MasterChef Aus S11E44 – Recap

Ok, so first of all, I somehow got very confused by the interchangeability of pressure test/elimination and what Gaz meant at the beginning of this week when he said, “No pressure test. Instead there will be a little challenge and the winner will be in the immunity.”

In my mind, this meant no elimination challenge this week, everyone’s safe. So I was very confused when at the end of last episode, the promo for this one at everyone on black, because I’m thinking everyone’s safe for the rest of the week.

Unbeknownst to me, pressure test and elimination are not interchangeable, and while I was thinking this episode was the little challenge, it was actually the Indigenous ingredients challenge of Monday, ep 41.

TL;DR: Tonight is indeed an elimination, what a fool I am.

The losers of yesterday’s team challenge, Tati, Anushka, Larissa, Ben and Simon, are up for elimination. It’s the last night of Best of the Best Week, and Massimo Bottura is coming in as the guest chef.

The contestants come in and straight away, it’s time to introduce Massimo.

Hot Tip: Thank you Johnson Leung for this great info!

He tells them about his current project – stopping food waste and feeding the hungry.

Matt tells the contestants that eight billion dollars a year in Australia is thrown away.

Wheeling out a table, George tells them what they’re cooking. This is the most thrown out foods in Australia. They’ve got milk right on the edge of use by, bananas in all stages, bread that’s getting to stale, and lettuce that’s wilting.

Gaz gives them the rules – 75 minutes to cook, hero-ing one of the ingredients. The garden is in play, and the pantry is open. Gaz advises them not to go for a lobster, and to keep it theme appropriate.

Time starts, and everyone runs off to start getting some stuff happening.

Ben grabs a duck and starts cutting it up. Upstairs, Tim says he’s already worried, because duck is a bit of a luxury item and he doesn’t think it fits the theme.

Tati starts to cry about how beautiful the project is and he comes around and hugs her.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Fan (me) favourite, Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, has chosen to wear her traditional elimination glasses.

A blessing

Massimo comes around and advises Anushka to cook with the bananas but she tells him she doesn’t like bananas and never cooks them so she has no idea how to, and it’s not something she wastes because she doesn’t buy them.

The judges come around and talk to Ben to find out what he’s up to. The see he’s chosen duck and they’re pretty upset. It’s a ‘waste not want not’ challenge, and they’re mad that he’s recklessly using an expensive protein
“I’ve used the neck, the wings, the breast,” Ben tries to defend himself.
“Where’s the rest of it?” Gaz asks.
“In the fridge,” Ben says.

George and Massimo open the fridge to see what’s left.

Needless to say, they were not impressed at ALL.
Ben decides to try and use as much of it as possible to try and redeem himself. Seeing how everyone else is currently going, something big will have to happen for him to not go home.

Oof, it’s the final few minutes, and Anushka realises she’s created a lot of waste, and now she’s worried that might send her home.

When time ends, Anushka starts to cry.

It’s time for the tasting, and I’m worried for Ben and Anushka at the moment.

First to be tasted is Tati.

They list all the things she used, and they seem pretty happy with that.

The first thing said is Massimo, “I love it.”

Each chef says things they like, and Gaz says this is how leftovers should be treated.

Next up is Anushka.

All round, the judges don’t really like it.
George says she’s so worried about the concept that she’s lost the flavour.
“I think she’s in trouble,” Matt says.

Simon is next.

Caesar Salad

Gaz likes that he’s taken very few from the pantry, just the egg, really.

They call it delicious, and George says he’s met the brief in every way.

It’s Larissa next.

Massimo says this is the most complex dish so far.
Each judge loves the flavours.

Last is Ben.

The judges asked how he thought he did. Ben said food wise, well, concept wise, he struggled.

To add insult to injury, the duck is undercooked and rubbery.

It’s result time. Matt tells Tati, Simon and Larissa they had the best food, and they’re safe.

Anushka and Ben are left. Unfortunately, Ben just didn’t get the concept and the flavours weren’t there, so he’s out.

Where are they now? Ben is planning on running a taco stand. He’s also doing pop up stalls of seasonal produce.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

I posted a MasterChef rant about Sandeep, and you can read it here.

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