MasterChef Aus S12E45, 46, 47 – Recaps

Ok, this. is when it started being three episodes a week – Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. So I’ll do the blocks by weeks, so three episodes for this block.

Episode 45 – Sunday 14th June – Elimination

Safe from tonight is Reece who won Thursday’s immunity challenge.

The contestants arrive to the garden to see it set up with what appears to be street food stalls.

Four safe in round one, four into round two, where one will go home.
Round one is all about street food. There’s Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Lebanese, and they’ll be cooking in pairs.

Andy comes around with a bag for them to pick a token with a cuisine on it.

Orange/Indian: Laura, Emelia.
Brown/Lebanese: Poh, Callum
Red/Chinese: Khanh, Reynold
Yellow/Mexican: Brendon, Tessa

Joining the contestants today is chef Charlie Carrington from Atalas.

Two street food dishes using only the pantry available outside and of course the garden. They have 75 minutes, with the best four safe.


Tasting time. Photos as usual.

First is Mexican, Tessa and Brendon, serving Blue-Eye Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa and Fried Black Beans, and Agave and Lime Glazed Quail with Charred Corn, Pineapple Hot Sauce and Jalapeno Salsa.
The judges really enjoyed it, and everything was delicious.

Next to taste is Indian, Emelia and Laura, who went to India together after their season. They’re serving Pani Puri with Scallop and Cucumber Ceviche, and Tandoori Prawns with Naan, Curry Sauce and Yoghurt.
The judges enjoyed the dish, but there were too many flavours and they overpowered the prawns. The Pani Puri texture was like a stale biscuit.

It’s Team China time, with Reynold and Khanh. They’re serving Fried Rice with Lap Cheong, Shrimp, and Chicken Scratchings, and Pork and Chinese Cabbage Dumpling with Plack Vinegar and Soy Dressing.
The rice needed something a bit fresher, it was nice but not great. The rice was quite greasy. The dumplings however were great.

Finally, Lebanon with Callum and Poh, serving Grilled Prawns with Fried Heads and Pistachio and Herb Hommus, and Lamb Shoulder with Baba Ganoush, Pomegranate Salad and Flatbread.
The prawn was cooked perfectly. It hit the mark in terms of simplicity. The lamb was a bad choice for 75 minutes, and it was dry.

Decision time.

Into round two is China and India, so Khanh, Reynold, Emelia and Reynold.
They change into black aprons, and head inside.

Inside is a big map of the world wit pins in certain places.

Round two is about cuisine from around the world, but making a modern fine dining spin on the cuisine.

They have sixty minutes to cook sweet or savoury. Time starts and they get going.

I skip the cooking because I’ve got to get ready for work in about ten minutes.

First to taste is Reynold, serving Confit Blue-Eye with Celeriac Puree, Peas, Chive Oil and Wine Sauce.
Visually very appealing. It’s technically perfect French. The fish was on the edge of not being perfect, but it was excellent. Reynold is clearly safe.

Next is Khanh with Gà Kho Gung.
Jock finds a bone. Uh oh. Not everything worked as it should have. It’s not looking good for Khanh.

It’s Laura next, serving Coq Au Vin.
It’s more rustic than fine dining, however the elements were excellent.

Finally, Emelia with her Paris-Brest Petit Fours.
It’s crispy, it’s great, it’s fancy, they call it textbook perfect.

Decision time.

Safe today is Reynold and Emelia, leaving it between Khanh and Laura.

Unfortunately, as Khanh is my favourite, he’s out. He ends by saying everything gets better and things will work out, aw he’s so wonderful.

Ok, next episode.


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