MasterChef Aus S12Ep 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 – Recaps

Episode 41 – Monday 8th June – Team Challenge

A challenge from last season – it’s the twin challenge. In pairs, the duos shout from the other side of the wall what they’re doing to make an identical dish.

Each contestant picks a cloche. Whoever picks one with the same hero ingredient are twins.

Khanh and Laura – Peas. – Black Team.
Brendon and Sarah – Celeriac – Grey Team.
Emelia and Callum – Fennel – Red Team.
Reece and Poh – Corn – Brown Team.
Tessa and Reynold – Sweet Potato – Green Team.

The rules – 75 minutes to bring two identical plates of food that heroes their vegetable. Can be sweet or savoury but must be identical. 2 minutes to shop together in the pantry and to get the dish together. It’s the only time they’ll have to communicate clearly. After that, they’re on their own. Bottom two teams will be in the pressure test tomorrow.

Time ends and the cloches are put over their dishes.

Below are the photos in chronological order.

First up is Khanh and Laura with Peas, Squid, and Cucumber.
It was bright and fresh, and the judges feel they delivered the brief.

Sarah and Brendon are next with noodles and they called the bread on the side pancakes? So I’m not sure, they’re not telling me.
Visually, except for colour on the pancakes, it’s pretty similar, but the quantity is way off, Sarah having about double the celeriac.

Next is Emelia and Callum with a creme fraiche mousse with candy fennel and other fennel, I don’t know.
They say the duo did a good job in execution.

It’s Poh and Reece with a creamy corn custard tart with a brûlée top and popcorn ice cream.
Poh’s not happy with how the brûlée has melted.
The judges say that it’s not a brûlée because it’s not caramelised enough. There are obvious differences here.

Finally, Tessa and Reynold with sweet potato, smoked cream and onions.
They’re very different looking, Reynold’s beautifully plated, Tessa’s more rustic.
Flavour wise, they were harmonious and had the same flavour profile. There are a lot of things that are similar, but with the different artistic differences.


Despite the challenges, everything was delicious. However, there still has to be four losers.

The winners today were Khanh and Laura, both delicious and identical, the first team win for Laura.

Also safe are Callum and Emelia, and Reynold and Tessa.

The least impressive dishes were by Reece and Poh, and Sarah and Brendon.

Tomorrow is the pressure test, so let’s get cracking.


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