MasterChef Aus S12E45, 46, 47 – Recaps

Episode 47 – Tuesday 16th June – Immunity

Today, the four are competing for immunity.

They have 90 minutes, but each five minutes, a new ingredient will be introduced. Once they start cooking, they can only use whatever ingredients have been shown.

First, the usual pantry ingredients are revealed. No-one decides to cook.

Time starts
Five minutes later, the first ingredient is revealed – beef and bones (85 minutes left).
Ten minutes – Juniper and Gin (80 mins left).
Fifteen – Roots and Allium (75 mins left).
Twenty – Orchid Fruits (70 mins left). Reece starts cooking.
Twenty five – Leafy Greens (65 mins left).
Thirty – Grain (60 mins). Tessa starts cooking.
Thirty five – Herbs (55 mins).
Forty – Quails (50 mins). Brendon starts cooking.
Forty Five – Shellfish (45 mins). Callum starts cooking.

If they’d waited for the last one, with only 40 minutes to cook, they would have had the entire garden.

Callum is first with Mussels Escabeche with Smoked Oyster Mayonnaise.
They say it’s delicious and fresh.

Next is Tessa with Meat and Three Veg.
The jus was good, the veggies weren’t great, and the meat was a bit over.

Third is Brendon, who made Beef and Coriander Pot Stickers.
They’re not the best dumplings he’s done, but it’s tasty and nice, but a bit rushed.

Finally, Reece serving Gin Tart with Ginger Ice Cream, Juniper Meringue and Quince Purée.
They love the tart shell, everything is great and flawless. The ginger ice cream was great.

The top dishes today came from Callum and Reece.

The winner is Reece, his second win in a row.

See you next time for. the elimination.


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