MasterChef Aus S11E38 – Recap

Tonight is the Sweet Week immunity challenge.

As part of yesterday’s immunity challenge rewards, Tim is sitting out the team challenge and is automatically in the top ten.

The contestants come into the kitchen to find it set up differently than usual.

Standing at the front waiting for them is the trio of judges, Matt, George and Gaz.

Matt starts to tell them about what’s going on for this challenge. At the beginning, they’ll get to go to the pantry together, plan the dish together, everything like a usual team challenge, until it’s time to cook. They’ll be separated from their partner, and the only way to communicate will be to yell at each other.

Their desserts will have to be identical in every way – plating, taste, colour, etc.

George gives them a bag and they all pull out an apron from there.

Gaz gets to some more nitty gritty. They’ll have 75 minutes. The top two teams are safe and into the top 10, joining Tim, and the rest are in tomorrow’s elimination challenge. They’ll only get to go to the pantry once.

The teams are:
Ben and Larissa (blue)
Anushka and Derek (yellow)
Tati and Tessa (green)
Nicole and Christina (red)
Sandeep and Simon (purple)

Montage and time start at the same time.

Christina is making caramel, and suddenly it starts smoking.

ANUSHKA WATCH: One of my favourites, and teammate of Derek, Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, is wearing black glasses.

It’s really weird to see one person standing upstairs during such a loud challenge. Tim doesn’t really have anything to do, so he’s standing there alone, occasionally talking to people.

Anushka and Derek are having a drama and a half with communicating, even though she’s yelling sooo loud. She plates praline, not sure if Derek did it or not. So good luck to my two favourites.

Finally, time is up, and they cover their dishes.

The tasting is set up at the front of the front of the room, the trio sitting down for it.

First is Ben and Larissa.

They’ve made a basil panna cotta with a strawberry compote, a raspberry shard, with a plum sorbert.

Ben left, Larissa right

It looks pretty similar, except for a couple of colours and Ben added a shard.

The tasting starts, and George talks straight away about how Larissa’s colour is bolder and brighter.

Gaz says the idea to dice the strawberries so they’re just scooped around the side was smart.

Matt agrees and says it was all very smart. Gaz says the only difference for him is the sorbet. George says it’s coming down to little things.

Next is Derek and Anushka.

They’ve made a chocolate mousse with black salt, raspberry sorbet, shards, and hazelnut praline.

Anuska left, Derek right

Matt said she was a boss and it was great to see.

They reveal their dishes and they’re almost perfect, except for the size of the shards. Anuska’s look so big, and Derek’s are small.

“That’s not six by eight,” Derek mutters to Anushka, before they’re told to go away.

Gaz says it’s pretty good, George does a break down of colour of each element, and they’re pretty much identical in that respect.

When they taste, the trio say they’re pretty much different dishes. I’m very upset for my faves.

Next is Tessa and Tati.

They’ve made a jasmine tea creme brulee with short bread.

When they uncover their dish, the biscuits are very different sizes – Tati’s broke

Matt says it’s a simple dish, but “Any differences really stands out.”

The judges agree that they’re very different dishes. Matt says it’s Tati’s brulee that really makes the dish bad for him.

Nicole and Christina are up next.

“Nicole and I, we’re pretty much the same.

Cooked is a brandy spice apple tart with a crumble.

“Brandy mascarpone,” Christina clarifies.

Christina left, Nicole right

The dishes are revealed – almost identical. Taste wise, pretty much the same.

It’s a tasty dish, and they’ve very similar.

Finally, Sandeep and Simon.

They’ve made an eton mess. This could be a mess, as it’ll be hard to make them identical. I did hear yells of, “Two strawberries,” and their co-ordinates, so maybe it’ll be ok.

Simon and Sandeep reveal their dishes.

Both of them are happy with the result.

Gaz asks if it’s close, Matt says, “Not really,” and points at different things.

They’re actually both different. George says the only thing that’s the same is the berries.

It’s time for the results.

First safe and in the top ten is Nicole and Christina. Second is Larissa and Ben.

That means Sandeep, Simon, Tessa, Tati, Anushka and Derek are in the elimination challenge. One of them will be going home tomorrow.

I’m sad because pretty much all my favourites at this point are in tomorrows elimination, but this is also what happens when they bring someone back – two eliminated in one week.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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