The Super Switch Aus S01E02 – Recap

Last night, we met the six couples and tonight they’ll get matched. I’m super excited to see who gets paired.

The beach mansion is full with Ben (Christie’s partner), Justin (Neesha’s partner), Kendrick (Romina’s partner), Olga (Tyler’s partner), Aimee (Marcus’ partner) and Miranda (Lachlan’s partner).

The city mansion is full with Neesha, Christie, Romina, Marcus, Lachlan and Tyler.

For a refresher on the couples, check out yesterday’s recap.

Over at the beach mansion, Olga reads out who the couples are.

Kendrick and Aimee are the first match. Aimee is the inflexible one, and Kendrick is the closed-book. They’re anchors in the relationship.

Next is Ben and Olga. Ben is the larrikin, and Olga is irrational, they’re both lively.

Finally, Justin and Miranda. Miranda is the conservative one, and Justin is the traditional one. They’re paired to give each other a break.

At the city mansion, the first couple is Marcus and Romina. Ro is the temperamental one, and Marcus is the man-child. They’re both big personalities.

Next is Tyler and Christie. Christie is the headstrong one, and Tyler is the workaholic. They’re paired so he can be more laid back, and she gets someone more committed to a future.

Finally, it’s Lachlan and Neesha. She’s needy, he’s possessive, and they have similar values, like loyalty.

The couples have to move into the same bedroom, and have one bed to share. This will mean they’re immediately put to a test to compromise.

Ben and Olga are the first to move into their bedroom.

They talk about how they’re going to put the pillows between them, and Olga is already starting to get scared about her real partner. Ben is pushing her buttons and keeps saying things about how he trusts his girl, but she’s brought lingerie along. It’s a bit unfair, IMO.

Their real partners, Tyler and Christie, are moving into their room, and they agree to do a pillow wall.

Tyler talks about how he normally goes for long blonde hair, big boobs sort of girl, so Christie isn’t really his type.

Next is Aimee and Kendrick.

Kendrick said he and Ro agreed not to sleep in the same bed as the other person, not even in the same room. They had agreed that whatever one of them does, the other has to do.

He doesn’t know where he’s going to sleep.

Their real partners, Marcus and Ro are getting to know each other straight away. They sound very compatible.

Ro talks about how Marcus doesn’t want to be very intimate with his real partner, and she’s like, ‘I’d dump him. Intimacy is important.’

Over at the city mansion, Neesh and Lachlan are deciding where to sleep. Neesh is happy to find that they’ve got similar morals. Lachlan decides to sleep on the couch.

At the beach, Justin and Miranda are last to settle in. They feel pretty awkward when they come in and look around.

The two couples went out for drinks on their own. Neesh and Lachlan are happy to chat and get along.
Justin and Miranda start to have a talk, and Justin realises that he’s kinda terrible where he ignores and excludes his partner from coming out with his friends.
Miranda talks about how her boy is very over protective and how it makes her feel.

Tyler and Christie start the night by putting a pillow separator between them.

Lachlan and Neesh decided not to share a bed, and they’re happy with the similarity of their morals. She’s on the bed, and he’s on couch pillows on the ground. They throw shade at other couples who are sharing a bed.

Kendrick and Aimee aren’t even in the same room – he’s sleeping in the hallway on the ground.

Across town, Ro slept in the same bed as Marcus, I’m pretty sure.

It’s day 2, and the couples are going on their first dates.

Christie is excited to get along with Tyler. For their first date, she takes him for yoga by the beach.

She wants to be doing stuff with Ben and doing exciting things, so she’s having un hanging out with Tyler at the moment.

Ben and Olga have gone to a petting zoo for their first date. He likes to spend time with his partner, so she’ll “get an insight,” as Guy said, on being with someone who wants to hang out.

They have a lot of laughs and seem like they’re really enjoying themselves.

Aimee and Ken go for a horseback ride. They speculate what their other half have in common. They agree it’s that Marcus and Ro are loud.

“To me, life isn’t all about a joke,” Aimee says, enjoying how she can have serious talks with Ken.

Ro and Marcus seem to have a great relationship, and really hit it off. Today, Ro has taken him to do pole dancing. The two of them receive a private lesson, and they seem to have a good time. There’s a lot of laughing, and Marcus calls it passionate and intimate.

While they dance, Marcus says he enjoys being able to be silly, and mistakes aren’t met with judgement.

We keep getting sneak peeks for their first dinner party, and I am super excited. It’s going to be dramatic and wild.

It’s time for the first dinner party. At the beach house, everyone’s talking about Ken sleeping outside. He said he agreed to the rule, and he says he believes in Ro to do the same.

Aimee confesses that if Marcus proposed, she’d say no. She says that they’re not at the same stage of their relationship as everyone else.

Over at the city mansion, Lachlan and Neesh talk about how they really get along.

Tyler talks about creating a pillow wall and how it’s all about trusting your partner. Lachlan doesn’t like that at all. He says it’s 24 hours, in 3 weeks, what?
“It’ll be a g-string in the middle,” he tells the rest of the table.

There’s a lot of shocked looks, and I’m personally shook. Neesh seems to have the same sort of opinion.

Tyler is a bit salty because Lachlan is getting very judgemental. To him and Christie it’s part of the experiment. They think their partners wouldn’t do anything anyway.

Neesh says she’d break up with Justin if he shared a bed with another girl.

Oof, it’s Lachlan and Neesh getting angry at Christie and Tyler for sharing a bed. Neesh basically says they’re cheating.

The spice level at this dinner table is OFF the scale #SuperSwitch— The Super Switch (@thesuperswitch) June 12, 2019

A gif of part of the argument.

Christie is like why do you care so much? She says these are our morals, and you have different ones, leave it.

I’m getting serious Mean Girl “Why are you so obsessed with me?” sort of vibes right now.

Christie leaves in tears because it’s such a tirade against her and Tyler.

“They’re making me feel really bad. It’s making me feel like I have done the wrong thing,” she says.

This is drama is so intense, that the episode ends, telling us the drama will continue next week, and someone will walk out.

I’m SO excited to find out what goes on next Wednesday!

Here’s the couples and their new partners:

Ben and Christie (swapped with Tyler and Olga).
Justin and Neesha (swapped with Lachlan and Miranda).
Kendrick and Romina (swapped with Aimee and Marcus).

As usual, I write my recaps as I watch the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

The Super Switch will be back next Wednesday. In the meantime, why don’t you check out some MasterChef?

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