MasterChef Aus S12Ep 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 – Recaps

Episode 42 – Tuesday 9th June – Pressure Test

Today, Benjamin Cooper brings in a dish, jungle curry with rice and roti. However, Poh, Reece, Sarah and Brendon won’t have a recipe. One bowl has about 30 to 40 chilli’s.

The dish
Everyone has a big pedestal and is served a bowl

Everyone gets served a bowl to last them the whole challenge.

All of these ingredients must be used in the dish

Everything on the table is what they need, and if they don’t use something on the table, it means they’re missing something from their dish. They have 90 minutes, and don’t have the recipe.

Time starts.

It’s tasting time, because I want to finish this episode before I go to bed.

First is Brendon. Visually it looks very similar, and for that reason, i won’t be putting a photo up. They enjoy the dish and think he did a great job.

Next is Poh, who thinks she did more Malaysian than Thai, but a good one anyway, so let’s see.
She cooked the stock or something out for too long, which is what she thought she did. It wasn’t great for the dish. Poh could be in trouble.

Third is Reece. The broth looks great to Ben, so Reece is off to a good start here. They have so much great things to say, and Benjamin even says he would happily eat this every day of the week. The rice isn’t the best, but the rest of the curry is so it’s fine.

Finally, Sarah. The broth is too thin and doesn’t hold the flavour well, it’s a shame, and everyone agrees.

Decision time.

Reece did the best dish of the day, and Brendon did a great job as well, both are safe.

It’s between Poh, who was too thick, and Sarah, who was too thin. Sadly, Sarah is out.

Time for the next episode.


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