MasterChef Aus S11E06 – Recap

The losers from yesterday, Dee, Nicole, and Yossra, are back again for a pressure test where one of them will go home.

Nicole tells us about her backstory, and beware, it’s a tear jerker. Her family are all academics, and she has two degrees. She’s about to start her honours in psychology, but she can’t shake the feeling that she’s got to follow her cooking passion.

As someone with an honours, I have a LOT of opinions on this. I will spare you today, but just know that there is a lot happening for me right now.

Now back to MasterChef.

Today, Gaz is wearing a blue suit with a light blue shirt. He’s also wearing his glasses again, which suit him.

George is wearing a black vest and a white shirt. He’s keeping it chill, but classy.

Finally, Matt is wearing a pink suit with a white shirt. Today, his cravat and pocket square are black with pink flowers on them.

Darren Purchese comes in. He’s wearing his work uniform, which looks like it’s made of blue denim.

He reveals his dessert. Basically, it’s a meringue with a lot of stuff inside. Then, he sets it on fire. They all get a slice, but because they used alcohol to light it, they gave Yossra a sober meringue.

Yossra tells us how she’s a pharmacist, so she’s like, “I’ve pretty much got a food up on the others, because I’m used to measuring and looking at small details.”

They start cooking.

Dee fucks up her ice-cream and has to start over. Both Darren and Matt don’t really believe in her.

Dee is super stressed, everyone is yelling at her. It’s advice and trying to motivate her, but she’s just feeling too overwhelmed. Big mood, Dee.

Yossra is all over this, as is Nicole, but Dee is doing her best to give a go.

Dee so far has only really successfully done curries. Not to throw shade because I love her, but maybe home cooking is more her forte, and she might be a bit out of her depth here.

Finally, the drama is over, and the women are all on track at this stage.

Dee tells us about her goals. She wants a cooking school to teach her home cooking. Her husband is super supportive and behind her, which is awesome.

George, in a very George fashion, yells supportive, inspirational stuff again. He probably spends time between yelling to find good inspirational things to yell at them.

Nicole is really starting to annoy me. She wants everything to be perfect. Like, someone needs to tell her that she just needs to be better than everyone else. There are no winners – just one loser.

Blah blah blah, montage montage montage.

Time is up, and it’s time for tasting.

Nicole comes in, talking about how her family are all academics but she doesn’t, “want to do my master for the sake of doing it.” I think that’s all well and good, but psychology is literally useless when it’s just a bachelors degree, but go off I guess.

Nonetheless, the judges like her stuff, but she lacked chocolate in her ice-cream.

Yossra’s next. She’s a bit worried by what she’s done so far, but I think she’ll be fine. They talk about how she’s a pharmacist and how they could see her meticulous measuring.

Overall, they love her dish.

Dee’s next. She’s worried, but generally relieved that she got everything up.

Gaz tells her that they thought she’d chuck the towel in. But Dee tells her that her husband tells her to never give up. Aww I love her.

When the judges taste, they find a fault in every single element.

Dee had too many issues to overlook, so she’s out. The other women give her a hug and George says some kind words.

He tells her to follow her dreams and one day open her cooking school, because her cooking is amazing and she nails the flavours.

We get a little looks at what she’s done since. Dee has done wok experience at a kitchen and has a YouTube channel called Dee-licious. I can’t find it though…


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