The Super Switch Aus S01E15 – Recap

It’s the last episode! So, let’s get a quick recap of who was there and at which house.

Who are the couples in TSS? Here ya go:

Ben and Christie (swapped with Tyler and Olga). Ben and Christie have left, but Tyler and Olga are still in without a switch partner.

Justin and Neesha (swapped with Lachlan and Miranda).

Kendrick and Romina (swapped with Aimee and Marcus).

The beach mansion: Ben, Olga, Justin, Miranda, Kendrick and Aimee. Their therapist is Jacqui Manning.
The city mansion: Neesha, Lachlan, Christie, Tyler, Romina and Marcus. Their therapist is Guy Vicars.


Marcus and Aimee have still been having issues at home.

The participants had been home for two weeks, when it came time to meet up with everyone for a dinner party. Ben and Christie turned up as well.

At the party, it got pretty explosive, mostly by and about Olga, who eventually just stands up and leaves.

This is the big boi episode, where the participants decide if they still want to be in a relationship with each other or not, and to reflect on what they learnt in the experiment.

Jacqui Manning and Guy Vicars

When they arrive, one by one, Guy and Jacqui are waiting for them, and greet everyone as they walk in.

First up are Olga and Tyler.

They talk about the whole tickling situation, and Christie calls him out on lying, and saying he pushed her elbow off the pillow wall, but it would have been impossible for her to have slept in a way that her elbow was up there in the first place.

Tyler says they like Ro and Ken, have no problems with Lachlan and Miranda, and like Justin, but swears at the other three.

Neesh says she would have liked some backup from Justin, instead of him being oblivious to it, and he cracks it, saying why should he have to? Miranda says, ‘Because it’s upset Neesha’, and he’s rolling his eyes, swearing, Jacqui’s trying to get him to see what’s going on, and Neesh is getting upset.

Olga said that he didn’t work for the first night, but in the morning when she was making breakfast, he was on the computer again.

Guy gets them to face each other and talk about what decision they’ve made for their future.

Tyler says that he’s worried she’s always gonna be jealous and make things tougher, but he can never let her go.
Olga says that she still thinks that he thinks work is more important. She says she can’t be married to someone who thinks like that, and that it’s hard to think he’ll change. She says it doesn’t feel fair to be engaged to him while he behaves like this, where she does’t feel like a number one priority. She says she is willing to try and she doesn’t want to throw it away, but he needs to put the effort in.

It’s Ben and Christie next. They decide to stay together, and Christie says she wants to move in with him.

Next is Lachlan and Miranda.

Guy tells them he’s worried about violence, or what will be violence, in their relationship.

They decide to stay together.

Ken and Ro are up. Ro wants to stay with him.

Ken starts to talk, and pulls something from his pocket…

A (blurry) engagement ring!

He asks to marry him, and Ro hugs him and accepts.

Naww, what a nice ending.

It’s Justin and Neesha now.

He’s still the worst, and it’s annoying me to listen to.

Justin says he has to work to putting everything he’s learnt into practice, he’s not just gonna change, which annoys Neesh a bit as well.

When it’s decision time, Justin says he wants to work on these issues with Neesha.
She wants to be with him, but needs to see the changes pretty soon.

It’s time for Aimee and Marcus, who had fought since coming back from the experiment.

Aimee says she feels like they both walk on eggshells a bit, and that she shows that she’s committed, but that it’s not enough for him. Aimee says she needs someone strong, because she’s carrying so much responsibility with the kids and him, and she’s worried that he’s not strong enough to support her as well. Nonetheless, she wants to try.

Marcus says he doesn’t want to be a burden, and he wants her to be happy.

Guy and Jacqui wish them all the best and thank them for coming on the journey.

Where are they now?

As usual, I write my recaps as I watch the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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2 thoughts on “The Super Switch Aus S01E15 – Recap

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  1. Wow, Lachlan and Miranda stay together after that warning about violence. God so many of these relationships are ticking time bombs. So sad.


    1. It was actually really sad to see a few of them stay together, like Miranda and Lachlan, and Olga and Tyler. Lachlan just seemed so terrible the whole time, things that genuinely had me worried about her, and they stay together… Olga and Tyler were just a mess, and couldn’t properly interact with other people without drama ensuring. They couldn’t even get through dinner with their peers.
      A shame, but I guess as long as they’re happy…


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