MasterChef Aus S12E45, 46, 47 – Recaps

Episode 46 – Monday 15th June – Mystery Box

The contestants walk into the garden and see firework like sparkler things, I don’t know, and enter the kitchen, where they’re given a huge pep talk about being in the top 8.

In front of them, next to the judes, is the MasterChef Australia winner plate, radiating gold, and behind them, a glowing, mirror gold mystery box.

Underneath are gold ingredients – flakes, beets, trout, apples, rasins, etc, I don’t know everything there.

They have usual time and usual under bench ingredients, and usual rules.

Time starts.

It;’s time for tasting. Photos as usual.

First is Callum, serving Golden Beetroot Ice Cream, Granita, Mousse and Golden Praline.
The beetroot is a redemption element from a while ago when he did a bad beetroot parfait.
They really enjoy it.

Next is Poh, with a Golden Raisin and Burnt Butter Tart with Golden Mustard Ice Cream. It looks so good with that bit of gold flake on top.
Jock didn’t like the ice cream, but Andy seemed to enjoy everything.

It’s Reece next. He’s served a Brown Butter and Apple Tart with Caramelised Golden Raisin Ice Cream.
Jock loves the tart and says it’s super crunch, even though it looks like it came from 1980. Mel calls it bloody brilliant, everything coming together to make perfection.

Next is Laura with Golden Trout, Beets and Chard.
It’s “correct”, but Mel says it could be more correct.

Emelia’s up, with Apple Tarte Tatin with Golden Syrup Ice Cream, and she calls it hideous.
Mel agrees that it was ugly. Jock says it needed like. pastry, Andy warns her that she could be out if she doesn’t step up a bit.

Next up is Reynold, serving Caramelised Raisin Ice Cream, Frozen Liquid Sable, Roasted Apple Skins and Poached Apples.
They enjoyed his meal, and Andy said it tasted a bit like raw cookie dough, but sandy.

Up next is Tessa. She’s served Smoked Golden Trout with Chard and Apple Brown Butter Vinaigrette.
This is another dish they adore, and her prospects of getting into immunity are looking good.

Last but not least, it’s time for Brendon, serving Cured Golden Trout with Apple Granita and Sour Milk Dressing.
They adore it, and say that while it’s not his usual thing, this is amazing, clean, and unsuspecting.

It’s decision time, with the top going into immunity tomorrow.

It’s Callum, Reece, Brendon and Tessa.


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