MasterChef Aus S11E05 – Recap

Everyone gets out of the black cars, and yet again, they can’t believe they’re here.

Steph says, “I’ve dreamed about doing a mystery box challenge for years.”

The whole group come inside and stand in front of the whole lot of benches with mystery boxes.

The trio of judges are standing in front of them.

Matt is wearing a blue suit with a floral looking cravat and pocket square.

George is wearing a grey suit with a white shirt that looks like it’s got a bit of a floral thing going on.

Gaz is wearing a black suit with a nice blue shirt.

They start to talk about the mystery box and reveal the ingredients. Each of them chose three ingredients.

For the challenge, they have only the mystery box and their staples under their benches. The judges will be trying 5. Of that, one will be chosen to compete for immunity tomorrow, everyone else will be going through to the next round. George warns them that they do not want to be in the next round.

As the cooking commences, and the trio go around to talk to people, a few of them apologise to Matt for not making any brussels sprouts and instead going with George’s ingredients. I was confused because I didn’t think they had to chose one of the judges choices.

When they were talking about the ins and outs of the challenge, my partner was picking off the beans from her burrito, and she was getting pretty passionate about it, because the shop had loaded the beans on. I think she would’ve been alright with it if she hadn’t specified that she didn’t want beans on her burrito. Also, the shop didn’t advertise what was on the burritos. I was a bit confused the whole time and I was just grateful that I’m pretty open to eating anything. No matter what they put on the burrito, I’d eat it. So I was like, “Oh, there’s beans, that’s all good, kinda expecting it.”

So you can see how I would be confused when I’m back in focus of what’s happening. I figured they’d tell me later if there was any constraints on the box, but they didn’t.

Long story short, they didn’t have to choose only three ingredients.

Montage, montage, montage.

Then, we hear about Abbey and get her sad flashback. Her mum was a single mum and they often lived in poverty. She learnt to cook with what she’s got and not going out to get an ingredient but just utilising what’s already there.

More montage.

Gaz embraces the Gazza life.

Anushka is looking cute today. She’s wearing like cream glasses with a blue shirt. It’s not really matching today, but I can’t see her pants, so maybe it’s actually matching something, I’m not sure.

There’s a lot more cooking and Matt running around looking at dishes going, “Ooh!”

Montage, montage, montage.

Then the time is up.

Gaz reminds them that they’ll only be eating five dishes, and the best will be going straight into the immunity challenge and not doing the next part.

First is Steph. She’s so excited to get chosen, and everyone’s clapping for her.

“George,” George says. “Put the chicken down.”

They ended up cleaning the plate.

They say that they love the flavours.

Matt and Gaz are frothing for the fish sauce caramel.

Next is Tessa. She’s arranged the plate in a way that looks really 70’s. The boys do not like the way she’s plated up. But the food is really good, so it’s kinda forgiven.

Tim, of course, is next. Gaz loves the presentation. George wishes the skin wasn’t done as shards. Probably no immunity pin for him today.

Despite concerns for the strong flavours, Anushka is next. Gaz likes it a lot, as does George. Matt tells her the use of fish sauce and caramel was genius.

Finally, Abbey. Gaz called it a chicken dinner dreams are made of.

She says, “So many amazing comments from the three judges and it makes me feel really confident.”

Matt tells them Steph, Anushka and Abbey were the stand out. It was not unanimous, though, because they all were delicious.

Abbey won because of how complex it was and the technique was used. She’s in the immunity challenge, and she’s alone at the top watching the next challenge. I’m really happy for her.

“We said this challenge is somewhere you don’t want to be,” George says.

23 black boxes come in.

“When you see black in the MasterChef kitchen,” Dee starts, “danger.”

They’re allowed to lift the lid of the black box challenge.

And then they see something that’s not meant to be there…

This isn’t just a mystery box, there are black aprons in there, too – this is an elimination!

Tim decides to use his pin and not risk it. He’s sent up with Abbey.

The black box challenge means everything is black. Even the big chunk of meat is black angus.

Everyone’s thrown off because it’s an elimination.

“It’s the first time you’re wearing black aprons, but it won’t be the last. You shouldn’t be scared of the aprons. They should be scared of you.”

Look, I’ve heard that before about spiders, and it still sounds like bullshit, but go off.

Matt tells them they had just done a mystery box – the apron has only added to the pressure.

They must use at least one of the ingredients, and they have the pantry staples.

Matt keeps talking, but I get bored, so I stop paying attention, and we get straight into montages.

Finally, there’s a count down, and then time to eat.

Tessa is chosen first. They really like it, and it’s cooked perfectly.

Derek right after, and he’s terrified, but they seem to like it.

Montage of tasting. Everything looks pretty good.

Dee’s next.

Gaz hates the presentation. The trio have maybe one or two bites and that’s it. They have nothing positive to say, but also don’t say a lot of bad stuff about the dish.

More montages. A few not good, mostly good, though.

Nicole is next. Gaz hates it. He tells her that he hates steak and blackberries together. With a burning passion. Almost as much as my partner and beans in her burritos.

After her is Huda, who gets a lot of critique as well. It’s not looking good for her.

Time for the verdict.

Tessa, Kyle, and Derek are the top three today.

The four least successful will be called up, and one of them will leave.

The biggest losers today are:

  1. Yossura.
  2. Huda.
  3. Nicole.
  4. Dee.

“It’s not a good day in the kitchen for any of you,” Gaz says, before telling them who leaves.

Huda is out.

I’m pretty sad about that, I liked her enough. There are tears in the background.

And then we find out what she’s up to – a dairy free ice-cream range called Sassi ice-cream.

And that’s the episode!


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