MasterChef Aus S11E55 – Recap

It’s the first day of Finals Week, and the top six are Anushka, Tim, Simon, Nicole, Tessa and Larissa. Tonight is the mystery box and invention test.

The contestants come in to find the trio of judges, Matt, George and Gaz, all wearing blue. They’re quick to congratulate and hug the contestants, and welcome them back from WA.

George tells them that every moment this week will count.

Gaz is like, “I just got shivers down my spine,” before reminding them that one of these six will be the winner and will hold the trophy high.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, top six, 49, optical distributor, glasses frame icon, always seems to have a new pair of glasses every day. In the first week of Finals Week, she’s wearing like a tortoise shell frames.

The contestants head over to their benches and get to open their boxes. There’s one ingredient, different for each contestant, and a letter in an envelope with their name on it.

Tim immediately recognises the handwriting as his wife’s.

Each letter is from someone at home, and everyone is in tears.

Anushka has a letter from her daughter, and her ingredient is walnuts.
Tessa has tomatoes from her mum.
Nicole gets her letter from her partner, and her ingredient is goats cheese.
Simon’s letter is from his partner, and she’s given coffee.
Larissa gets lemons from her parents.
Tim’s is from his wife, and his ingredient is basil.

Matt lets them know that they’re using their ingredient for the cook. They’ll have the pantry and garden, and have sixty minutes. Everyone is tasted but they’re just looking for the top one.

Time starts, and the contestants all run to the pantry.

Everyone takes some inspiration from home to get an idea together.

At the end of time, Gaz tells them he hopes it was like a warm hug.

First to taste is Tessa.

Celebration of Tomatoes

The love all the different tomato flavours.

Next is Tim.

Basil Pork Roll with Pumpkin and Fennel. “For Abby,” Tim says.

The judges call it a flavour bomb, and love it.

Nicole’s up.

Goat’s Cheese Parfait with Macerated Grapes and Walnuts

Gaz calls it a dish full of lots of different elements, however the goat’s cheese isn’t the best, and dull.

Agreeing, George calls the goat’s cheese dulled down.

Up is Anushka.

Paklava Fingers with Cinnamon Honey ice-cream and Honey Sauce

They say it’s nice, but too homestyle for top six.

Next dish is Larissa. She’s a bit worried because she’s gone for an unusual combination, inspired by her dad eating olives and lemon together with bread, or something.

Lemon Parfait, Black Olive Madeleine and Poppy Seed Cream

The absolutely love it, and love how it’s clever and inspirational. George says it’s the best dish she’s put up in the whole competition.

Last, Simon.

Parsnips with Smoked Onion, Beetroots and Coffee Stock.

He pours the coffee stock over the dish.

George says it’s nice and that Simon’s really developed into an incredible cook. He calls it spot on, and would serve it in his restaurant tomorrow.

Gaz says it could be harsh and bitter, but comes into a lovely flavour.

It’s time for the decision. Matt says one dish really blew them away.

Larissa’s done it! She heads upstairs as they do the invention test.

The judges tell them about the next challenge. Each contestant has an ingredient chosen for them by the judges.

Anushka gets quail.
Nicole gets Moreton Bay Bugs.
Tim gets bone marrow.
Tessa gets John Dory fish.
Simon gets cauliflower.

The contestants are each really happy with what they’ve been given. George says the top two will join Larissa, and the bottom three will go to elimination tomorrow.

They’ll have an open pantry, garden in play, and an hour to cook.

When time starts, they first run to get their main ingredient, before heading to the pantry.

Gaz meets them in the pantry and asks them what their plans are.

While they’re cooking, let’s talk about this week and the near future.

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During the cook, Nicole has drama after drama with her pasta, and she can’t believe it’s going this badly for her.

Anushka is rushing and nervous about getting everything going.

Gaz starts counting down from ten seconds, and everyone hurries to get the last stuff plated.

First is Simon.

Cauliflower Cheese

They judges really like it, and say there’s a few minor deets that are the difference between lifting the trophy and not.

Next is Nicole.

Moreton Bay Bug Ravioli with Bisque

The judges say the ravioli isn’t great. It’s not a disaster, but it’s not a great Nicole dish.
Matt does like the bisque but says the pasta is tough. He suggests that she should have done the bisque, bug and scallops.

Next is Anushka

Japanese Inspired Quail

She forgot to add the pickled mushrooms.

George says there’s a lot of flavour going on, and it’s not a usual dish from Anushka.
Matt really likes it and says she’s got the skills, now it’s a matter of finesse.

Tim time.

T-Bone’s Marrow – with brussels sprouts, a cracker, bone marrow, marrow crumb, etc.

The judges also really like this, and say the crumbs are great. Gaz says he wants a couple of bones each, but says the cracker isn’t good, and it’s too hard.
Matt tells him he cooks brilliantly. But if it’s not good, it goes in the bin.

Finally, Tessa. She jokes that it’s John Dory with lots of butter, and Gaz says he’d order it.

John Dory with Almonds, Capers, Grapes and Caviar

After devouring the dish, the judges say it’s great, and they warn her that she’s heading for a great career in cooking.
George says he wouldn’t change anything – it’s spot on. In fact, it’s her best dish ever in this competition.

It’s time for the decision. Gaz tells everyone that there’s two great dishes – Simon and Tessa. They’re safe and in the top 5 with Larissa.

That means Tim, Anushka and Nicole are facing the pressure test tomorrow, and one of them will be going home.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

I posted a MasterChef rant about Sandeep, and you can read it here. I also did a bigger rant about the rest of the season, and you can read that here.

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  1. I really enjoy your recaps, I don’t always get to watch Masterchef so its great for me to be able to keep up with what’s happening. I would be interested in recaps of The Proposal because it’s new. Thank you for all your good work and efforts!


  2. When i lived on perth i used to get $200 to use at specsavers every year and never knew what to do with it. Just got new specs everytime lol. I suspect Anishka has done the same.


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