MasterChef Aus S12Ep 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 – Recaps

Episode 43 – Wednesday 10th June – Mystery Box

The contestants come in to find the Mystery Box smoking.

She smoke

When they lift the lid, they find a smoking gun. Today is about smoke. They have to use the gun to smoke some element, but also provide the depth that only smoking brings. They have 60 minutes and an open garden and pantry.

Time starts.

Tasting time (I’m trying to get a couple episodes done before I have to go to work). Photos in chronological order.

First is Reece with Smoked Chocolate Mousse and Smoked Salt Macadamia Ice Cream. Everyone only has good things to say about his dish.

Second is Emelia with her Smoked Chocolate Mousse and Dark Fruit. They say it’s one of her best.

Next is Tessa with Smoked Snapper with Tomatoes, Macadamia and Finger Lime. She was worried it was over, however it was cooked perfectly. Mel and Andy liked it, however Jock had a few issues with it, and he wasn’t the biggest fan, saying the sauce was too heavy and didn’t complement the fish.

Brendon’s next, without a caption, followed by Khann, and Callum.

Next up is Laura with Smoked Yoghurt Sorbet and Rhubarb and Cinnamon Myrtle Granita.
They enjoy it.

Poh’s up, bringing Sichuan Pepper Crusted Duck and Pickled Radish, Beetroot, Mind and Riberries.
Mel says it’s not the best and not better than the original. Andy loves it though, even got some beetroot on his shirt.

Reynold’s next. He made Smoked Chocolate Mousse with Tonka Bean Caramel, Banana and Smoked Bourbon Gelato. He says he’s done too much.
The chocolate shell was thin and the mousse was wonderful. Mel says the gelato brings it all together. Jock says his technical ability is flawless and to do it in 60 minutes is amazing, but he’s not focusing enough on the flavours. If it was an elimination, he’d be out.

It’s decision time. The top four will go into the immunity challenge tomorrow.

Reece and Emelia did the best two with no problems what so ever. With them tomorrow is Laura and Poh (a tight one with Tessa).


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