MasterChef Aus S12Ep 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 – Recaps

Episode 44 – Thursday 11th June – Immunity

It’s immunity today, with Reece, Emelia, Laura and Poh fighting to be safe on Sunday.

Now, at some stage the programming changed to not be Sunday to Thursday, but I can’t exactly remember when, but I’ll let you know when I figure it out and the bundle will likely be different at that point.

The contestants come in to find the judges standing in front of a box.

Today, they have to cook three dishes using the ingredient in the box, but they only have one pumpkin, so they have to be resourceful. They have 90 minutes to cook the three dishes. The judges want the first dish at 30 minutes, and then the contestants run back and keep cooking. Whoever has the least impressive dish will be sent upstairs, so only three will keep cooking. At sixty minutes, they’ll bring their second dish up, and same thing, the least impressive will be sent up, leaving two to complete the 90 minutes. They have open pantry and garden.

They run their first dish up and run to keep cooking.

They taste Reeces dish first, Pan-Seared Pumpkin with Mushrooms and Chestnut Purée.
They love it, but say it needed some acidity.

Next is Laura with Roasted Pumpkin with Smoked Buttermilk and Roasted Pepitas.
The presentation is nice, the flavour is good, Andy calls it quite mediocre. The pumpkin helped the rest of the dish but didn’t make it better.

Third is Emelia with Butter Poached Bug with Pumpkin Salad.
They love everything about it, the pumpkin is a hero, and it’s a well rounded dish.

Finally, Poh, serving Buckwheat Pasta, Pumpkin, Speck and Cabbage.
Jock really enjoyed it, but Mel says the cabbage threw her. Andy criticised the rush.

Stopping their cook, the judges say the person out is Poh.

They keep cooking, and soon it’s time for the three to put up their next dish.

First to taste is Laura with Roast Pumpkin Tortellini.
The pasta was a bit thick and undercooked for all three judges. The filling was great though.

Then, Emelia with Pumpkin Cake, Crème Fraîche and Pine Nut Caramel.
They love it, the caramel was delicious, if anything use pumpkin seeds than the pine nuts, however it was amazing, Mel comparing it to a delicious sticky date pudding.

Finally is Reece, serving Spiced Pumpkin Cake with Mascarpone Ice Cream.
Andy didn’t like it, but Jock and Mel adored it, they thought it was wonderful.

They stop the cook, and Laura was too weak to continue.

In the final round is Emelia and Reece.

First to taste is Emelia. She brings up a Pumpkin and Crème Fraîche Mille-feuille.
Jock says it left him wanting a crispy element, however he does enjoy rich desserts, it just needs character.

Next is Reece with a Pumpkin and Eggplant Panang Curry.
They thing he did a good job, a lot of flavour. They really like the flavour, and Jock says he’s not missing a protein which says something. Something is dulling the flavour. it’s a good dish, it’s just not great.

It’s time for the decision. Jock says the dishes were both good but not great.

There’s only one dish they’d want to eat again, giving that person immunity, and that’s Reece.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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