy, Mel and Jock welcome the top five in

Jock congratulates the top five for getting in, saying it feels like only yesterday that they all walked through the doors for day one.

Tomorrow is the final immunity challenge. We also only got six episodes left.

They open the Mystery Boxes to find…

… a terrarium.

Mel tells them to bring a dish, sweet or savoury, inspired by nature, and then asks Jock and Andy to move a wall.

Andy and Jock use them muscles

In fact, they’ve gotten a special pantry ready for this challenge.

Inspiration pantry

Of course, they can use the usual pantry and the garden, and have 75 minutes.

Time starts, and everyone runs to look and shop at the special pantry, except for Reynold who stands at his bench and makes some plans.


The judges shriek the remaining seconds, and applaud them at zero seconds.

Running around, everyone elbow bumps each other.

Let’s do the tasting!

First up is Emelia with a dish inspired by camping with her dad.

Davidson Plum S’mores

Hers is so cute and I would love to go to a restaurant and get this for dessert.

Mel commends her for using Indigenous ingredients but also utilising ‘play’ within her dish.
Andy loves the flavours – all big flavours but she nailed the combination.
And Jock loves it as well, loving that they get to interact and roast the marshmallow themselves.

Next up is Laura with a pasta dish. She brings the waterworks as she takes her dish up.

“This dish means everything to me,” she says in her monologue, wiping away her tears.

Mushroom Tortellini with En Brodo

She tells them she lived in Tuscany for a few years and these are the flavours she had there. She’s crying from the memories with her grandparents.

They love her dish, of course.

It’s Reynold’s turn, with a dessert that looks like a mushroom.

Mushroom by Reynold

Jock starts and commends everything. Presentation wise, it was his best dish, but everything tastes amazing.
Andy says the dish is a ‘going into immunity tomorrow’ dish.
Mel loves that theres a bit of lime zest and that it’s still on her palette.

Reece is up with ice-cream.

Everyone picks one up, Andy and Mel crunch straight into it, Jock starts by cutting in in half and then eating it.
Jock calls it ballpark perfect, but heavy on the wattleseed.
Mel agrees with the wattlseed, but says not to be defeated by it.
And Andy says the wattleseed and eucalyptus together is a bit much, but not to be disheartened as it’s something everyone wrangles with before perfecting.

Finally, it’s Callum with a very chocolate dish.

Start of Autumn with Wild Fennel Ice Cream, Strawberry Sorbet and Chocolate Leaves.

Under the leaves are the ice-creams, and it’s cute.

The judges have nothing but good things to say, everything tasting amazing and looking incredible.


Mel thanks the contestants for their dishes as they were all amazing.

Jock reminds them that only three can compete tomorrow.

It’s Reynold, Callum, and Laura.

So tomorrow, the three of them will compete to get a guaranteed spot in the top four. How good.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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