MasterChef Aus S11E36 – Recap

It’s the elimination challenge for Sweet Week, and the losers of the invention test, Derek, Steph and Simon, have just finished their last cook, and straight away it’s time for their elimination.

The boys are still in yesterday’s outfit

George tells them that this is a two day pressure test, before handing them their black aprons.

“Perfection just can’t be rushed,” Matt says.

Hot Tip: This is the first time a pressure test/elimination challenge has gone on over two days. Johnson Leung compared it to the Amazing Race, where they finish a leg, only to be told the next leg starts straight away. Thanks for the tip, and the awesome analogy, Johnson!

The guest chef is Kate Reid, and she’s got something spectacular, probably a croissant of some kind.

She unveils her dish…

The Lune croissant dough recipe is top secret, so they’re given the dough. And the judges don’t want just one croissant, they want four.

The losers have 90 minutes to prepare their croissant for the proving oven.

With time starting, so does the montage.

Steph is feeling a bit overwhelmed all but straight away. I really want her to do well, she’s such a blessing.

They’re using this laminate machine thing, idk, that smooths down the dough, I think.

Derek demonstrates the cool machine

There’s the first mistake of the cook. Derek did a second book fold instead of a letter fold. Kate tells him that it’ll be difficult to fix this. Because of this error, the croissant’s might not rise properly over night, and so even if he does amazing tomorrow, it might not be enough if his croissant is bad.

Finally, time is up. Everyone got their croissant’s in the prover, and they’re told to head home and get ready for tomorrow’s cook.

Derek is really upset about this, and he starts to cry a bit. Oh no!

After a quick little montage, everyone’s rolling back up in the black cars.

The trio of judges and Kate are waiting for Steph, Simon and Derek when they return.

No time to dwell on Matt’s amazing suit, it’s cooking time!

Gaz tells them they’ve got two hours and 45 minutes, and that starts time.

Utter relief, as Derek brings his out to find they rose – his prayers have been answered! I’m very relieved for him.

It’s really weird to see how croissant’s are made. I love to eat them, especially with some ham, cheese and tomato, and toasted. I’m really feeling a croissant now… I wonder if my local maccas do them?

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, and one of my personal favourites, is looking super cute today. She’s wearing yellow frames with a black legs. These might be yesterday’s, actually… I know, it’s ridiculous to expect, nay hope, that Anushka has a different frame for every day, but I can dream.

Ben and Anushka watch in horror as Steph has dramas with her mousse

Steph has a few issues with her mousse, and she has to redo it.

Meanwhile, Simon’s fine, and I’m dissapointed, to be honest. I don’t really like him (reasons to be revealed in a future ‘Rant’ post), so I’d rather that he has the dramas, rather than Steph, who I love, and Derek, who’s one of my favourites.

So, in the recipe, they have to cut the croissant in half, put their jam and frangipane on it, and put it back in the oven. Derek and Simon both put the lid and the bottom in separately, so the chocolate gets to cook. Steph cooked them together, and now has to pry them apart. She sees the chocolate didn’t harden up, so she’s thrown the bottoms into the blast chiller in a desperate attempt to get the chocolate set.

Finally, time is up, and there’s a group hug from the elimination challengers.

Derek’s really not sure if he’s safe, and worried about the fold. He also didn’t get the tempered chocolate on his croissants, and hopes that doesn’t get him out.

Steph is really disappointed and hopes that her cooking blunder doesn’t send her home.

“It’s not over til they say my name, right?” she says, with a wink.

It’s time to taste, and the first croissant is coming in – Simon’s up.

“That croissant maks me feel good,” Gaz says.

They all say qualities they like, and call it yum.

“I’m in food heaven,” George says.

Kate calls the layers gorgeous.

Next is Steph.

With a few sniffles, Steph says she never gives up.

“Yes, that’s something we have seen,” Matt says, telling her it’s something they admire.

Then, it’s time to taste.

They acknowledge the frangipane is raw and it’s like eating uncooked cake mix.

Finally, Derek. He’s worried about the lack of tempered chocolate, and that he messed up the fold yesterday.

Derek tells the judges that it frustrated him, and he was disappointed in himself for the lack of attention to detail, which he prides himself on.

When they open it up, they can see the pastry is quite dense, as result of the fold.

Kate says it doesn’t have the same shatter-y texture.

George says it was a good idea to keep the tempered chocolate off.

They call the flavours delicious, and say he did a good job on construction.

Kate says other than the missing element, it was well constructed and looks decedent.

The judges are straight up and tell Steph the frangipane was undercooked, which is why she’s out.

Steph gets her montage, and they tell her she’s a ray of sunshine.

She says that for the first time in her 46 years, she has truely been herself. Steph has completely become who she is here. She’s happy that she can now be herself and she’s so proud of herself for that.

Ok, quickly, we need to talk about Matt’s cravat. I know I called yesterday’s outfit quite velvety looking, but look at this!

Where Are They Now? Steph is planning a cooking tour of India. She’s also started a website, Spicy Steph, which you can find here. It’s currently under construction, but you can find her social media around it.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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  1. Oh no, i can’t believe Steph is out, I love her! She has such a beautiful smile and cooks with such passion and joy. I hate it when my favs leave 😢

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