MasterChef Aus S11E35 – Recap

The contestants come in to see their benches set up with Mystery Boxes.

Standing at the front is the trio of judges – Gaz, George, and Matt.

Matt’s looking pretty velvet.

Gaz tells everyone it’s ‘Sweet Week’, and everyone’s pretty excited.

Matt starts to introduce today’s guest chef.

Then, my favourite chef, right ahead of Gordon Ramsey, walks in.

Heston has jeans on, like George

Everyone’s cheering and so excited to see him here. Knowing Heston’s involved, they’re getting pretty pumped for the mystery box now.

Heston tells them they can open the boxes.

The first thing that happens is the lollies come falling out.

Behind all the lollies are basically the real ingredient version of the lollies. So there are raspberries, strawberries, pineapple, a bottle of cola, bananas, mint, and chocolate. I think that’s it.


Inside their usual staples are a couple of extra things, like icing sugar and gelatine to help create amazing things.

Gaz tells them the rules. Today, the top three will be tasted, the winner into immunity challenge. They’ve got 60 minutes, I think, to do something cool.

Time starts, as does the montage.

Just after time ends, Derek’s dish falls over because it was too hot.

First to taste is Steph.

They love the flavour, the brandy snap is a perfect crack, and the judges enjoy it.

George loves the little cola sauce, and said it had a great texture.

Next up is Tessa.

Matt enjoyed it said the dish would have been much better if she focused on one ice-cream.

Heston said it became a bit muddled.

The last dish of the mystery box belongs to Larissa.

Heston says wouldn’t normally like the panna cotta, but he loves the whole combination.

“That’s a cracking dessert,” George says. “Well done.”

All up, they all love the dessert, and Matt makes her get some honey comb for Heston to take away, a parrallel of what he does at the Fat Duck.

Straight up, she’s won the mystery box, into the immunity, and heading upstairs to watch the losers below.

Gaz says it’s time for the invention test.

“Today we want you to think inside of the box,” Gaz tells them.

It’s all about cereal. They want a sweet dish in a creative way.

For this challenge, they’ll have 75 minutes for one sweet dish. The pantry’s open and the garden in play. Each dish will be tried, but the top 3 will go into immunity, bottom three into elimination.

Heston starts the time, and montage begins.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Fan favourite, or at least one of mine, Anushka the 49 year old optical distributor, is wearing gold frames with black legs. She’s rockin’ the gold and her yellow shirt. What an icon.

Tim seems to be having a hard time, and I’m really hoping his dish is terrible so he’s in elimination. The sooner he’s out, the better.

Simon is having problems with his tart. Frankly, I’m having problems with him, so…

Time is up, and it’s tasting time.

Gaz reminds them of the stakes – top three with Larissa, bottom three in elimination.

Like every time everyone gets tasted, I’ll only have a photo and discuss the ones that get the logo on their dish.

First to taste today is Ben.

The judges really enjoy it. Gaz gives it a big thumbs up.

Next is Derek.

Derek’s worried that the ice-cream isn’t solid anymore.

Oh no! They cut it open, and it’ melted.

“Bottom three beacons,” Matt says.

“Anushka, please,” Matt calls out, like some kind of ageing soap star.

They all heavily enjoy it, and Anushka is pleased.

Next is Steph.

Steph is worried that it doesn’t look good, and hopes the flavours will hold.

She pours the top and Matt says, “Oh, yeah.”

The judges don’t really like it, and say there’s a lot more she could have done with the raspberries.

She heads back and says it looks like she’s headed to trouble town too.

After a short montage is Simon.

I think he’s left the little metal plate at the bottom of the tart, so George is trying to cut into it, but it looks like he’s having some dramas. Finally, he figures it out, and asks George why he didn’t say anything.

“Nervous,” he says.

They taste and call it a mess.

Finally, it’s Tim.

I forgot about Tim, hopefully he can save either Steph or Derek from elimination.

They all call it delicious, and I’m highly disappointed.

It’s time to find out who’s in the immunity challenge.

Ben, Tim and Anushka are joining Larissa.

I’m really happy Anushka and Ben are in for immunity, but I just really want Tim gone again.

Now, it’s those facing elimination.

Derek, Steph and Simon.

Derek and Steph are two of my favourites, and after something Simon said the other day to Tati, I really want him, as well as Tim, out.

They thank Heston for coming, and he waves as he leaves.

Gaz gives them words of inspiration before saying, “The pressure test starts right now.”

It’ll be a two day pressure test, and we’ll get to watch it tomorrow.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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