MasterChef Aus S11E37 – Recap

Tonight is the Sweet Week immunity challenge, and Tim, Anushka, Larissa and Ben are competing against each other. One of them will face the guest chef and vie for the all important immunity pin.

The contestants come in to see the trio of judges, Gaz, George, and Matt, as well as today’s mentor, Poh.

Poh always looks awesome

George tells them that today, the winner of round one gets to miss out on tomorrow’s team challenge, which means they avoid elimination, and automatically be one of the top ten.

Once the stakes have been layed, Matt starts to tell them about today’s challenge.

“Today’s round one is one of life’s greatest pleasures – eating ice-cream in a cone,” he tells them.

He goes on about what makes a good cone.

“We want to ultimate cone,” Matt says. “But we want one cone each.”

He tells them the cones and ice-cream have to be made from scratch. They’ll have 75 minutes, open pantry, and the garden in play. He reminds them of the stakes, and starts the time.

Montage begins as well.

ANUSHKA WATCH: The 49 year old optical distributor, Anushka, one of my faves, is wearing red frames and a matching red shirt.

Tim says he is going to make a chocolate popcorn flavoured ice-cream. He’s inspired by the first time he and his wife went to the movies. She dumped her Maltesers into the popcorn and called it ‘choc-corn’.
It’s not that this doesn’t sound appealing to me, but I won’t be trying this move with popcorn that I buy.

Finally, the montage is over.

Anuska is first to be tasted.

Matt likes everything, George calls it a ripper. Poh compliments it. Gaz says one negative is the shapes, but calls it a winner.

Next is Ben.

Matt loves the flavours, as does Gaz, who likes that you can taste the whiskey. George says in terms of the cannoli, Anushka did it better. Poh liked the cone though.

Larissa is next.

Gaz says they’re not enough fig leaf. George says a fig leaf sauce would be good in it. Matt calls the cone ‘vanilla’ and Poh agrees, saying it’s a bit ‘mono’ – there’s nothing exciting going on.

Finally, Tim “T-Bone”.

As soon as they hear the name, they love it. When they pick it up, Gaz is living for the weight and amount of ice-cream. They cut it open to see what’s secret and they love it.

Poh says she can’t fault it. Overall they love it. I’m a bit disappointed, I really wanted Tim to leave soon… for the second time.

It’s results time, and it’s pretty obvious who they love. The judges huddled at the back to decide, before declaring the winner.

No surprise, it’s Tim. Yay. Poh helps Tim change into his chef jacket.

Matt talks about who the guest chef is for today – Alice Wright.

They go over the usual rules – Alice gets 60 minutes, Tim 75, Tim chooses the ingredient and Alice doesn’t know what it is until it’s time for her to cook.

She leaves, and Gaz and George reveal what the ingredient to hero is.

I’m nuts for these reveals

Tim has to choose a nut, and finally settles on walnuts.

Time starts as does the montage. Eventually Alice gets to start to cook.

I’ll talk about this later in my upcoming ‘MasterChef Rant’, but there was a moment where Tim said, “I won’t go easy on her,” and laughed a bit, and I thought, “If the editing hadn’t focused so heavily on Tim from the beginning of this season, I’d probably care that he came back into the contest, and would care about if he gets an immunity pin or not.
Instead, I’m barely a viewer of the show right now.

Tim starts to have some dramas with his biscuit base. It’s crumbly like sand, and he says it’s too much butter. He puts it in the blast chiller, hoping it’ll help.

Finally, montage and cooking ends, and it’s time to taste.

First to be tasted is Alice.

They inspect all the elements before George breaks it up to plate.

There’s a lot of eating noises too.

George says he likes the crunch in the apple. Matt calls one of the elements perfect. Gaz likes it.

Last thing to be eaten today is Tim’s dish.

The trio again speculate as to what each element is.

George says he wants something that just pulls it all together. Matt says any syrup is taken away by the buttery biscuit.

Finally, it’s time for the scores.

Tim: Matt 6. George 6. Gaz 7. Total 19.

Before scoring Alice, Gaz reminds her that last time she was in a cook off in MasterChef she only scored 18.

Alice: Gaz 9. George 9. Matt 8. Total 26.

Alice is the winner today, which means no pin for Tim. He does miss tomorrow’s team challenge, skips the chance of being in elimination, and is in the top ten. So good for him.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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