MasterChef Aus S11E07 – Recap

Kyle, Tessa, Abbey and Derek are gonna fight for immunity. Maybe to the death.

Today, Gaz is wearing a black suir with a blue shir and matching pocket square. He’s also wearing glasses, but these are a new pair for him.
George is rocking a blue suit and white shirt with a bit of black on it.
Finally, Matt is wearing a brown-y yellow suit. It looks like a gold brown? I don’t know how to describe it. It’s nice tho. He’s wearing a white cravat with bits of blue and yellow on it, with a matching pocket square.

We get a close up of Anushka. She’s wearing a grey shirt and thick black glasses. I love it.

The judges tell them that they’ve got their immunity assistant. Like the goddess she is, Poh comes through the doors. I’m cheering, the contestants are cheering, the trio of judges are excited to see her, and Poh grins and waves at everyone.

The challenge is announced.
Round one is the best version of fried chicken there is with a great sauce to accompany. They can do whatever they want, as long as the chicken is deep fried. With forty five minutes on the clock, the four contestants have an open pantry and the garden is “in play”, as Gary puts it.

Time starts.

Montage montage.
Poh and Matt are walking around together, and Poh give her first piece of advice to Derek.
Yay Poh!

Look, I really don’t care about what they’re doing, everyone’s fine.

Time’s up.
Tessa brings her food up first. There are lots of crunching and lots of dipping.
Eating fried chicken isn’t attractive, and I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit repulsed right now.
Overall, everyone loves the chicken and they tell her it’ll be hard to beat.

Abbey’s next.
She made a chutney to accompany, but it’s not really what the judges wanted – it’s too hard to dip. The chicken was really good though.

Up is Kyle.
He’s only plated up two wings for four judges to share. Poh and Matt are the only ones to talk about it, but they weren’t thrilled with much of it.

Derek is last.
Gaz loves it. The crunch was so intense, the people upstairs could hear it.
“Get me my couch, get me my ugg boots,” George said, “and give me a bowl of chicken.”
It’s a Korean wings though, and he starts to sweat a storm.
Poh really likes it too.
They’re all impressed and amazed.

The judges walk away to collaborate.
When they come back, they’ve split into two groups – Gaz and Matt, and Poh and George.
Gaz and Matt loved Derek’s chicken, whereas Poh and George were here for Tessa’s.

Because of this, they’ll both face the chef. Whoever beats the chef gets a pin, which means if they score better than the chef, they both get one.
They’re upgraded from apron to chef jacket.
In walks Max Sharrad. He’s got experience in a wild range of areas and has worked around the world.
Derek and Tessa are scared and intimidated by Max.
The contestants get 75 minutes to cook, whereas Max gets 60 minutes.
It’s a blind tasting as well, as usual, and Max won’t get to find out what he’s cooking until its time for him to cook.

Max, George, and Gaz leave, letting Poh take over.
Aww, God bless Poh.
She tells them that they get to chose a hero ingredient for their dishes, but they have to agree on the ingredient. Max will also be using the same one.

Tessa and Derek decide they’ll hero the orange.

Anyway, montage starts.
Max starts cooking and gets thrown off by the orange.
Poh gives her first bit of advice to Derek.

Finally, time is up.

Tessa is first to get tried.
The trio love the plating and the sauce. They say it’s been cooked right on point, and the discuss the possibility of it being a contestant. They don’t think it will be, because it’s so well done.

Derek is next.
Overall, the judges aren’t keen on the presentation. Gaz doesn’t like how bouncy the dessert is. Not a big fan of it overall. Matt says the dish needs another element.

Finally, Max.
It’s a simple dish, simple flavours, it’s soft, and generally great flavour.

Also George has a beard? This is the first time I’ve noticed it? Am I a fool?

It’s time to announce the scores.
Tessa receives a total of 28. Gaz and Matt give her a nine, and George a ten.
It’s a 16 for Derek. Gaz and George give him a 5, and Matt a 6.
Last is Max. He gets a 6 from Gaz and George. Matt gives him a seven, putting Max at a total of 19.

That means Tessa wins a pin, but Derek doesn’t.
Max leaves defeated, and George tells everyone to piss off.
Instead, they all hug Derek and Tesssa.


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