MasterChef Aus S11E39 – Recap

Ok, so, first of all, the site I use to watch the ep when I’ve missed it on TV has changed its format, so when I take a screenshot, it’ll have the timestamp in the bottom. I don’t really know what to do about it, and if I don’t include it, I don’t get the full picture. Frankly, it’s homophobic lmao.

Also, I’m coming down from a caffeinated high, so if I get incoherent at the end, I’ll edit this tomorrow.

It’s the last cook of Sweet Week, and this will determine the top ten. After losing the team challenge yesterday, Derek, Anushka, Tati, Tessa, Simon, and Sandeep are up for elimination.

Everyone preps for the elimination, knowing this will all be based on desserts.

The trio of judges wait for the losers

Without hesitation, Gaz asks Tessa if she’ll be using her pin to go straight to the top ten, or keep it and work for a spot. She decides to play it and heads upstairs with the five others.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, one of my favourites, and 49 year old optical distributor, is wearing her elimination glasses.

One day, I’ll get a non-terrible photo of Anushka. I keep getting unflattering ones.

Matt starts talking about sugar.

The average Australian’s sugar intake – day (60g), week, month, year.

Today’s challenge requires no refined or processed sugar. They have the open pantry and the garden is in play. Least impressive dish sends their maker home. They’ll have 60 minutes to cook.

Time and montage starts.

Everyone stands around the pantry with George, asking him if there’s sugar in it. He shoots down a couple of ingredients, and points them at the honey and fruit.

“Desserts and I are best friends when someone else cooks and I eat,” Sandeep says.

He’s confident enough, though, as a lot of traditional Indian desserts have no refined or processed sugar. It’s a classical and traditional dish.

Oooh, I’m worried for Sandeep, he’s chosen a dish that traditionally takes hours and hours, but he’s cranking the heat, hoping it’ll work.

Haha Derek grabbed corn flakes and George yelled at him to put it back.

Sandeep continues to have problems. His rice dish isn’t pickling, and he’s got 30 minutes to go.

We’re getting down to the nitty gritty. George is so excited that they’re at the last 30 seconds, and how close he is to getting to eat the desserts, that he’s already got a spoon in his hand.

Time is up, and the top ten hopefuls reflect on their dishes.

First to be tasted is Derek.

That bit cut off says ‘and orange syrup’

“That’s why we started with you, because it’s breakfast,” Matt says.

When it’s time to eat, Gaz says, “Delicious.”

They all agree that it’s delicious, and George says that not having the white refined sugar doesn’t matter – it’s not missed. “That’s really fantastic.”

Next is Sandeep.

‘and Puri’

I’m actually really disappointed with how the judges talked about him and the dish. They literally just told Derek that he’s an awesome cook and not to be worried about where he stands against the other chefs.

“Were you not interested in pushing yourself a bit further?” Matt asks.

Sandeep tells him that it’s because he’s scared of failing.

Gaz tells him he needs to extend himself more.

“I apologise if this is average. I hope the flavours are redeeming,” Sandeep says, before being dismissed.

“It’s not sweet enough,” Gaz says.

“Very safron heavy,” Matt says.

They talk about a few more bad things, before getting the next dish.

Tati’s up.

‘and coconut ice cream’

“I’m looking at that dish. I’m worried for you,” Gaz says. “We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you.”

Y’know, I don’t think I really like Gaz anymore. Further expansion in upcoming rant.

Matt starts talking about things he liked about the dish. What derailed him was the yogurt and the syrup.

George calls it really sweet. Gaz says it needs to be MasterChef’ed up.

Next is Anushka.

‘with orange and grapefruit cream’

Matt asks if she’s scared to go home. She says yes. They tell her to leave so they can taste.

“Lovely,” Gaz says. “Crisp, delicious.”

Matt says the sauce is sweet but has a great backbone. George loves that she made everything.

Simon’s up.

‘and beetroot molasses’

Gaz says this isn’t very him, and Simon calls it meh.

He’s like 90% sure he’s heading home.

Gaz calls it beautiful, flavours outstanding, but something missing – a crunch.

Matt says the molasses will save him.

It’s time for he verdict. Anushka and Derek are safe, and into the top ten.

Simon is also safe, leaving Sandeep and Tati to hope for the best.

George says they had a split decision. Gaz thought it should be Tati, Matt thought Sandeep. It’s all in George’s little hands now.

He decides the person leaving is Sandeep. Tati starts to cry, and honestly that’s me right now. I shed a few tears.

“You came in as a student, but we feel you leave as a teacher,” Matt says.

Sandeep bows and touches their feet before giving them a hug.

Where are they now? Sandeep is launching his Indian restaurant BBQ and Biryani. He’s also working on his own garam masala spice bland.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

Keep an eye out – Friday will be my Sandeep rant, Saturday my general rant.

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