The Super Switch Aus S01E14 – Recap

Who are the couples in TSS? Here ya go:

Ben and Christie (swapped with Tyler and Olga). Ben and Christie have left, but Tyler and Olga are still in without a switch partner.

Justin and Neesha (swapped with Lachlan and Miranda).

Kendrick and Romina (swapped with Aimee and Marcus).

The beach mansion: Ben, Olga, Justin, Miranda, Kendrick and Aimee. Their therapist is Jacqui Manning.
The city mansion: Neesha, Lachlan, Christie, Tyler, Romina and Marcus. Their therapist is Guy Vicars.


The participants had just head home to be with their real partners.

Aimee and Marcus had a drama and a half, and after therapy with Guy, mostly talking about how Marcus can’t just leave, Marcus left.

Olga and Tyler started talking about their behaviour, and Tyler lied to Olga about the situation with Christie.

Olga’s worried that Tyler will go back to his old ways.

Tyler starts to talk about the incident with Ben, and says that he said that he dropped the ball on the gift for Christie, and then Ben attacked him, and I’m like that’s literally not what happened? He asked you about the poke and you kinda laughed it off and started to talk before he grabbed you.

Do not like him at all.

Justin and Neesh go out with some friends. Justin goes off with the boys and have a few drinks. He goes, ‘Oh, you can’t really just be like time to go home to my girlfriend. Like it doesn’t really work like that,’ and I’m like … yes? That’s literally how it works? Imo, if you say that to your friends, and they don’t like it or make fun of you or whatever, they’re not good friends.

He reckons if he said he had to be home at 3am because Neesha says then he won’t hear the end of it. … Wow.

Marcus and Aimee are at their favourite restaurant to chat. Aimee’s worried he hasn’t changed enough, and tells him she needs someone strong to support her. She asks how he shows he loves her, and he’s like, ‘Well, I’m here.’

“I can’t do this, I can’t deal with this anymore. I need you to be an adult.”

She gets up and leaves, and he yells after her, “So now it’s okay for you to walk away??”

After being with their partners for two weeks, they head to Melbourne for a group dinner, before the final stage of the experiment.

When they turn up, it’s clear that there are only five spots, so Christie and Ben mustn’t be coming.

Aimee’s worried about turning up because she’s scared she and Marcus have been the only ones fighting since they got back.

One by one, everyone arrives, and everyone’s excited to catch up and see where they’re at with their real relationships.

Tyler says that when he saw Olga again, she said she wants to have kids now, and I’m like wild, after everything that happened, and the continuous, “I’m not gonna marry him”.

Miranda and Lachlan are like yeah things are going really well, and Olga goes, “Well, you keep talking about it like it’s perfect. Why are you here?”

Ugh, they start talking about their relationship and it’s terrible. Miranda is still like, ‘I sometimes get myself into those situations.’

Lachlan uses the word ‘female’, and I’m like, look it’s all well and good to use female in like female toilets, medical form male/female, etc, but when I hear a man talk about a woman and call her, or women in general, a female, I can’t. It just sounds gross. It’s like calling women girls, or talking about a woman and say, ‘she’s a nice girl’, like it’s infantilising, and calling women ‘females’ and ‘girls’ feels disrespectful. Like I didn’t like Lachlan before, but UGH!

Marcus gets up to apologise to Ro and give her a hug.

Then it’s revealed that Olga called Tyler a retard, and he’s like, ‘You said that?’

If you remember, Olga had denied the claims she had talked nasty about him to everyone else.

Then in walks Ben and Christie!

Olga is visibly annoyed, as is Tyler. Everyone stands up to greet them, but Tyler and Olga sit in silence and don’t even acknowledge them.

The first thing Ben does when siting down is to apologise to Tyler, and he says he’s had the time to reflect and he feels really bad, but Tyler doesn’t really acknowledge it.

Christie say tells Tyler not to lie through his teeth, and that he’d lie to make Olga happy.

Olga has a major go at like everyone, then she and Tyler get up and leave, swearing at them as she does.

As usual, I write my recaps as I watch the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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